If I could tell…

I was 22 years old when we got married.  And in many ways I thought I knew a lot but in all reality, I had no idea, the many struggles and the many joys that God and life would bring.  Since today is our 16th anniversary, I thought I’d make a little list of things I’d say if I could tell myself in these pictures a few good things about life.

If I could tell myself one thing, it would be that I definitely married the right one.  Oh sure, marriage would never be EASY, but there would be lots and lots of good in it.  Looking back, thought it seems like I married a teenager, haha, I really did married a godly and God-loving man who I’d get to learn and grow with in many ways.


I’d also tell myself to always treasure the people who have loved you well because you never know how much time you’ll have with them.  My Grandparents have both passed now, but wow, did they love me well.  They poured into me and my family and the legacy of life and love that they lived is something that lives on with us all.


I’d also tell myself it was worth it to pick the empire waisted dresses that would be flattering to my sister Leslie’s first pregnancy.  And then I’d laugh really hard because who would have thought back then that she’d go on to have ten kids?


I’d tell myself that the love for kids I had back then would continue on through 16 years of serving in ministry.  I’d say keep loving the kids because there are few things greater than loving them and teaching them about Jesus.


I’d also tell myself to treasure any and all time with family.  Considering ours is literally spread out all over the United States, we’d quickly learn how precious time together really is.


I’d also tell myself that it was stupid to try to share a tribute speech to my parents (I cried through the whole thing) but that really I could not have been more thankful to have the family that God gave me.  Through good times and bad, Dad said it best in that family really is forever.


If I could go back and tell myself things on my wedding day, I’d say “Laura, you have no idea how amazing the man that you are about to marry truly is.”  Yes, we have our moments.  But I really did marry my best friend.  Together we’d get to serve in ministry and love each other and have two beautiful babies.  We’d laugh and cry and learn together.  Somehow, we’d get to travel the world and see beautiful things and these would be the times that would continue to strengthen us and our marriage.


Also, I’d say fit and strong and healthy is always good, but so are cupcakes so just enjoy them when you get the chance.


I’d also say that being 22 and young is nice, but then being 38 and living life and having two amazing kids and a loving husband is even nicer.


Finally, if I could say anything to myself at 22 years old on my wedding day, I’d say life is going to be good in so many ways.  I’d say the best piece of advice I could give is to love God first and then let Him help you love your husband and kids and everyone and everything else would fall into place.

I’d also say, don’t worry, in 16 years you’ll fulfill your dream of owning a minivan and you’ll use it to drive your kids and their friends around and though it may seem weird to some, for you nothing could be better.


Today is our 16th Anniversary and praise Jesus for all that we’ve learned over these 16 years.  Sure, I’d like to go back and tell myself all sorts of things, but really they were things learned over time and I am so thankful for the amazing man I got to learn them with.  Happiest of anniversaries to my amazing husband and I hope we get many, many more years to keep learning and loving and growing together.

Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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