Three Years: Strengthened and Supported

Tomorrow is January 8th, and the third anniversary of our friend Michael Einfeldt’s devastating car accident.  It’s a day that I will never forget, because of the impact that it made on our lives and on the lives of so many that we love.  In the days and weeks and months that would follow, we’d spend an incredible amount of time doing what we could to love and support Michael and his family throughout the early days of his recovery.

This was a familiar sight for the first three months.


Michael spent most of his time in the ICU at Stony Brook, surrounded by family and friends who visited around the clock.  In those early days, I remember that no matter what was happening through his many highs and lows, God was working His goodness and love into Michael’s life in numerous ways.


I spent a lot of time visiting Michael and his mom Sally, who was pretty much non-stop by his side.  Sally would often share what God was revealing to her as she prayed for her son.  One particular day, she shared that she believed that “God is using Michael to show that there is still a lot of good in the world” and that “there is Hope for us.”  I personally believe that hope is what kept this family strong during this time.


Michael would eventually become strong enough to be transferred out of the ICU and to a Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab up in Kings Park.  His family and friends would continue to make trips to see him and support him through his recovery.


He’d spend close to a year at that Rehab and then more time at two other ones.  Medically, he would have many ups and downs and surgeries and procedures  because of the extent of his traumatic brain injury.  But all the while, his family was working hard in a variety of ways because they wanted to bring him to where he belonged, they wanted to bring him home.


And praise Jesus because this past March, Michael was finally able to come home!  And home has been the most wonderful place for Michael to be.  Home is where he is surrounded by his family and since coming home, he has been so incredible.  Health wise, he is stable and working every day towards continuing to rehab his body and his brain.  At home, he is able to go out weekly for Rehab as well as receive wonderful care from wonderful people who come to work with him each week.

The best part for us is that since Michael is home, he is also able to come to church which is where we get to see him nearly every week.  Often times during church I’ll hear Michael and I always look forward to talking to him after the service.  Most of the time, he has a big smile and it brings incredible joy to my heart.


I love this picture because to me, it shows the strength and love of the Einfeldt family.  And even though Michael’s accident completely changed his life and his circumstances, it never once changed the love that his family had for him.  In many ways, I believe that it strengthened it, in ways that one could never have imagined.


I wanted to find something significant about three years.  So, I do what I often do, and utilized Google to connect me to verses about three years.  And it brought me to the story of Rehoboam in 2 Chronicles.  For the record, Rehoboam wasn’t great.  He was a king of Israel, but not the best because often times he did what he wanted, instead of what God wanted him to do.  But throughout his life, he had some moments of goodness.  And during one particular one, he actually rallied the priests and Levites from Israel who came to support him.

In 2 Chronicles 11 it says that “Those from every tribe of Israel who set their hearts on seeking the LORD, the God of Israel followed the Levites to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices to the LORD, the God of their fathers.  They strengthened the kingdom of Judah and supported Rehoboam son of Solomon three years, walking in the ways of David and Solomon during this time.”

And to me, this verse honors the beauty of Michael’s past three years and all of those who came to strengthen and support him and his family.  Life holds no guarantees and we never know the challenges that we will face.  But often times in tragedy, people rise above to help and serve others in the most beautiful ways bringing goodness during much needed times.

Tomorrow is January 8th, and the third anniversary of our friend Michael Einfeldt’s devastating car accident.  And tonight I wanted to share this post to honor Michael and his family and to remember all that God has done.  I’ll leave you with Philippians 4:19 and the reminder that no matter what you might face in life, God promises to meet and supply all that you need.  It’s been beautiful to see the ways that He has done this for Michael and I love that I know that God can do this for us all.


Bright Hope

Six years ago, we had our annual Church Picnic at Connie’s Parise’s home in East Moriches.  This mid-July get together has always been a favorite tradition for Eastport Bible Church and that year was no exception.


That year, our youth group students (who seemed quite little at the time) had just returned from NTS Camp.


Michael and Steven (pictured in the boat below) were greatly affected by camp that year and it would help them grow a deep friendship that would truly stand the test and trials that time and the years to come would most certainly bring.


This morning, we met together as a church family at 10:00am for our summer worship service.  We enjoyed a special line up of songs put together by our very own Priscilla Tuttle in honor of her upcoming two year trip to teach in South Korea.  One of the songs she played was “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”  The words of the last verse, rang out so poignantly as she played:

“Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,
Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!”


And the blessings truly were flowing at our church this morning.  Because for the first time, in over two and a half years, our dear friend Michael Einfeldt was there to worship with us.  Jeremy shared about January 7th and how he and Michael had been at the church early to practice for a skit that they were supposed to do that coming Sunday.  They got their practice in, but more importantly enjoyed a good hour together, just hanging out and talking about life things.

However, the very next morning, Michael would get into a tragic car accident and suffer a very severe traumatic brain injury.  He’d spend three months in the ICU at Stony Brook Hospital before being transferred to a TBI Rehab.  In the two and a half years that would follow, Michael would endure a tumultuous journey, working towards as much healing and recovery as possible.

This morning, I watched my husband hold back tears as he welcomed Michael back to be present with his church family.  There were many tears of rejoicing and we lovingly gave Michael a standing ovation.  I watched so many people surround him and his mom Sally with so much love.


I wasn’t able to take as many pictures as my photographer’s heart would have loved.  Partly because I was teaching Kids Church and partly because I was simply taking it all in.  But this picture shows the beautiful smile that Michael had all morning as he worshiped and celebrated with his church family.  So many have prayed for him ever since his accident and seeing him with us today was a beautiful answer to those prayers.


After our service, just like we did six years ago, we all gathered for our annual Church picnic at Connie’s home.  God graciously kept the bad weather away and we were able to enjoy the most wonderful afternoon together.


In between pool time and a volleyball game, I captured a few pictures of the amazing people in our church family.


From the oldest to the youngest, it was so special to get to gather together for good food, fellowship and fun.


So many special people joined us this afternoon, from our newest grandparents (Congrats Rosados!) to some dear out-of-town friends.


But most precious to me this afternoon, was having our dear friend Michael come and celebrate at the picnic with us.  And in a very special turn of events, Steven, who was there in the very beginning, after that life changing year of NTS Camp was again there today, to celebrate and support his best friend Michael.


Today, was absolutely incredible.  Sally Einfeldt asked me to thank everyone for their love and support throughout these past two and a half years.  She and Michael were able to enjoy Jeremy’s sermon where he spoke of how we truly are all children of God and part of the most gracious and loving family.  Knowing this has given her so much peace in knowing that we are never alone.

As an extended update, Michael is currently living happily at home with his family. He’s been continuing to attend therapies to help him gain strength and continued healing.  Since being home, Michael has made good progress.  The best part for us though, has been seeing his beautiful smile which has been much more evident since he’s been home.  Please continue to pray for Michael, but know that God truly has answered so many of our prayers in his recovery.  He is happy and surrounded by so many loving friends and family and thanks to his awesome friend Danielle, will be continuing to join us at Eastport Bible Church on Sundays as he is able.

Happy 21st Birthday Michael

Today, is Michael Einfeldt’s 21st birthday.

We drove over for a visit this afternoon and it was so, so good.

Michael was sitting in his chair, watching a show with his sister Sarah.  He greeted us with the biggest smiles when we walked in and it was incredibly heartwarming.  He’s looked so good since he’s come home.  He’s much more content and it’s so evident to see.

We got to catch up with Sally during our visit.  Some current prayer needs for the Einfeldts would be just for the right paperwork to go through so that Michael can get all of the in-home care and support that he needs.  Sally has been working diligently on it but I’m sure would appreciate prayer and support for it to all work out.


Highlights from our visit would be getting to see Michael do a little bit of his occupational therapy.  He had so many big smiles and even some big laughs too.  He looked right at Jeremy and then at me when Sally asked him too and it was just so good to see our friend happy and engaged.

I brought Michael a little gift that was actually from some of you reading this right now.  I had asked earlier this year for people to share how Michael’s story has affected their lives.  Many sent letters and messages and I took these and mod-podged them to a canvas.  I wanted to make a visual reminder that showed that even in the hardest times, God is always working His goodness.  Then I paint stenciled the words, faith, hope and love because these have been the underlying themes of Michael’s on-going journey and story.  So thank you to those of you who have loved and prayed for Michael and thank you for being a part of his gift.

Overall, it was such a good visit.  We prayed for Michael and got a nice big smile again before we left.  Thank you for continuing to love and pray for Michael and his family and we just wish Michael a very happy birthday today.

Home for Good

So our friend Michael Einfeldt, is home for good.  And last week, after our fourth Nor’easter cleared, we drove for about all of three minutes to go and visit him.

A few things about that.  When Michael was in the ICU in Stony Brook Hospital just over two years ago, we drove about 35 minutes one way to visit him.  We drove that a lot in those first three months.  After that, it was about a 45 minute drive up to his first rehab and then this past year, it was a 40 minute drive to his last one.  So you can imagine how delightful it is for his family and friends to finally have him home for good.

And secondly, I remember so many times in the past few years talking to Michael about how good it would be for him to be home.  Nearly every time he would respond to the words “home” in one way or another.  And getting to see him at home and know he’s home for good, has been such a beautiful thing.  Jeremy and I both have seen how much more comfortable and relaxed he is and for that we are so thankful.


Michael’s parents built him out a big beautiful room addition to their home.  It’s easily accessible for the nurses and aids and therapists who will be coming to his home to work with him.  We got to meet his new fish who lives in the tank by his bed and it was fun to see how much his new room reflects his life and passions in so many ways.


While we visited, we got to spend some quality time with Michael, his parents and sister Sarah and his dog Cody.  As I’m typing this, I’ve realized, I’m not sure if they spell it with a C or K, so I’ll just have to leave it for now until I find out.


Cody, or Kody is always a bonus when you visit Michael at home because he’s the best at just making you feel like he truly loves having you there.  Granted, you have to be willing to give him lots of head pats but really, it’s a small price to pay for the love he gives right back to you.


While admiring Michael’s new set up, Sally pointed out this angel that was given to them by a teacher at the High School.  She had found it and it had reminded her of Michael since he was a percussion player in high school.  It’s amazing, the amount of people who know and love Michael.  Often times, I think it’s so beautiful how God brings people together in these ways.  And of course, in addition to the cool Iceland boat that Sarah brought from her last trip, I also loved the Easter Egg with Jesus’ resurrection from the tomb.  Easter week for me, is always one full of joys and sorrows completed with hope and promises fulfilled.  In situations like Michael’s where often times, life seems hard and full of struggles, it’s always good to be reminded of hope.


To add an update to how Michael’s been doing since he’s been home, overall Sally’s shared he’s been great.  He wakes up happy and has been smiling more and moving more as well.  He showed off a bit while we were there, moving his head and his arms well.  As soon as they can get everything in place, the goal is for him to receive therapy at home and possibly at a TBI facility as well.  Sally shared that they were going to work on getting him a stander for home (a piece of equipment that will allow him to stand and build strength) and that she was excited for him to get into a new routine with therapies that would help him to gain more.

Overall it was a great visit.  Overall, I’m so reminded that God has been so faithful in Michael’s journey.  He is home and surrounded by a loving and caring family.  He will continue to have people come along side and support and help him to build strength in recovery.  As always, there are so many things to be thankful for as is true with any difficult journey.  Thank you for your continued prayers and thank you especially for praying Michael home to be with his family.


“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

– Isaiah 41:10

This past weekend, amidst the busyness and beauty of our weekend Youth Group Retreat, Breakaway, I learned of two of my wonderful mom friends who had experienced great traumas.  At the news of both, my heart sank and I was overwhelmed with sadness for their situations.  Right away, the worries and what-ifs sank their ways into my heart and discourament settled in quickly.

Sometimes, life is just hard.  Sometimes, hope is hard to find and heartbreaks happen.

In both situations, prayers were offered up.  Texts were sent out and calls made.  And knowing that there were groups of people praying offered comfort where it was so desperately needed.  And as I write this post today, I can say that in both situations, God’s hand has been seen.  His goodnesss has worked its way into hearts and minds and even circumstances and for this, I am so incredibly thankful.

Because even if you can’t always see it, God is always working on our behalf.  He reminds us so beautifully in Isaiah, that we do not have to be afraid or even dismayed.  He is our God.  He is strengthening us.  He is helping us.  And He is the one upholding us.

Of course, being at Breakaway this weekend, there were times that I thought of our friend Michael Einfeldt.  Because he attended many Breakaway retreats and we always loved having him with us.


I remember his first year, where he stood up in front of everyone and shared the ways that God had touched his heart.  For the record, I always admire this.  Because it’s not easy, to stand up and tell others what you believe.  But it is powerful.  And impactful.  And a great confirmation of what God is doing.  And I loved when Michael shared his heart, just like I loved hearing the hearts of those students we had this year that were changed because of their love for Jesus.


Yesterday, we got to go and see Michael.  At his home.  In Eastport.  And it was awesome.  This was the second or third time that he’s come home for an overnight visit and with each one, we know that he is getting closer and closer to being home for good.  When we walked in, he was smiling.  And while we visited, he was engaged and making sounds and truly it was so good to see Michael doing so well.  He turned and looked right at Jeremy when Sally asked him to and when we went to leave, he gave us big smiles again.

When Michael had his accident, we were devastated.  And in the tumultuous months right after and then the years that he’s been in rehab we’ve experienced every emotion you could imagine.  But seeing Michael yesterday was a reminder, that God is still working.  Sally shared that things are lining up in God blessed ways for Michael’s transition home.  Seeing her and her family come around Michael with love and support has always been a way that I’ve seen God’s hand working.


Friends, there will be times in your life where things seem hard and hopeless.  There will be calls received that will break your heart and there will be times where it’s all you can do to keep upright.  But be reminded that God loves you and He promises to uphold you.  There is nothing too big for Him and nothing that He is unable to help you through.  This was my encouragement for today and for every day.

*I’ll leave you with another verse because it’s been my life verse and it’s also attached to a beautiful picture of Michael’s smile :).


Michael Einfeldt, Desired Haven

Two years ago, we were faced with heartbreaking news and I wrote this POST asking for prayers for our friend Michael Einfeldt who had been in a horrible car accident.  I spent some time tonight rereading the details of those first days when things were so uncertain and the struggles hard to bear.


Michael would spend 3 months up in the ICU at Stony Brook Hospital, enduring many procedures and surgeries which would eventually help stabilize him to prepare him for the next step.


In the year to follow, he would move up to live at a Rehab with a wing that specialized in Traumatic Brain Injury.  He’d go on to experience a few other rehabs before settling in one on Long Island.


The students in our Youth Group were greatly affected by Michael’s accident.  But they were faithful in their love for their friend and would do all they could to continue to love and support him in many ways.


Michael’s family were constantly by his side in those early days, and this was something that would continue throughout the next two years after his accident.



There is something to be said, for a family that lives out such an incredible love.


Michael has been so blessed in the area of family and that is something that has remained so beautiful to this day.


The other day, our son asked about how Michael was doing.  He also asked why something so bad would happen to someone who did so much good.  And to be honest, I didn’t know the answer to that question.  There are lots of questions that I’ve asked in the years since Michael’s accident.  And many questions have remained unanswered.  But I do also know that none of us know how our lives will turn out.  And I do know that for me, that is encouragement to spend my days doing as much good as I can for as many people as I can.  Because that is a life not wasted.  Michael worked hard and lived out an incredible life and I believe that is why we’ve all been so touched by his story.


It’s hard to imagine that it’s been two years.  Just under two years ago, Michael was in our living room, for Living Room (which is our Sunday night teen small group).  Tonight, we met up again, for the same group (though different faces were there).


And at the end of the month, we’ll take another amazing group of teens to Breakaway, which is another place that we had great memories with Michael when he was in our youth group.  And I suppose that these things remind me that through the worst of tragedies, life eventually continues on.


And I write all this to say that life has continued on for Michael.  And good changes are on the horizon.  Michael’s family is currently working on bringing him home for good.  He’ll eventually live at home in his beautifully renovated room where he’ll be able to be with his family while continuing to receive the support and care that he needs.  He’s thankfully been stable and it’s our prayer that he will stay that way so that he can come home to Eastport very soon.

I shared this verse in one of the posts I wrote a few years ago as Michael was going through some tough times.  The beginning shares how “They cried out to the LORD in their trouble and he brought them out of their distress.”  It seems like there was a lot of crying out to the LORD in those earlier days.  But tonight, different words stuck out to me.  I love how it says, that “They were glad when it grew calm, and He guided them to their desired haven.”  Two years later and I know that Michael’s desired haven, is home and we pray that that is where God will bring him to be with his amazing family.


If you are reading this and you have followed Michael’s Journey since his 2016 accident, thank you.  Thank you for your thoughts and for your prayers.  Thank you for the love and support that you have poured out for this amazing young man and his family.  And if you are willing, in honor of Michael’s two year anniversary, I’d love to ask you for a favor.  Either in the comments here or through Facebook, Would you share two things?  First, who you are and how you know Michael and second, either one way that Michael’s journey has touched your life or just some words of encouragement for him.  I would love to make a compilation to put together to share with the Einfeldts and your help in this would be greatly appreciated.

Please, if you are willing, take time to share.  I know it would be a great encouragement and one way that you could help to bring goodness and beauty into the lives of Michael’s family.

No Place Like Home

Tomorrow night we will host our 100 Year Four Square Tournament.  Which means that two years ago, we hosted our 50 Year Four Square Tournament (granted for the record, we know that the math doesn’t really add up).  And that night was one of the last nights that we hung out with our friend Michael, before his 2016 car accident.


It was an incredibly fun night.  We played lots of four square and caught up with lots of friends.  And one of the great parts about that night was having all three of the Einfeldts home and together.


Which brings me to today.  Two years later.  And another day that was just so memorable and so very special, because today, for the first time in almost two years, our Michael Einfeldt was able to come home to Eastport for a visit.


Sally shared that their family spent the morning together celebrating and opening Christmas presents.  We caught up with them all in the afternoon and it was so delightful to see this incredible family along with their friends together again at home for the holidays.


Michael’s sweet little niece was there as well and in the time that we spent with them, it was so heartwarming to see her crawl over at times just to check on her uncle.


Today, there was great joy and celebration in the Einfeldt home.  Which of course reminded me of the Christmas story and the great news that the angel shared with the shepherds on a dark night.

Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”

That night, God sent an angel to bring good news that caused great joy because a Savior had been born.  These years have been hard.  There have been times where it’s seemed hopeless.  Tears have been shed and often times the news has been hard to hear.  But there is always good.  Sometimes it’s hard to see, but it’s there.  And that is something that I’ve learned from Michael’s story.  That no matter how bad things are, there is always good to be found.  And today?  Today was a good, good day.  For the first time since his accident, Michael came home.  He spent the day surrounded by friends and family.  And even though it was just a day visit, it was a beautiful sign of things to come.


If you’re reading this now and you’ve followed Michael’s story, rejoice with me tonight!  God has truly answered prayers in bringing Michael home to spend the day with his family.  Whereas tonight he is back at his rehab, the goal is that soon he will be able to be home for good.  Please continue to keep him and his family in your prayers.  I know that they appreciate the love and the support so very much.

Thrill of Hope

It was the most unlikely of nights for a visit.  I spent the afternoon at Hangtime with 90 amazing leaders, helpers and students.  We’re in our last week before our big Children’s Christmas Celebration, so that in itself was a very busy few hours.  Right after, we had a houseful of teens who had come to hang out for an hour or so.  And then I drove Christian and a friend to volleyball for their 8-10pm practice.  I figured I’d go and grab something to eat since dinner consisted of a few taquitos that I quickly ate before running out the door.

But sitting in the parking lot I suddenly had the thought to Google map how far Michael’s rehab was.  And when I realized it was only 25 minutes away and I had time to wait, I figured it might be good to fit a visit in.  Since we were away on vacation and then I came home with a cold, it hadn’t really worked out to go up until that moment.  So I checked in with Sally to make sure it would be okay and then drove over to visit Michael at his rehab.


The last time I saw Michael, he was in the hospital and that was quite awhile ago.  Life’s been busy, to say the least making it hard to get out to see him.  So walking into his room, I was a little nervous.  But right away the nicest nurse greeted me and Michael was there, and wide awake.  When I greeted him, he gave me two good blinks and I spent the next few minutes catching Michael up on all sorts of life things.  He seemed most into hearing about his friends, as usual.  And he made some good sounds when we talked about him getting to come home soon (Sally is hoping by the end of this month even).

He rested a bit during our visit.  And that was okay.  And when it was over, I was thankful to have gotten to spend this time with our dear friend.  And then something beautiful happened that reminded me that God is always working in the lives of Michael’s family.  Before I left, I called Sally and was able to talk to her for a bit.  And before we ended our conversation she shared how thankful she was that I was able to be there that night.  She and Sarah had been there earlier, and usually Mike would have gone up that evening, but he hadn’t been able to be there.  So was worried about Michael being alone this night and she shared about how glad she was that it had worked out for me to visit him.


And I don’t share that to say I’m so great for going.  But I do believe that even after a long evening, God worked it out that Michael would have someone to be there with him.  Because He truly does work good things into the lives of those who love Him.


As I’ve shared before, this entire journey has been one of joys and sorrows.  Anytime someone you love is going through difficulties this is going to be how it is.  But tonight, and as Michael approaches his two year anniversary since his accident, I’m reminded that even in the weariness of the journey, there is goodness and there is hope and we have these things because of God and his great love for us.

I’m praying that if it’s the right thing, Michael will be able to be home for or just after Christmas this year.  Sally shared that the house is getting very close.  When I was visiting Michael, I got to see the new wheelchair that will eventually accompany him home.  And so I just ask for continued prayers and even specific prayers for Michael that he would stay healthy enough to be able to come home to Eastport to be with his family and friends this year.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers for our amazing friend Michael Einfeldt and for his family this Christmas.

Peace and Long-suffering

For the past six weeks, our friend Michael Einfeldt has been at Stony Brook Hospital.  He was initially admitted because of a bad infection but it was a few other infections that kept him there for so long.  The doctors ended up having to remove his shunt and place an external one.  Last Friday, he was set to have surgery for his new shunt but that too was cancelled due to another infection.

I drove up to visit Michael this afternoon.  And as I rode the elevator up to his 18th floor room, I felt such a heavy sadness.  It is so hard when people you love struggle for so long.  Many of us have experienced this on some level or another.  Sometimes the struggles end suddenly and we are left to try to piece together the brokenness of those tragedies.  And other times, the struggles are long.  The rollercoaster of the journey seems never-ending and you find yourself just struggling to hold on.

Dear friends, it seems as though Michael’s struggle has been such a long and hard and difficult one.  My heart continually grieves not only for him, but also for his family and his many loved ones.  Though their faith and strength have helped to carry them through, it’s still so hard at times to know that they are struggling with sadness and pain.

Michael didn’t wake during my visit.  So I talked and prayed and read a few verses to him.  When I held his hand, for a brief time he held onto mine as well.  He made a few soft sounds as I shared updates on church things and how all of his friends were doing.  When I told him about Christian turning 13 this weekend, my voice caught because I was overcome with emotions thinking of how much time has gone by since January 8th, 2016, the day of his terrible accident.


To be honest, it’s so hard to even know what to write today.  Sometimes in all of this, I don’t feel like I know much of anything, but I do continue to firmly believe that God is with Michael and that He will work what is best.  I pray often for his complete healing, but also know that sometimes life doesn’t always go the ways I think it should.  I do however know believe that God sees the bigger picture and that He will continue to work on Michael’s behalf and this is what I trust in.

When I was little, I remember learning this song about the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5.  The end part was the same as the actual verse and said, “The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.”  What stuck in my mind today were the words peace and long-suffering (which is another word for patience).  And these are my focus as I continue to pray for Michael and his family.  I pray that they will have peace, amidst all of the struggles that Michael is enduring.  And even though my mind breaks up the word and tends to focus on the concept that Michael has suffered for so long, I’ll instead focus on it’s true meaning and that is patience, in spite of troubles.


I did have a nice talk with Sally after I got home (she was on her way up when I was driving home). She shared that Michael now has a scheduled surgery for his new shunt this Friday but also that they are working to finalize details.

Thank you for taking time to read this update today.  Thank you for keeping Michael in your thoughts and prayers and please continue to pray for all that is best for him and his family.

Today was a Gift

Today I asked Ellee if she wanted to come up to the hospital to visit Michael Einfeldt with me.  Both of our kids have been off school for the past two days because of Rosh Hashanah.  She sweetly obliged so the two of us drove up there this afternoon.  After checking in at the front desk, we took the elevator up to the 18th floor.  I dropped her off in the waiting room and walked down the hall of the ICU to visit Michael.  He was actually just a few rooms down from the room that he spent three months in right after his accident.

When I walked in the room, I was greeted by Aunt Krisha.  We got to know her and her husband well during our visits to Michael and to this day, she almost always spends her Fridays with him.  It was so good to see her and she caught me up with how Michael was doing.  Thankfully, they believe that the infection that put Michael back in the hospital has cleared and are currently waiting for him to finish the antibiotics and be infection free for a few weeks.

As you can imagine, Michael’s been through so much these past weeks, well, months really.  The last few times that I’ve visited, Michael wasn’t even really awake because of all that his brain and body had been going through.


But today?  Today was a gift.  Right after I walked in the room, Michael opened his eyes and stayed pretty awake throughout my visit.  It was so, so good to be able to see him and hold his hand and talk to him again.  He looked so much better in general and alert and it truly was a blessing to behold.

I told him all the things that I thought he’d want to know.  I told him about everyone who has been praying for him in our church and in our community.  I caught him up to date with the things that his friends were up to, including what they did that summer and who was back at college and who had started up work.  When I told him how much they loved him and missed him, he made some vocal sounds which is something that I haven’t been able to hear in a long time.  Throughout this entire journey, it’s always been evident to me that Michael continues to care so much about his friends.  It’s also been evident that they all truly love and care about him as well.  When Michael made his sounds, I told him it was so, so good to hear his voice again.  And finally and most importantly, I told Michael how much God loves him and how we were all praying that He would continue to work in Michael’s life.  I shared with him the good things that I’ve seen even in the midst of the struggles of his situation.

I left the hospital feeling so hopeful and so encouraged.  It was such a good visit and it was such a beautiful gift.

I know that Michael will be in the hospital for a few more weeks as they wait for the infection to be conpletely clear.  Thank you for your prayers and for the support that you’ve given to Michael and his family.  In addition to the recent fundraiser, I know many have found their own ways to show love and support for the Einfeldts.  I took up a gift from the Tuesday Night Men’s Bible Study at Eastport Bible Church and I know that this and the others are such a blessing for the Einfeldts.  Please continue to pray and please know that God is working in many ways for Michael and his family.  Thank you for sharing in this update and in the blessing that today truly was.