A Great, Great Grandma

My Grandparents were there from the beginning.  Literally, because they drove to the airport when I flew in as a baby from South Korea and they were the first people my little baby eyes saw right next to my sister and parents.  From that moment forward, they were always a comforting and constant part of our lives.  We would see them throughout the week, as well as most Sundays.


Growing up, we took most of our big family vacations with them.


And in the summers, we would travel “Up North” to go camping with my grandparents on their property at the lake.  My memories included Grandma making the best over easy eggs with perfectly runny yokes that were right in the center every time.


My Grandparents were there for my graduation as well as my wedding day.


(I probably should clarify, that these were my Mom’s parents)


And in a way, I probably took for granted that they were just always there for me, my sisters and our family.  We loved my grandparents so very much.


When I grew up and moved away, we’d always do our best to go back to Michigan to visit my family and every time we did, my Grandparents would be there.  It was always pretty special that our kids got to know their Great Grandparents and I know they loved them so very much.


My Grandpa passed away about five years ago.  And I remember being so very sad for my Grandma, because in many ways, they were a pair.  My Grandma had been married to her first husband for 35 years before he passed from a heart attack and then she was married to my Grandpa for 35 years as well.


Though it was a sad time, my Grandma continued to be a beautiful blessing to our family.  She loved her children and her grand children and her great (and great-great) grandchildren as well.


I love that she loved my Jeremy so much too.  She was always so proud of him being a pastor and would tell people how she heard his very first sermon.


Last summer, when we were in Michigan we had a nice visit with my Grandma.  She had turned 100 in May and we were so thankful for the time we got to spend with her.


My Dad called this morning to tell me that my Grandma passed away last night.  And to be honest, my first thought was of happiness, knowing that she was in heaven with Jesus (and my Grandpa and her first husband too).  My Grandma had a great love for the Lord and she passed that down to her children, who passed it down to their children, who also passed it down to their children and their children as well.  Being a Great, Great Grandma is something that not a lot of people get to do, but mine got to be one and she was the best.  Our family is very sad knowing that our time with her here is over, but we know with certainty that we will see her again.


Tonight, my heart and my prayers go out for my family, but especially for my Mom as she grieves the loss of her mom.  If you think of it and could be praying for her, it would be much appreciated.  Thank you friends.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

3 thoughts on “A Great, Great Grandma”

  1. My prayers are with your whole family. I know Elizabeth was sad to hear Grandma Johnson passed away but happy she got to see her last year at her 100th birthday party. She is at peace and with her Lord and Sabioyr.

  2. Our condolences to your and your family. Our prayers go out you all. How lucky you were to have your grandparents for as long as you did and especially for your children to get to know them as well. God bless.

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