About Me

Sure.  It’s taken me four years to add an “About Page” but better late than never, right?  That being said, I figured I should finally add a bit about myself, in case you’ve stumbled upon my blog and were wondering a bit about the person who write it.  Here goes.

First and foremost, I love Jesus and my faith is the most important part of who I am.  Granted, I am also a Pastor’s wife, but for me, that’s a mere description of who I am, not why I am.  I’m also a Children’s Ministry Director (very part time, hired on this past year) and a Professional Photographer (you can check you my photography website here: www.lauraherrphotography.com ).  My time is very much divided between church things, and photography things and family things.  So that is most of what you’ll see me write about on my blog.

Most importantly, I’m married to my very best friend and we have two incredible children.  We live in Eastern Long Island and we very much love the full and blessed lives that we are living.


As I mentioned before, my blog is part ministry, part work and part family.  I write to remember because goodness knows, life is going too fast and a blog is a great way to keep track of everything that is going on.  I also write because it’s therapeutic and it helps me process the many ups and downs that life brings.  I’ll be honest.  I usually avoid politics or hot topics which is probably odd for a blogger.  But I honestly don’t have time for the controversy and I mostly just want people to know me as someone who is imperfect, but trying very hard to love everyone and live this life amazingly well.


In conclusion, generally speaking, I love Hot Yoga, acai bowls and Essential Oils.  I try to exercise a lot because I like to eat mint chocolate chip ice-cream and other fun sorts of sweets.  I love to travel with my amazing husband and I adore our kids and the many fun things that they do.  I hope this blog offers some sort of encouragement to others and thank you kindly for stopping in and checking out this long overdue “About Me” page.

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