Hangtime is for Us

If you have a child who is in Kindergarten through 6th Grade this year, then this post is for you.  Because on Wednesday, October 2nd from 3:30-5:30pm we are starting Hangtime, which is an after-school program that meets at Eastport Bible Church and we would love to have your child join us!

A quick overview of what we do at Hangtime would be that each week, we start off with  a snack and homework time.


Then we do a Bible lesson with the goal to encourage our students and teach them great things.



Afterwards, we have 45 minutes of workshops.  Our workshops are focused on fun physical activity, play and creativity.  Typical weekly workshops include sports and games, legos, cooking, crafts and art.


We love to encourage play and outdoor fun at Hangtime.


Kids in elementary school usually only have a few days of gym and very short recess times each day.  Our sports and games workshop gives them an additional 45 minutes of exercise and activity and year after year, they love it.


And we all know the appeal that technology has had with our kids.  On that note, Hangtime is a “Screen Free” program which means that kids are encouraged to take a two hour break from screens while they attend our program.  We’ve learned that many kids love doing simpler things like crafts or playing with Legos so we make sure to provide those opportunities each week as well.


Also at Hangtime we do all that we can to support strong and healthy kids.  We even offer a special workshop for 5th and 6th grade girls called Stronger where we encourage growth and strength and confidence for this challenging time of life.


Whereas I personally direct Hangtime and have a great team of Adult Leaders one of my other favorite things about Hangtime is that I also have an incredible team of Teen Helpers that come and participate each week.  Hangtime is a community effort.  We give the teens an opportunity to serve and for the past 5 years, they have done an incredible job helping out.


What is more important than loving and supporting our kids?  We all know that it’s a tough world that they are growing up in.  But programs like Hangtime are here to help.  Our goal is to provide a loving and safe environment that encourages strength and growth and confidence and each year, that is what we strive to provide.


So, who can come to Hangtime?  Anyone in elementary school!  We are open to all communities.  But the good news, if your child attends Eastport Elementary or Tuttle Avenue School is that we will pick up your child each week from their schools.  We have a great relationship with both of our local schools and they are wonderfully supportive of our program.  More good news, would be that our program is completely FREE.  There is no cost at all for your child to attend.  Occasionally we like to ask for food/snack donations since last year we fed about 75 kids and teens each week, but this of course is optional.


Hangtime is for you, but in many ways, Hangtime is also for US.  We have an incredible community that we live in and Hangtime is one way that our church strives to serve in our community.  Registration happening now and it’s quick and easy.  You can find all you need by going to our website and clicking the Hangtime link:


Hangtime starts October 2nd and we hope to see you there!


*My name is Laura Herr and I am the Hangtime Director.  If you have any questions, you can contact me at: lauraherr8@gmail.com.

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