The Strangest Best Birthday

Today, was the strangest, best birthday I’ve ever had.  It started out late, because I think one of my coping mechanisms from this whole quarantine thing is to stay up really late (hence this post being written at 2am) so I can then sleep in really late.  However, when I did finally awaken to my 39th birthday, it started out pretty sweet.


This kid made me a delicious fruit and Nutella filled crepe.  And I do have to give a shoutout to our kids throughout this whole thing.  Overall, they’ve done pretty well.  Granted, we did just finish up week one, but thus far, they are learning a new balance and I’m really proud of them.


Since we are following pretty strict quarantine rules these days (set by our county and the governor), we stayed home for the most part, with the exception of a beautiful evening walk.



We even got to enjoy a little wildlife which you can see below if you look closely.


In some ways, life seems lonely with the whole social distancing, but at the same time, it’s also not and especially when it comes to family time.  And that is definitely a blessing in all of this.


The Bay was pretty beautiful tonight.  So was celebrating 39 years of life.


Shoutout to this sweet girl who made sure that her Dad got everything that her Mom loves for her birthday.  She’s truly growing to be such an incredible young woman and I love her so very much.


And shoutout to this man, whom I love so much.  He’s been so incredible this week, with our family and with the adjustments that we are all learning to make.  He truly made me feel so special today and I am so thankful for him.  In addition to some very sweet gifts, he cooked me a delicious steak dinner tonight and helped me feel very celebrated and very loved.


We finished our night playing cards as a family and then watching a movie and I believe to date that this was the strangest birthday I’ve ever had, but in so many ways it was also the best, because I’m thankful for this past year and am looking forward to another year full of blessings and challenges.  Thank you too for all of the birthday wishes, it was a fantastic day.


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