Tour of Flanders

I slept in today while my amazing husband biked 31 miles around Ghent.  And then, inspired by him and because I felt I should try to balance the fun foods I’ll eat this week, I jogged a slow 2.5 miles.


I don’t love running.  But it is a cheap and easy way to work out.  Well, easy in the sense that you can do it mostly anywhere.  And today’s anywhere, was pretty scenic.


After freshening up after our morning workouts we got into our rental car and drove out to Oudenaarde.  We were super hungry (to the point of hangry) on the way, but for some reason, in Belgium, most restaurants were closed with today being Sunday.  So we had to settle for McDonalds, though I must say European McDonalds are more fun.  For instance, I got a Happy Meal, that came with carrots, an ice cream cone, fries and Vegan Nuggets.  The Vegan Nuggets were weirdly good, and I couldn’t tell a huge difference despite the fact that they were actually made with dairy, seaweed and fiber, instead of good old fashioned chicken.


After getting food, we were back on the road till we ended up at our final destination, The Tour of Flanders, or in Dutch, the Ronde van Vlaanderen.  If you didn’t know, my amazing husband loves to ride and is a huge cycling fan.  We realized that two of the biggest one day races coincided with our trip so we planned to check both out and this was the first.


There were a lot of people at this race, and the atmosphere was incredibly fun.


There were some cool food booths at the race and of course we checked those out as well.  These were our first Belgian Frites and they were delicious.


Pardon the selfie with an unsuspecting random man who was behind us.  Also we got free hats and flags so we fit right in.


We got to get up close and personal at the finish line with Alberto Bettiol, an Italian who captured his first tournament win at this race.


The podium celebration was pretty memorable and I’m so glad we got to come an experience such a fun race.


On our way out, I got my first Belgian waffle…  and it wasn’t great.  So the search is on and in the next few days I’m making it my goal to eat a great one.


Also, I’m making it my goal to never eat boulet again.  As I mentioned before, most restaurants were closed today so by the time we made it back to Ghent, our options were limited.  We decided to try what I can only describe as Belgium’s version of fast food.  We had passed a lot of these smaller food shops that all had similar foods that you could purchase and then have them fried.  The one we went to didn’t have anything in English, so we were adventurous and just ordered.  Big mistake.  What I thought was bread turned out to be some weird sort of fried meat and it’s still churning around in my stomach as I type.  For the record, deep fried bread would have also been weird so it’s probably on me.


Thankfully we had a nice walk back and in total did about nine miles total today.  The streets are so beautiful at night and the weather has been mild enough that it’s prety enjoyable to stroll around.


And that sums up our Sunday!  Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to more adventures tomorrow and hopefully much better food.


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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