Break for Good

This past week has been strange, to say the least.  And personally, it’s brought an odd compilation of many negative feelings… worry, doubt, fear, sadness.  Like many of us, I’ve become a fan of hand sanitizer and have also wandered the busy store aisles marveling at the empty shelves and wondering where all the toilet paper has gone.

I’ve experienced disappointment at the cancellations of events and have also pre-stressed about the potential for the cancellations to come.  At this point I’m thinking it’s inevitable for our kids’ school to be cancelled which then brings worry about what in the world we’re going to do with, well, nothing to do.

And finally, I’m playing this game of trying to avoid the news (because it’s just endless talk about the same thing) but then scrolling through Facebook to then try to figure out what I’m missing because I refuse to watch the real news.  And to be honest, most of it is pretty bleak and dreary with a touch of panic and a lot of negativity.

And with all that being said, I have to remind myself, that no matter how much bad is going on in the world, there is always the choice to look for the good.  To focus on the good.  And to do good.  So today, I’m going to start by sharing as many good things as I can think with and they will accompany a few of our Breakaway 2020 pics.  Here goes.


1.  Breakaway 2020 was awesome.


2.  That being said, the nice thing with everything getting cancelled is more time to do things like share about our incredible weekend.


3.  Our theme for Breakway 2020 was Olympics which means that we had a pretty patriotic weekend that was filled with games that we made up like human curling.


4.  It turned out to be pretty awesome and it actually somewhat worked.


5.  These teens are also part of the good these days.  At Breakway, we gave them the option to start their day out with student led prayer for our weekend, which meant they had to be up before breakfast.  And to our surprise, all of them showed up.


6.  The good thing thing about starting to want to avoid being in stores is that nature is pretty awesome.



7.  So maybe we all take advantage of enjoying the great outdoors a little more these days.


8.  This family?  They are awesome and they are good and we loved seeing them over our weekend.  Zach was one of our former Youth Group students and he and his wife and their two babies came to Breakaway and it was just fantastic.


9.  So yes, while there seems to be endless videos of all of the crazy people in the world these days (I saw a video of a woman fighting with an elderly woman over toilet paper and it was disheartening to say the least), there are always good people doing good things.


10.  If you’re like me, and you’re afraid of schools getting cancelled, we can still look for ways to get our kids together.  At least that is going to be a goal for our family.  It helps them, and it helps us and it helps them help each other because life was never meant to be lived alone.




11.  We can just pick good things to choose to be thankful for.  I’ll be honest, this past week especially was pretty much thing to thing to thing and by the end, my mind was throbbing.  Maybe it will be good to settle down a bit.  To take a break.  And to realize that there really is great value in rest.


12.  We can choose to continue to worship and trust God.  For the record, Eastport Bible Church will be open tomorrow, 11am-12 noon.  My awesome husband will be preaching a great message of encouragement for these times and even if you aren’t comfortable with joining our service, you can always check it out online after Monday at our church website:


13.  Another good thing is to reach out to our family and friends during this time.  Chances are, we are all feeling the same things and sharing really is caring.  When you say things out loud, they seem to have a little less power and a little less hold on our hearts.


14.  Also, maybe we can all reach out to just help and love everyone.  I was relieved when I was able to get toilet paper (there seems to be stores that still have it that aren’t on everyone else’s radar).  But what about those who aren’t able to get needed things?  What if we all looked for others who might need help?  Then maybe suddenly, the negatives start to produce positives and the world really does become a better and not worse place.


15.  If this post was a little scattered, my apologies.  It’s always been my therapy to write and share my heart.  Life seems to be encouraging us all to take a bit of a break these days, so what if we choose to take a break for good.  To look for the good and to be the good that we and our world needs these days.  Thanks for checking in and love to you all!


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