6th Grade Graduation

Today was Ellee’s 6th Grade Graduation.  And it started out with our beautiful friend Jules who came over bright and early to do Ellee’s hair and get her ready for her day.


Afterwards, we walked over to the Elementary School and gathered with all of these amazing families to celebrate our 6th Graders.


We were so proud of our Ellee girl.


And I couldn’t help but think it really was just yesterday that we were here for her Kindergarten graduation.  That one seemed simple and sweet.


Whereas this one felt like her first big step away from childhood and into a whole new chapter of life.  In many ways, I know she’s ready, but I still just shake my head and wonder how she got there so quickly.


We were all so happy to be there to cheer her on.


And whereas we don’t have any immediate family that lives close enough to celebrate things like this, we did have a few awesome friends who are like family that were there for Ellee on her big day.


When we went to pick her up, we grabbed a few pictures with friends.


These two were girls that Ellee has known since preschool.


So of course, I’ll insert their preschool pics below, because I’m just feeling that nostalgic.




We also got a quick picture with Ellee’s amazing teachers.  I am so thankful over the years for those who have poured so beautifully into our daughter.


They truly have helped shape her life and we are FOREVER thankful for all they have done to love and help and support our girl.


Also, they humored me with an obligatory sibling shot.  I’m so thankful to know that she will have her older brother to look out for her next year at the Jr. Sr. High school.  They might have their moments, but overall, they are amazing together and I’m so thankful for the ways they are both learning and growing.


And while I could take time to share all about how sad it is to think that our kids are both done with elementary school, I won’t dwell on that for too long.  They both had some pretty awesome years at Eastport and for that I have the utmost heart of gratitude.  And to finish this up, all I’ll say is that you really do need to cherish every second because they do go, oh, so fast.


And then I’ll wrap this up with a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Ellee and the rest of the amazing 6th Graders who graduated today!  We know God has great things in store for you and we cannot wait to see the wonderful things you will all do.


Father’s Day 2019

My parents came to visit us last week.  And when you only see your parents a few times a year, you clear your schedule and then do all you can to make the most of the time that you have together, because you know it will go fast and then it will all be over until the next time you see them again.

We filled out week with catching up and shopping and just spending time together at home.  It was low key, but it was good because sometimes the important things of life happen in the little things of life.  My Dad took Christian out to eat and gave him his words of wisdom.  And my Mom and I and Ellee enjoyed checking out the outlets and finding all sorts of fun things for Grandma to bring home with her.


We convinced my parents that it would be fun to have some friends over on Thursday night.  Christian and our friend Steven decided to have a cooking challenge and they both made us all sorts of delicious things to eat.  Afterwards, we talked my parents into joining us for a few rounds of Mafia, and they turned out to be quite memorable and fun.


And I suppose this post is a little to remember a fun week with my parents, but it’s also to commemorate my Dad considering today was Father’s Day.  In case you didn’t know, I was adopted by my parents from South Korea when I was 6 months old.  I have always considered my parents to be my “real” parents and they have always loved my sisters and I as their very own.  Growing up and even now, I always prided myself on being like my Dad.  He taught me how to mow the lawn (there were only daughters) and he took us on motorcycle rides.  My Dad was always a hard working man and this was also instilled in us at a young age.  Most importantly though, my Dad loved Jesus and he was the one who taught me how to love and trust Jesus too.


And as much as I loved my Dad growing up, I’ve grown to love seeing him be Grandpa to our kids (and my sister’s kids as well).  Both Christian and Ellee have such a special relationship with my Dad and they really loved being able to spend time with him this past week too.


Father’s Day love also goes all the way out to Seattle to Jeremy’s Dad, Kyle.  He’s always been a wonderful Papa to our kids and we also treasure the time we have with him as well.  I love seeing the ways that he loves his kids and I know that my husband is an incredible father because he also got to have an incredible father.


And speaking of Jeremy, so much love goes to the man our kids get to call Dad.  They could not have a bigger cheerleader in life, than this guy.  And while our daughter might be at a state where she pretends not to notice, she really can’t help but notice because her father is always there for her, rooting her on in all that she does.


And it has brought me so much joy to watch the relationship deepen between our son and his Dad.  The two of them have been bonding lately over their love for basketball, both watching and playing.  I tell Christian often that I know he will be a great dad someday, because he has the best dad.


And I am most thankful to know that Jeremy has continued in the tradition of both of our fathers in teaching his kids (and many others) about Jesus.  Fathers, there is truly nothing greater that you can teach your kids than to love and be loved by God.


So Happy Father’s Day (a day late) to my amazing husband and to all of the other amazing Dads there are out there.


Great Dads are something to celebrate and I’m so thankful for the great Dads that we have in our lives.


If I could tell…

I was 22 years old when we got married.  And in many ways I thought I knew a lot but in all reality, I had no idea, the many struggles and the many joys that God and life would bring.  Since today is our 16th anniversary, I thought I’d make a little list of things I’d say if I could tell myself in these pictures a few good things about life.

If I could tell myself one thing, it would be that I definitely married the right one.  Oh sure, marriage would never be EASY, but there would be lots and lots of good in it.  Looking back, thought it seems like I married a teenager, haha, I really did married a godly and God-loving man who I’d get to learn and grow with in many ways.


I’d also tell myself to always treasure the people who have loved you well because you never know how much time you’ll have with them.  My Grandparents have both passed now, but wow, did they love me well.  They poured into me and my family and the legacy of life and love that they lived is something that lives on with us all.


I’d also tell myself it was worth it to pick the empire waisted dresses that would be flattering to my sister Leslie’s first pregnancy.  And then I’d laugh really hard because who would have thought back then that she’d go on to have ten kids?


I’d tell myself that the love for kids I had back then would continue on through 16 years of serving in ministry.  I’d say keep loving the kids because there are few things greater than loving them and teaching them about Jesus.


I’d also tell myself to treasure any and all time with family.  Considering ours is literally spread out all over the United States, we’d quickly learn how precious time together really is.


I’d also tell myself that it was stupid to try to share a tribute speech to my parents (I cried through the whole thing) but that really I could not have been more thankful to have the family that God gave me.  Through good times and bad, Dad said it best in that family really is forever.


If I could go back and tell myself things on my wedding day, I’d say “Laura, you have no idea how amazing the man that you are about to marry truly is.”  Yes, we have our moments.  But I really did marry my best friend.  Together we’d get to serve in ministry and love each other and have two beautiful babies.  We’d laugh and cry and learn together.  Somehow, we’d get to travel the world and see beautiful things and these would be the times that would continue to strengthen us and our marriage.


Also, I’d say fit and strong and healthy is always good, but so are cupcakes so just enjoy them when you get the chance.


I’d also say that being 22 and young is nice, but then being 38 and living life and having two amazing kids and a loving husband is even nicer.


Finally, if I could say anything to myself at 22 years old on my wedding day, I’d say life is going to be good in so many ways.  I’d say the best piece of advice I could give is to love God first and then let Him help you love your husband and kids and everyone and everything else would fall into place.

I’d also say, don’t worry, in 16 years you’ll fulfill your dream of owning a minivan and you’ll use it to drive your kids and their friends around and though it may seem weird to some, for you nothing could be better.


Today is our 16th Anniversary and praise Jesus for all that we’ve learned over these 16 years.  Sure, I’d like to go back and tell myself all sorts of things, but really they were things learned over time and I am so thankful for the amazing man I got to learn them with.  Happiest of anniversaries to my amazing husband and I hope we get many, many more years to keep learning and loving and growing together.

The Best Journey

It’s Mother’s Day or well, technically now the day after and I thought about letting it pass but then remembered that I blog because it’s my best way to remember life.  And for some reason, this Mother’s Day I had so many emotions and thoughts going on, so bear with me as I try to do my best to put into words all I’ve been feeling on this day.

To start, I have two moms.  The first, was my birth mother, who carried me for nine months and then gave me away because she could not care for me anymore.  The second was who I will always think when I think of my “mom”.  She was the one who got to love me and raise me and teach me all about being kind and good.  She also taught me to love and follow Jesus.  I knew that when I became a mom, I would very much like to be like her and I’d like to say in many ways, I am.

Becoming a mom was surprising and terrifying and amazing and to be honest, those early years were a bit of a blur.


I learned quite quickly that my heart could have the capacity to instantly love our kids both then and forever.  I learned that I would make many mistakes, but that somehow love could truly cover a multiple of wrongs, like the Bible says it can.


I learned that many days would be filled to the brink with the ordinary and the mundane, but that the accumulation of those days would eventually add up to something quite great.  The picture below is actually from a minute video clip that Jeremy must have taken forever ago on an old camcorder.  We raised our kids before the days of iPhone conveniences, so I don’t really have as many videos to remember them by.  But this one that I do, I cherish.  I was simply helping Christian get ready for bed, and like I mentioned before, it was ordinary, but also a very sweet memory.


I learned that things really were quite simple and easy when they were small.  This is something that I never knew back then, but that I know now.


Then I learned that if you blinked just a few times, the days and weeks and years would fly by and soon you’d be dealing with some in between ages that no one really talks about.  These would be the times that are hard because they just are.  It would be easy to feel alone in these times but the best thing I could do was to reach out to others because really, truly we never have to be alone in what we are going through.


And in the more recent years, I’ve learned that it’s really hard to parent teens and almost teens.  That many of your days will be filled with eye rolls and noises of seeming disgust for no apparent reason.  But if you bear with them and hold on, these things pass and your normal and amazing kids are there again.


I’ve learned that it is really easy to complain about the teenage years, but what’s harder but better is to embrace them because amongst the hard there are so, so many things to be thankful for.  I’m particularly thankful for this Mother’s Day because it contained some special times with our kids.  This one treated me to brunch yesterday because he worked all day today and we had an incredible time together just talking and laughing and sharing life.  And though I missed his presence, I was thankful and proud of the young man he is growing to be.

Thankfully I had Jeremy and Ellee who spoiled me and fed me and gave me sweet presents and all in all it was a  very nice and relaxing and chill kind of day.


Yes, there have been many things I’ve learned on this journey of motherhood and many more things I’ll learn in the years to come.  And before I end my post, I want to celebrate just a few more things that makes Mother’s Day so special to me.  The first would be my mom.  I know this Mother’s Day was hard for her since it’s the first year without my Grandma.  But I also know she had a lovely day with my sisters and that I am forever grateful that she is our mom.  Speaking of my sisters, I’m hoping that their many children celebrated them because they are quite wonderful moms and I love them both so much.


I also want to celebrate the mom who raised my husband (and his awesome siblings).  Nancy has been a wonderful mother in law to me and I hope she also had a beautiful day.  I know my husband is the man he is today because of the effort she put into raising him to be a hard working and godly man.


And finally, I want to celebrate the many, many amazing moms I get to see and love all in our community here.  I enjoyed seeing your beautiful posts on Facebook and the many ways you were loved and celebrated.  I am so thankful for friend moms and these are a few of the wonderful ones that I know and love so dearly.


Motherhood really is the best journey and even though I’m a day late, I send out so much love to all of my Mom friends, both near and far.  Our jobs as moms are perhaps the most important jobs we have and thank you for all that you put in to being the wonderful moms God has created you to be!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Easter 2019

Easter is one of my most favorite days of the year because while bunnies and chocolate eggs are good, celebrating Jesus and his resurrection is amazing and every year we do it in a pretty similar way.  For our family, Easter means getting up early for our church’s Sunrise Service at the beach.


A few years, like this one, the sun doesn’t show up for the Sunrise Service.  Which means it’s not quite as pretty as other years, but it’s still powerful in it’s own, cloudy way.


We had the sweetest little ones join us for our service this year and I give them and their mamas a lot of credit for bringing them out so early.  For our Sunrise Service, we sang a few songs and Pastor Kaleb shared a nice message.


And then we went back to church to enjoy a nice Easter breakfast.


A huge thanks to the amazing men who prepared our food!  Also, I think Auburn and I share a similar love for fruit salad.


At 10:00am, we gathered together as a church to celebrate Jesus and his resurrection.


Again, Pastor Kaleb shared a beautiful sermon about Jesus and how his resurrection changes our lives.



While the adults were enjoying their time upstairs, our children’s programs were full with wonderful kids learning all about Jesus and his love for them.


I’m so thankful for our church and especially for the many programs they provide that help children learn about God.


From our nursery to our preschool to our Kids Church, these kids had a fun and full morning.


After church, like the crazy photography loving person that I am, I found a few people who let me gather them together to take a quick Easter picture or two.




Family is so important and I would also argue that church family is so important as well.


A teensy part of me was sad that we weren’t able to be with family for Easter this year (or most years actually).  But that is where our church family has filled so many voids.  We truly are surrounded by so many people that we love and it’s a great thing indeed!

The rest of our day was pretty relaxed.  Christian actually had work and so we waited to have our big meal till 8 when he got home.  Ellee cooked and baked up lots of delicious treats and all in all it was a wonderful day of celebration.  Happy Easter Friends!

Home to Michigan

I flew home to Michigan last Thursday for a few days.  My mom likes when I call Michigan home but I have a theory, that as an adult, home becomes where you raise your kids which makes New York home.  Nonetheless, I do always enjoy going back to where I grew up, to the state a part of me will always love.  Because that state happens to have a lot of people that I adore and this little guy is the newest one.


God bless my sister Leslie.  She has added a tenth baby to her family and basically just picked up and carried on like nothing much changed.  Also, God bless her sweet little babies who come running when she has a big double chocolate muffin to share.


One of the reasons I love visiting my family is to see the awesome dynamics of kids growing up in a big family.  It’s really cool to watch them help each other, not as though they were doing something special, but just because it’s what they do.


Another one of the main reasons that I love to visit is because my nieces and nephews are amazing and I love them all so much.


This is the oldest grandson in my family and he was gracious enough to take time to cook for me while I was visiting.  He’s a hunter, like his Dad and made me the most delicious venison I’ve ever had.


It was a very quick visit, so we did our best to cram everything into the two days that I was there.  On Friday, we gathered our whole family together to eat at one of my favorite Michigan restaurants.


You might think it would be a little nutty, to go out to eat with fifteen kids, ages fifteen and under.  But honestly, my sisters and their husbands have done so well with their kids and all of them were really well behaved.


It was really nice to spend the time all together and FYI locals, Russ’ has a kids menu for 10 and under where all the meals are only $2.99.


We did have a really nice time all together and that was probably my favorite part.  Just being with my family.  I love my parents and both of my sisters and their families so much.  I’m proud to say that Friday night, I cooked dinner for Leslie and Sarah’s families which all together was 20 people.  Considering that I normally cook for 4, this was quite the feat.  I’m proud to share they enjoyed the food I made (a lot of BBQ Polish Kielbasa, two huge trays of an assortment of Roasted Veggies and some Mac and Cheese to top it off).


On Saturday, we took time to celebrate the beautiful life of my amazing Grandma Ann.  My favorite part was hearing some of the great grandkids sing her favorite song, “In the Garden.”  Pastor Rumley also shared the Gospel which would have made her so happy because she loved Jesus so very much and wanted her family and friends to know and love him too.


I brought my camera, but didn’t take a lot of pictures.  Now that I’m thinking of it, funerals are maybe one of the only main life events that you don’t usually take a lot of pictures at.  I did get this picture of my mom and her siblings though.  I know it was a good, but hard day for them because they loved my Grandma so very much.


And that sums up the majority of my short trip home to Michigan last weekend.  We did get together at my sister Sarah’s house later that evening, but time was spent talking and eating and trying to fit in a few fun moments with my nieces and nephews while I could. I flew home Sunday morning and basically just jumped back into my normal busy life here.  I’m so glad I was able to be with my family last weekend and all in all, we had a really good time remembering my Grandma and being all together.


A Great, Great Grandma

My Grandparents were there from the beginning.  Literally, because they drove to the airport when I flew in as a baby from South Korea and they were the first people my little baby eyes saw right next to my sister and parents.  From that moment forward, they were always a comforting and constant part of our lives.  We would see them throughout the week, as well as most Sundays.


Growing up, we took most of our big family vacations with them.


And in the summers, we would travel “Up North” to go camping with my grandparents on their property at the lake.  My memories included Grandma making the best over easy eggs with perfectly runny yokes that were right in the center every time.


My Grandparents were there for my graduation as well as my wedding day.


(I probably should clarify, that these were my Mom’s parents)


And in a way, I probably took for granted that they were just always there for me, my sisters and our family.  We loved my grandparents so very much.


When I grew up and moved away, we’d always do our best to go back to Michigan to visit my family and every time we did, my Grandparents would be there.  It was always pretty special that our kids got to know their Great Grandparents and I know they loved them so very much.


My Grandpa passed away about five years ago.  And I remember being so very sad for my Grandma, because in many ways, they were a pair.  My Grandma had been married to her first husband for 35 years before he passed from a heart attack and then she was married to my Grandpa for 35 years as well.


Though it was a sad time, my Grandma continued to be a beautiful blessing to our family.  She loved her children and her grand children and her great (and great-great) grandchildren as well.


I love that she loved my Jeremy so much too.  She was always so proud of him being a pastor and would tell people how she heard his very first sermon.


Last summer, when we were in Michigan we had a nice visit with my Grandma.  She had turned 100 in May and we were so thankful for the time we got to spend with her.


My Dad called this morning to tell me that my Grandma passed away last night.  And to be honest, my first thought was of happiness, knowing that she was in heaven with Jesus (and my Grandpa and her first husband too).  My Grandma had a great love for the Lord and she passed that down to her children, who passed it down to their children, who also passed it down to their children and their children as well.  Being a Great, Great Grandma is something that not a lot of people get to do, but mine got to be one and she was the best.  Our family is very sad knowing that our time with her here is over, but we know with certainty that we will see her again.


Tonight, my heart and my prayers go out for my family, but especially for my Mom as she grieves the loss of her mom.  If you think of it and could be praying for her, it would be much appreciated.  Thank you friends.

Harrisburg 2019

Last weekend, we drove out to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the Boy’s Atlantic Northeastern Bid Tournament.  We are currently in the middle of our second year of Christian playing for Academy Volleyball and I have to say that it’s so much fun to watch our son and his team play the sport that they love.


We are so thankful because our family was able to stay with friends while we visited Harrisburg.  Zach Rosado was one of our youth group students and is now all grown up with a beautiful wife and the most wonderful baby girl.  We enjoyed hanging out with their family in between games as well as checking out their hometown of Harrisburg.  They were extra fun too because they came and watched a few of Christian’s games on Friday and we loved having them there.


A few things to note.  First off, congrats to our boys who started out the tournament strong.  They won all three of their matches on the first day and then two out of three on the second day.


Secondly, Christian loves volleyball and Academy is an excellent club to play for.  Their boys program is in it’s third year and we could not be happier with our experience.  Truth be told, having your child play any travel sport is an investment, but it’s one that has been well worth it for our family.


And thirdly, our son has gotten to expand his volleyball repertoire and it’s been really fun to watch.  Last year, he was the setter for the team, which meant that he mostly just set.  But this year, his team is running a 6-2 (which means they have two setters) so this means that Christian also gets to hit.  And he loves it.  And it’s fun to photograph.


Quick intermission for a picture of my amazing husband with Zach and Alexa Rosado’s adorable baby.


Back to the tournament.


Overall, Christian’s team did an incredible job and ended up placing 5th out of the 23 teams at the tournament.  They played in the Gold Bracket on the final day and ended up getting a bid to Nationals which was the main goal of the weekend.  We were so excited for them and so proud of how hard they worked for their bid.


My last shoutouts would go to our Ellee, who has always been awesome at supporting her brother at all of his sporting events.  And also to Christian’s coach whom we love and appreciate so much.


Photo credit to Ellee and I share this picture because I don’t actually have a ton of pictures with me and our kids.  Being a photographer but more so, a mom, I know the importance of it so am thankful for this one that we got at the end of the tournament.  I could not be more proud of this boy.  He’s growing to be the most wonderful young man, and we are so glad that he is ours.


And that sums up our weekend tournament in Harrisburg.  As I’ve shared before, I write these things so that I can remember, because if I’m being honest, life sure is moving by quickly these days.  But taking time to share a few words and pictures helps me to acknowledge.  To acknowledge the time and the many, many blessings of the weekend.  Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing this with me.


His 38th

Today is his 38th Birthday and what better way to start the day celebrating him than to share a few thoughts set to pictures.  Here goes…

Happy Birthday Jeremy Herr.   You’re 38 today, which I think is pretty awesome.


38 years means you’re entering your 16th year of Youth Ministry.  And while my bias is to say that you’re the best Youth Pastor ever, it’s also pretty cool to think that 16 years means that you’ve gotten to help hundreds of teens grow closer to Jesus.


Getting to see you still connect with them years later when they are full grown adults is also pretty awesome as well.


I have to be honest, 38 years in many ways, means you’ve only gotten better.  One thing that I’ve loved to see, is you work your way into incredible strength and health.  Last year you conquered over 8,000 miles and I know you’ll accomplish even more and greater miles this year.


(Don’t let her fool you, she’s pretty proud too).


At 38 years, you’re still the favorite New York Uncle.  And not just because you love to buy all the nieces and nephew’s slushies from Wesco.  It brings so much joy to see the ways that you love and spend time with my family and yours as well.


Jeremy Herr, your heart for Jesus has always been the most wonderful thing to me.


And I’ll always love your fun fashion


And normal fashion as well.


Not many people get to be married to someone who’s willing to sacrifice their own good for the sake of protecting another with a giant pool unicorn.


But all joking aside, I truly am in awe of the ways that you continue to love and serve Jesus by working with the awesome kids and teens in our community.


At 38, you’re still an amazing basketball player


And your volleyball skills are impressive to me and to our son’s friends as well.


I’m looking forward to continuing to see the great ways that you will lead this year


As well as the other fun outfits you will create (All in the name of Jesus and football).


Our church and Youth Ministry is incredibly blessed to have you as their Pastor.


Most importantly though, I absolutely love the amazing father that you are to our kids.


They absolutely love and adore you and I do as well.


Happy 38th birthday Jeremy Herr.  I truly was blessed to get to marry my best friend and I love and appreciate you so very much.  I wish you the happiest of days today, and look forward to celebrating you for many more years to come.


Chicago 2019

For years, I remember talking with other volleyball families and they would tell me how they flew all over the country for tournaments and secretly, I always thought that was a little crazy but last week, we became one of those families.  And I have to say, it was pretty awesome.  Our first big tournament destination was Chicago, and we got to fly with some of Christian’s friends which made the whole experience that much more fun.  It was a big relief to get in (many flights were cancelled both on our departure and our return, because, well, Chicago in the winter can be tricky) and I was proud when we learned how to navigate the train system to get safely to our hotels.


This weekend was also incredibly special, because not only did we get to see Christian’s team play, we also got to cheer on our Arizona nephew who was also playing at the same tournament.


When you live far from family, you miss out on things like getting to see them excel in their sports and I have to say that we were just so thankful to get this opportunity.


It was also pretty fun to get to cheer on these boys.


A few things.  Last year, Christian basically set the entire time for his 14s team.  But this year, in addition to setting, he also got the opportunity to hit from the right side.  Which he absolutely loved.  Also how adorable is our sweet Arizona niece beaming proudly at her New York cousin.  She was hands down the best cheerleader for both her brother and Christian and it was delightful to watch her cheer on the boys all weekend.


Back to the matches.  We were proud of our team who ended up taking second on the first day after beating two other teams in a tie breaker.


It was so fun to see the boys play and build on the skills that they learned last year.


But, as many of us sports parents know, there are good times and there are tough times as well.  And the next two days of sets would definitely prove to be on the tougher side for our boys and their first tournament.


Despite the tough sets, it was still fun to get to see our boy and his team play hard.


We cheered for Christian and we also cheered for his friends.


And of course, the best part of the weekend was getting to have our Arizona, Seattle and Michigan families there to cheer everyone on as well!


When you only get to see your family a few times a year, those times turn into precious capsules of memories.


And I have to say that all throughout our weekend,


Many precious memories were made.


Of course we did our best to get a whole family picture.  It would have been fun to get some outdoor shots, but single digit temps kept us inside for most of the weekend.


I’m so happy that Jeremy’s family were all able to come to Chicago to get together for the weekend.  When you represent four different states all spread out across the country, it’s kind of an amazing feat.


And we all gave huge credit to the Arizona family that braved the tournament with these two precious babies.


On the final day, Christian’s team made it to the first round of playing for Silver and our Arizona team played for Gold.  All in all, we were very proud of our boys and their teams and the heart that they played with.


After the tournament was over, we took an extra day to enjoy time with Jeremy’s parents as well as our Michigan family.  And though it was sad to have to say goodbye, it was also just an incredible blessing to have gotten to spend so much time with our family.


And that sums up our first volleyball tournament of the year.  We are looking forward to two more bid tournaments and many more opportunities to watch Christian and his team play.  All in all, it was a great weekend for volleyball and a great weekend to spend with our family as well.