6th Grade Graduation

Today was Ellee’s 6th Grade Graduation.  And it started out with our beautiful friend Jules who came over bright and early to do Ellee’s hair and get her ready for her day.


Afterwards, we walked over to the Elementary School and gathered with all of these amazing families to celebrate our 6th Graders.


We were so proud of our Ellee girl.


And I couldn’t help but think it really was just yesterday that we were here for her Kindergarten graduation.  That one seemed simple and sweet.


Whereas this one felt like her first big step away from childhood and into a whole new chapter of life.  In many ways, I know she’s ready, but I still just shake my head and wonder how she got there so quickly.


We were all so happy to be there to cheer her on.


And whereas we don’t have any immediate family that lives close enough to celebrate things like this, we did have a few awesome friends who are like family that were there for Ellee on her big day.


When we went to pick her up, we grabbed a few pictures with friends.


These two were girls that Ellee has known since preschool.


So of course, I’ll insert their preschool pics below, because I’m just feeling that nostalgic.




We also got a quick picture with Ellee’s amazing teachers.  I am so thankful over the years for those who have poured so beautifully into our daughter.


They truly have helped shape her life and we are FOREVER thankful for all they have done to love and help and support our girl.


Also, they humored me with an obligatory sibling shot.  I’m so thankful to know that she will have her older brother to look out for her next year at the Jr. Sr. High school.  They might have their moments, but overall, they are amazing together and I’m so thankful for the ways they are both learning and growing.


And while I could take time to share all about how sad it is to think that our kids are both done with elementary school, I won’t dwell on that for too long.  They both had some pretty awesome years at Eastport and for that I have the utmost heart of gratitude.  And to finish this up, all I’ll say is that you really do need to cherish every second because they do go, oh, so fast.


And then I’ll wrap this up with a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Ellee and the rest of the amazing 6th Graders who graduated today!  We know God has great things in store for you and we cannot wait to see the wonderful things you will all do.


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