Myrtle Beach 2019

I’ve prayed about this trip for months.  Because I knew it would be the third week of three incredibly full and busy weeks away from home.  Secretly, I prepared myself for the worst, thinking our family especially would be exhausted at this point and that the goal would be to just get through it, as graciously as possible.  Friends, let me tell you, I had absolutely no idea the great things that God would do on our LeaderTreks Myrtle Beach Missions Trip and the goal of this post is to share as best I can, some of these great things.  So here goes…

First off, it’s about a 13 hour drive from Eastport to Myrtle Beach.  And considering we had just spent 9 hours driving home from camp a few days prior, well, that is a long time to be driving around in a church van.  However, the company was great, and the chicken was enormous so by the time we got to South Carolina, it really wasn’t so bad.


Friends had referred us to LeaderTreks which is an amazing organization that provides opportunities for domestic missions trips.  We chose South Carolina because it was one of the locations that was closest to us.  We had no idea what we were getting into, but let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing.  One thing that LeaderTreks provides in addition to giving opportunities to serve locally is this amazing leadership training.  From day one, our students were given these awesome opportunities to lead, and by the end of the week, every single one of them had grown in leadership.2019-07-24_002

Every morning after our devotion time, we went to serve at Ms. Paula’s house for our worksite.


Our goal for the week was to serve her and her family by painting her kids’ rooms.


We had some great opportunities to clean as well.


And we also had teams working on some outdoor projects.  We spent our mornings working at Ms. Paula’s and I’m so proud of all that we were able to accomplish there.


Shoutout to this sweet girl.  Clearly, she wasn’t a fan of getting pictures taken during the missions trip, but that’s okay.  She stepped up in the most wonderful ways and I was so proud of her that I mostly didn’t mind when she didn’t want to smile for the camera.


In the afternoons, we had the opportunity to team up with some of the local ministries in Myrtle Beach.  To be honest, I never thought of Myrtle Beach as an area that would be terribly needy, but outside of the tourist areas, there were lots of opportunities to love and serve in this community.


One big way was teaming up with a local food bank that was doing a community food distribution.  We helped to package up vegetables for the families in need and it was an awesome, but daunting task.  Also, if you look in the background, there was an endless line of cars ready to receive the food that was being given away.


This sweet girl and I sat and picked through all of the bad carrots to salvage the useable ones.  It was a humbling experience but full of joy in knowing this was one small way we could serve the families in need.


On Wednesday, we got to go back to the Food Bank and help sort through donated food items that would be stored in their warehouse.


This was a hot task (there wasn’t A/C in the warehouse) but I was so proud of our students who did it all without complaining.


It was fascinating to see all of the food that was donated.  The Food Bank was connected with area grocery stores who would give them boxes of items that were about to expire and they in turn were able to hand them out to those who were in need in their community.  Volunteering with this organization was a great and eye opening opportunity.


When we weren’t spending time serving the community, our team was helping to serve each other.  Every day our students would work together to do meal prep, cooking and clean up.


We had about an hour each day of “free time” and quite a few in our group used this time to go and play volleyball down at the beach.


On Thursday we went to a Community Kitchen that serviced the “working poor” of Myrtle Beach and we handed out Hygiene Kits to those in need.


Our students were able to share God’s love in this small act of kindness and it was a great opportunity to serve.


In addition to the service projects, we had an incredible time each night to get together and learn more about each other and the Bible during our Group time.  Our LeaderTreks leaders were Alyssa and Laura and they did an incredible job leading and encouraging our team all throughout the week.  We could not be more thankful for them.


A favorite highlight I think for everyone, was the act of sharing Encouragement beads with each other.  Every team member had the opportunity to share one bead per day with another team member.  With the bead, they shared ways that they saw that person lead or serve or take risks or show compassion.  It was probably my favorite part of each day.


By Friday, we had accomplished much of what we came to do.


Our team took time to write notes of encouragement to Ms. Paula’s family.


And I’m proud to share that both rooms were painted and finished beautifully.



Friday afternoon, we enjoyed some time down by the Boardwalk.



We also finished our evening with a Talent show that brought many laughs and was the perfect way to end our trip together.


I’m proud to share that personally, our own family thrived in so many ways.  Our kids had incredible opportunities to lead and to learn and to grow closer to Jesus and Jeremy and I felt a strengthening in our own ministry with the teens as well.


I’ve spent the past years telling parents that they need to send their kids to camp (because it’s amazing and I’ll continue to share that message).  However, after our experience with LeaderTreks, I’ll also add that if you want your teen to grow in leadership and be challenged outside of their comfort zone, you HAVE to send them on a LeaderTreks missions trip.  The knowledge and opportunities that we gained were incredible.  Our team bonded in beautiful ways and we are so thankful for the many great things that God did in and through us as we served.


A huge thank you to Eastport Bible Church and everyone that helped to support our team both in prayers and finances.  God worked in mighty ways and we are so thankful for you helping us!

VBS Kids Camp 2019

VBS Kids Camp 2019 is coming to Eastport Bible Church in just two weeks.  It will go from 9:00 am-12:00 noon, Monday, August 5th through Friday August 9th, with a special picnic lunch following our program on Friday.  VBS Kids Camp is FREE and for kids who are going into Kindergarten through 7th Grade and we would absolutely love to have your child join us for this incredible week.


Let’s be honest… the summer days can seem long.  But VBS Kids Camp is the best way to give your child something to do where they will connect with others and enjoy some awesome activities.  We even have a special opportunity for our 6th and 7th graders to go and enjoy some amazing pool time all throughout the week.


VBS Kids Camp will give your child the opportunity to have fun while learning about God and so many other great things.  Our theme this year is ROAR! and we are looking forward to learning that life is wild, and God is good.


At Eastport Bible Church, we believe that kids are amazing and we want to do all we can to help them be incredible.


We also provide an incredible opportunity for teens to get the chance to help out while serving all throughout the week.


Your child will enjoy fun games and a Bible time


As well as fun crafts and a snack time too!


One of my favorite parts of the week is that we give our students the opportunity to bring in their change (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters) to create help and positive change for children at the Paradise Orphanage in Burkina Faso.


Last year our students collected over $2,000 to help others and they also got to see Jules get slimed in honor of their hard work in collecting change.


One of the best things you can do for your child this summer is connect them to something greater than themselves and VBS Kids Camp at Eastport Bible Church helps to do just that!  Registration is easy and open and you can find out all you need to know HERE.  It would help us greatly with our planning if you can register as soon as possible so we can prepare properly.


Please feel free to share this with anyone who has a child going into Kindergarten through 7th Grade this Fall.  We are looking forward to an incredible week of VBS Kids Camp and we would love to have everyone join us!

Never the Same Camp 2019

About a week ago, we were stuck in the Dallas airport and told that we wouldn’t be able to fly home to Long Island till Monday evening.  It was a kind of devastating situation because we needed to get home Sunday morning so that we could drive our students six and a half hours up to Houghton College for NTS Camp.  Let me tell you, God worked some pretty awesome things out and after two cancelled flights, an unexpected hotel stay, and literally finding a bus driver while we were thousands of feet in the air, we were able to finally fly back to LaGuardia Sunday afternoon and meet our students and leaders at the airport to then drive them up to camp.  God knew we needed to be at NTS Camp and so many experiences throughout the week would confirm this very fact.

What follows, are many glimpses from our week.  Normally, I don’t actually bring my nice camera to camp, but thanks to the fact that we never went home to drop off our stuff, I had it with me.  I didn’t capture everything, but I did manage to get enough.  If you’re not a fan of seeing teens have fun while their lives are being changed in the most positive of ways, this post is not for you.  Also, it’s going to be a bit random… truth be told it’s 2:00am and my schedule’s a little off since we got home at 2:00am last night thanks to traffic in the city.  And another reason I’m rushing to get this post up is that we are heading out in about 27 hours for a missions trip and I’ve learned if I don’t do things right away they never will get done.  So here goes, in no particular order, pictures and words to try to sum up the most amazing week of camp thus far.


Christian’s jersey was a reminder that we got to see our awesome Arizona family and it was so good.  He washed it in the hotel and proudly wore it on our first day.


This would be Jeff Eckart, the founder of NTS Camp and our speaker for the week.  I had a few times to talk with him and I could not be more impressed by his love and passion for teens and connecting them to Jesus.  I walked about from those conversations changed and with a renewed passion to continue to serve Jesus by working with teens.


These boys took first place in the Volleyball open rec competition and despite their serious faces, they were all pretty happy about it.


We were extra excited about our incoming 7th graders (two pictured here).  They are the future of our youth group and we loved introducing them to their first year of camp.


If you are a Youth Leader or Pastor and you’re looking for a fun camp that will entertain and teach your students while supporting and loving you, then NTS is the place you need to go.  They always do an incredible job of ministering to us as well as our teens.


This girl.  She’s my heart.  And I did my best to give her space this week to have her own authentic experience and overall she was amazing.


For quite a few years now, we’ve been on the Blue Team.  And we think it’s the best.  And this year, it literally was.


Each day our students had time to spend alone with God.  They read a devotion that tied in with the Bible and had time to pray as well.


Team Comps are always a fun time of organized fun and face paint.


Fun fact.  Another Open Rec competition was something like archery meets dodgeball and these amazing boys took second place.


Jeremy, Christian and our friend Marc played in the 3 on 3 competition.


It wasn’t easy.  Because it felt like it was 100 degrees in the gym and the boys played four or five games to make it to the championship round.


Which they won.  And we were so proud of them.


Every day our students have a lesson time where they learn more about the Bible as well as Academy courses on topics of interest to teens.


It was really cool to hear throughout the week about the things that they had learned, which is what we heard during our small group time.  We also played some exciting  editions of “Heads Up, 7 Up.”


We had a great team in the Soccer Open Rec competition.


These kids also took first place.


By far, the best and most important thing we did every day, was to gather together in the evening to praise and worship God.


NTS does an incredible job of creating the most wonderful and worshipful environment for our students and leaders.  Many nights, the music brought tears to my eyes as the experience of being surrounded by so many believers who were praising God was just such a powerful thing.


Small Group time was also a really important time of camp.  Each student was in a group of their peers and had the chance to share their hearts and stories.


During camp, there is a Talent show and this year’s did not disappoint.



By far the best part of camp was just having so many opportunities to connect and encourage.


And also the choreographed dancing.


I’m super proud of that man to the left.  His love for serving teens and Jesus has continued to amaze me, year after year after year.  The man to the right is pretty awesome as well.  His name is Kyle Wood and he led all of our team competitions.


On the last day, we performed our team cheer, which was basically equivalent to a miniature Broadway production.


And while that’s a slight exaggeration, it really was quite spectacular.



All in all.


The week was just outstanding.  I have prayed for months and months for this camp and for these students.  And God literally met and exceeded all of the expectations that I had going into this week.


We saw lives changed, and given over to God.  We saw students commit to wanting to serve in ministry while others initiated a commitment to praying together each day for their schools.


On our last day, we took communion together and gave our students the opportunity to do as Jesus did and wash each other’s feet.


And while I’m sure many of these things don’t make much sense if you weren’t there, trust me when I say it was a beautiful and powerful time.


And wouldn’t you know, for the first time in a LONG time, our Blue Team took home the Team Comp trophy.  All of those competitions and group games really paid off and it was a pretty awesome time to celebrate the hard work of all of these kids.


A huge thanks to our amazing team of leaders and pastors.  We loved teaming up with you all and look forward to defending our title with you next year.


And finally, thank you to everyone who prayed for this week.  I can tell you for fact, that these kids did not go home the same as they were when they came to camp.  God worked some beautiful and wonderful things in their hearts and we could not be more thankful for how incredible our week at Never the Same Camp 2019 was.



We rushed to get to the airport so we wouldn’t miss our flight.  Because tomorrow morning, Jeremy and I were supposed to drive 30 teens and leaders six and a half hours up to camp in the church bus and van.

So we rushed to the airport only to learn while sitting at our gate that our flight had been cancelled.  Jeremy quickly jumped in line.  But it still took a half hour to talk to an airline rep and then he was sent to another line at customer service.  Thankfully, he had the insight to have Christian run down and get a place in line.  After another hour there, we had tickets to fly into Philly and get home after midnight.  But wouldn’t you know that flight got cancelled too.

I’m not gonna lie.  I cried.  And then I threw a little fit when five people in wheelchairs cut the line of us and literally hundreds of people.  Not my proudest moment.  But when we realized there was literally nothing we could do to get back to Long Island, we realized we had a choice.  And we took our lemons and made lemonade, because as my friend told me, that is just what we do.

So when the airline wheeled out a cart of snacks for those in line, Jeremy and the kids literally took as many as they could and started passing them out to people who were waiting (and probably would be for hours).  As a family, we looked out for each other and prayed together and did all we could to help each other through this challenging day.  And thankfully tonight, we’ll get a good night’s sleep and fly out tomorrow morning and just have to start our camp journey a bit later than we had planned.

Life is totally going to hand you lemons.  And most times, there will be nothing you can do about it.  But after you wipe away your tears and pray for a little grace, you’ll be amazed at the blessings that can come, even when it seems impossible.   Heading to bed now friends…  and if you think about it and could, please pray we’ll get to get home tomorrow safe and sound and then up to camp with our amazing teens.


EBCYG in the Summer

Tomorrow is finally our last day of school which means that summer will finally feel like it’s really here.  Unlike our friends in the south and pretty much anywhere but New York, our kids finish school pretty much at the end of June.  But we’ll take it and the end of school officially means the beginning of our Summer Youth Group.


Starting July 24th we will be down at the beach every Wednesday from 6:00-8:30pm with drop off and pick up are at the church.


We actually started EBCYG at the Beach early this year and three weeks ago enjoyed a beautiful evening with our amazing students.


Every week, we hang out and play some games and then at the end gather together for a Bible lesson and small groups.  It’s a great way to enjoy our beautiful island while getting to hang out with some pretty awesome teens.


Last week, however, the weather DID NOT cooperate and we decided to meet up at the church instead.


We played a few intense games of Underground Church and had a great time despite the unfavorable weather.


We met up on Tuesday of this week, due to a schedule conflict at the church.  And again when we were faced with bad beach weather, we modified with some worship and a lesson time at the church first.


And then we drove out to Snowflake Ice-cream in Riverhead.


We had a great group of teens with us.


As well as some amazing, recently graduated and going into Seventh Graders.


The ice-cream was great, and the friends even better!  And it was a great way to end our the beginning of our Summer of Youth Group.


We will actually be off from EBCYG at the Beach for the next three weeks, but all for good reasons.  One of the main ones, is that we are leaving with a group of teens for NTS Camp July 7th-11th.


NTS Camp is literally the greatest camp I have ever been a part of.  And every year, I tell many parents, you HAVE to send your teen to this camp.  NTS stands for “Never the Same” and I’ve seen teens leave this camp with hearts that were changed by Jesus and it is so incredible.


All of the students that attend NTS Camp are pretty much busy from morning to night and they all have an incredible time.  If you have a teen, going into 7th through 12th grade, you need to send them to camp with us because it just might change their lives.


I write all this to share an update on how our summer of Youth Ministry will go.  Again, we will be off for the next three weeks, with an incredible week of camp scheduled for the second week of July (and our missions trip to follow).


If you could, would you please be praying for our students, especially as we get ready to head off to camp?  And if you’re connected with our church or community, I also wanted to share that we have a few students who are in need of camp scholarships.  They are excited and ready for camp, but need financial support.  If you are reading this and have a heart to help teens, we would love if you were able to help sponsor one of our incredible students.  You can do this by reaching out to me through Facebook or or by contacting our church (  Again, NTS Camp is truly life changing and we would love to have you partner up with us as we continue to love and encourage our teens to love and serve Jesus.

6th Grade Graduation

Today was Ellee’s 6th Grade Graduation.  And it started out with our beautiful friend Jules who came over bright and early to do Ellee’s hair and get her ready for her day.


Afterwards, we walked over to the Elementary School and gathered with all of these amazing families to celebrate our 6th Graders.


We were so proud of our Ellee girl.


And I couldn’t help but think it really was just yesterday that we were here for her Kindergarten graduation.  That one seemed simple and sweet.


Whereas this one felt like her first big step away from childhood and into a whole new chapter of life.  In many ways, I know she’s ready, but I still just shake my head and wonder how she got there so quickly.


We were all so happy to be there to cheer her on.


And whereas we don’t have any immediate family that lives close enough to celebrate things like this, we did have a few awesome friends who are like family that were there for Ellee on her big day.


When we went to pick her up, we grabbed a few pictures with friends.


These two were girls that Ellee has known since preschool.


So of course, I’ll insert their preschool pics below, because I’m just feeling that nostalgic.




We also got a quick picture with Ellee’s amazing teachers.  I am so thankful over the years for those who have poured so beautifully into our daughter.


They truly have helped shape her life and we are FOREVER thankful for all they have done to love and help and support our girl.


Also, they humored me with an obligatory sibling shot.  I’m so thankful to know that she will have her older brother to look out for her next year at the Jr. Sr. High school.  They might have their moments, but overall, they are amazing together and I’m so thankful for the ways they are both learning and growing.


And while I could take time to share all about how sad it is to think that our kids are both done with elementary school, I won’t dwell on that for too long.  They both had some pretty awesome years at Eastport and for that I have the utmost heart of gratitude.  And to finish this up, all I’ll say is that you really do need to cherish every second because they do go, oh, so fast.


And then I’ll wrap this up with a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Ellee and the rest of the amazing 6th Graders who graduated today!  We know God has great things in store for you and we cannot wait to see the wonderful things you will all do.


Father’s Day 2019

My parents came to visit us last week.  And when you only see your parents a few times a year, you clear your schedule and then do all you can to make the most of the time that you have together, because you know it will go fast and then it will all be over until the next time you see them again.

We filled out week with catching up and shopping and just spending time together at home.  It was low key, but it was good because sometimes the important things of life happen in the little things of life.  My Dad took Christian out to eat and gave him his words of wisdom.  And my Mom and I and Ellee enjoyed checking out the outlets and finding all sorts of fun things for Grandma to bring home with her.


We convinced my parents that it would be fun to have some friends over on Thursday night.  Christian and our friend Steven decided to have a cooking challenge and they both made us all sorts of delicious things to eat.  Afterwards, we talked my parents into joining us for a few rounds of Mafia, and they turned out to be quite memorable and fun.


And I suppose this post is a little to remember a fun week with my parents, but it’s also to commemorate my Dad considering today was Father’s Day.  In case you didn’t know, I was adopted by my parents from South Korea when I was 6 months old.  I have always considered my parents to be my “real” parents and they have always loved my sisters and I as their very own.  Growing up and even now, I always prided myself on being like my Dad.  He taught me how to mow the lawn (there were only daughters) and he took us on motorcycle rides.  My Dad was always a hard working man and this was also instilled in us at a young age.  Most importantly though, my Dad loved Jesus and he was the one who taught me how to love and trust Jesus too.


And as much as I loved my Dad growing up, I’ve grown to love seeing him be Grandpa to our kids (and my sister’s kids as well).  Both Christian and Ellee have such a special relationship with my Dad and they really loved being able to spend time with him this past week too.


Father’s Day love also goes all the way out to Seattle to Jeremy’s Dad, Kyle.  He’s always been a wonderful Papa to our kids and we also treasure the time we have with him as well.  I love seeing the ways that he loves his kids and I know that my husband is an incredible father because he also got to have an incredible father.


And speaking of Jeremy, so much love goes to the man our kids get to call Dad.  They could not have a bigger cheerleader in life, than this guy.  And while our daughter might be at a state where she pretends not to notice, she really can’t help but notice because her father is always there for her, rooting her on in all that she does.


And it has brought me so much joy to watch the relationship deepen between our son and his Dad.  The two of them have been bonding lately over their love for basketball, both watching and playing.  I tell Christian often that I know he will be a great dad someday, because he has the best dad.


And I am most thankful to know that Jeremy has continued in the tradition of both of our fathers in teaching his kids (and many others) about Jesus.  Fathers, there is truly nothing greater that you can teach your kids than to love and be loved by God.


So Happy Father’s Day (a day late) to my amazing husband and to all of the other amazing Dads there are out there.


Great Dads are something to celebrate and I’m so thankful for the great Dads that we have in our lives.


If I could tell…

I was 22 years old when we got married.  And in many ways I thought I knew a lot but in all reality, I had no idea, the many struggles and the many joys that God and life would bring.  Since today is our 16th anniversary, I thought I’d make a little list of things I’d say if I could tell myself in these pictures a few good things about life.

If I could tell myself one thing, it would be that I definitely married the right one.  Oh sure, marriage would never be EASY, but there would be lots and lots of good in it.  Looking back, thought it seems like I married a teenager, haha, I really did married a godly and God-loving man who I’d get to learn and grow with in many ways.


I’d also tell myself to always treasure the people who have loved you well because you never know how much time you’ll have with them.  My Grandparents have both passed now, but wow, did they love me well.  They poured into me and my family and the legacy of life and love that they lived is something that lives on with us all.


I’d also tell myself it was worth it to pick the empire waisted dresses that would be flattering to my sister Leslie’s first pregnancy.  And then I’d laugh really hard because who would have thought back then that she’d go on to have ten kids?


I’d tell myself that the love for kids I had back then would continue on through 16 years of serving in ministry.  I’d say keep loving the kids because there are few things greater than loving them and teaching them about Jesus.


I’d also tell myself to treasure any and all time with family.  Considering ours is literally spread out all over the United States, we’d quickly learn how precious time together really is.


I’d also tell myself that it was stupid to try to share a tribute speech to my parents (I cried through the whole thing) but that really I could not have been more thankful to have the family that God gave me.  Through good times and bad, Dad said it best in that family really is forever.


If I could go back and tell myself things on my wedding day, I’d say “Laura, you have no idea how amazing the man that you are about to marry truly is.”  Yes, we have our moments.  But I really did marry my best friend.  Together we’d get to serve in ministry and love each other and have two beautiful babies.  We’d laugh and cry and learn together.  Somehow, we’d get to travel the world and see beautiful things and these would be the times that would continue to strengthen us and our marriage.


Also, I’d say fit and strong and healthy is always good, but so are cupcakes so just enjoy them when you get the chance.


I’d also say that being 22 and young is nice, but then being 38 and living life and having two amazing kids and a loving husband is even nicer.


Finally, if I could say anything to myself at 22 years old on my wedding day, I’d say life is going to be good in so many ways.  I’d say the best piece of advice I could give is to love God first and then let Him help you love your husband and kids and everyone and everything else would fall into place.

I’d also say, don’t worry, in 16 years you’ll fulfill your dream of owning a minivan and you’ll use it to drive your kids and their friends around and though it may seem weird to some, for you nothing could be better.


Today is our 16th Anniversary and praise Jesus for all that we’ve learned over these 16 years.  Sure, I’d like to go back and tell myself all sorts of things, but really they were things learned over time and I am so thankful for the amazing man I got to learn them with.  Happiest of anniversaries to my amazing husband and I hope we get many, many more years to keep learning and loving and growing together.

Sixth Grade Party 2019

Tomorrow night, from 7:00pm-8:30pm we will be celebrating our Sixth Graders at our Annual Sixth Grade Party.


The goal of our party is to welcome the graduating 6th Graders into EBCYG which is our youth group at Eastport Bible Church.  Youth Group is for teens.  It runs all year round and our goal is to love and support teens while teaching them all sorts of great things about how much God loves them.


We’ve done our Sixth Grade party for a few years now and it’s always a fun event.  Also fun fact, the three to the right below are all graduating Seniors this year.


And these girls all just finished their first year of college.  I share this to say, the time really does fly by.  If you’re a parent, you know this all too well.  And if you’re a parent of a teen, you know how challenging these years can be.  But I have this theory that life was never meant to be lived alone and that it really does take community to not just survive, but to thrive during this time.


So parents, this is your invitation as well.  Let us help your awesome teens as they navigate throughout the Jr. and Sr. High years.  We have some amazing summer events that your teen can come be involved in.


First off, July 7th-11th, we are taking our teens to NTS Camp.  You can find all the info here.  As a parent and as a youth leader I could not stress more the positive impact a week of camp can make on your child.  NTS is absolutely incredible and we would love to have your son or daughter join us!  Feel free to reach out anytime for more information.


In addition to camp, we run Youth Group at the beach all summer long.


We meet up on Wednesdays from 6:00pm-8:30pm for drop off and pick up at Eastport Bible Church.  Then we head down to the beach for games, a lesson time and small groups.  It’s an absolutely beautiful and fun way to spend a summer night.


And then August 5th-9th from 9:00am-10:00 noon, we have our annual VBS Kids Camp and your graduating 6th grader is invited to join us!  Camp is for Kindergarten through 7th Grade and we have an absolute blast.


Registration can be found at and VBS Kids Camp is the perfect way to end the summer.  Your child will have an incredible time with friends and we would love to have them join us.


Also, there is slime and a nice family picnic on the last day that you won’t want to miss.


As a parent of a soon to be 10th and 7th grader, I know how tricky these years can be.  But I’m also so thankful for the amazing impact that EBCYG (Eastport Bible Church Youth Group) has had on our son and will soon have on our daughter.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or email: and I’d be happy to help in any way that I can.

And if you have a graduating 6th Grader, please send them down to our Sixth Grade party, tomorrow, Wednesday June 5th from 7:00-8:30pm.  Our 6th Grade party is also open to all Jr. and Sr. High students.  We will have some snacks and we are playing fun games with water balloons so they will want to prepare for that.  Hope to see them there!


Church Family Fun

It’s been pretty busy lately and I’ve realized that things that I love doing like blogging, usually take a backseat when life gets hectic.  And I’m mostly okay with that.  But as always, there are days to celebrate and remember and so I thought I’d take some time tonight to share about some fun events, and specifically ones that we’ve had at Eastport Bible Church.

To start off, a few weeks ago, we had a great team from Grace Christian University come to visit our church and to hang out with our youth group.


The team was led by our long time friend Rick Pilieci and we were so glad to get to spend a few days with him and his students.


They were around for Youth Group, so of course we introduced them to our favorite game, Thunderball.


We ended up playing it two nights in a row and it was so fun having the students from Grace interacting with our youth group students.


On the Sunday that the Grace team was here, we also held an all church Four Square Tournament.  Four Square is basically the traditional game that you play when you don’t have a ton of space.  On an exciting note, Eastport Bible Church recently purchased property next to the church with the dreams of building a big recreational and family facility in the near future.  It’s fun to think of having a nice big gym to play lots of games in but until then, we do what we can, which brings us back to our tournament.


We had divisions for all ages, and it was fun seeing the kids and adults all showing off their four square skills.


There was also pizza and refreshments for those who just wanted to watch.



A huge shoutout to this amazing girl!  Faith grew up at EBC and was in our youth group years ago.  She and her husband recently moved back East and we are so excited to have them with us.



These were our Division champions from the tournament as well as the overall first and second place winners.  The handsome kid on the left has been playing with teens since he was a toddler and he took home the champion trophy.


You never know what will happen when you invite your entire church to a Four Square Tournament, but this is what happened when we did that and it turned out to be a great afternoon of fun.


And to share one last event of church family fun, today was our annual Family Picnic at Red Creek Park.  This is one of our two all church summer picnics and we had an incredible time.




Jeremy and I have been at EBC for nearly 16 years now and what a privilege it is to get to serve long term in a church.  We have known and loved people for so long and it is an absolute blessing.




We enjoyed a few organized events at our picnic today, including basketball, volleyball and softball.


The best part was seeing so many wonderful friends and families all getting together to share food and fun in the great outdoors.


And I have to give a shoutout to this sweet family who came out to join us for our picnic as a family of three.  In just a few days, they will be a family of four.  We all loved seeing them and are so excited to get to meet the newest member of our church family soon!


And that sums up a few fun church family events from the past few weeks.


I’m a huge fan of our church.  We love each other and we love our community and have all sorts of fun things planned all throughout the summer.  If you’re interested in seeing what is going on at Eastport Bible Church, check out our website for more information: