Harrisburg 2019

Last weekend, we drove out to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the Boy’s Atlantic Northeastern Bid Tournament.  We are currently in the middle of our second year of Christian playing for Academy Volleyball and I have to say that it’s so much fun to watch our son and his team play the sport that they love.


We are so thankful because our family was able to stay with friends while we visited Harrisburg.  Zach Rosado was one of our youth group students and is now all grown up with a beautiful wife and the most wonderful baby girl.  We enjoyed hanging out with their family in between games as well as checking out their hometown of Harrisburg.  They were extra fun too because they came and watched a few of Christian’s games on Friday and we loved having them there.


A few things to note.  First off, congrats to our boys who started out the tournament strong.  They won all three of their matches on the first day and then two out of three on the second day.


Secondly, Christian loves volleyball and Academy is an excellent club to play for.  Their boys program is in it’s third year and we could not be happier with our experience.  Truth be told, having your child play any travel sport is an investment, but it’s one that has been well worth it for our family.


And thirdly, our son has gotten to expand his volleyball repertoire and it’s been really fun to watch.  Last year, he was the setter for the team, which meant that he mostly just set.  But this year, his team is running a 6-2 (which means they have two setters) so this means that Christian also gets to hit.  And he loves it.  And it’s fun to photograph.


Quick intermission for a picture of my amazing husband with Zach and Alexa Rosado’s adorable baby.


Back to the tournament.


Overall, Christian’s team did an incredible job and ended up placing 5th out of the 23 teams at the tournament.  They played in the Gold Bracket on the final day and ended up getting a bid to Nationals which was the main goal of the weekend.  We were so excited for them and so proud of how hard they worked for their bid.


My last shoutouts would go to our Ellee, who has always been awesome at supporting her brother at all of his sporting events.  And also to Christian’s coach whom we love and appreciate so much.


Photo credit to Ellee and I share this picture because I don’t actually have a ton of pictures with me and our kids.  Being a photographer but more so, a mom, I know the importance of it so am thankful for this one that we got at the end of the tournament.  I could not be more proud of this boy.  He’s growing to be the most wonderful young man, and we are so glad that he is ours.


And that sums up our weekend tournament in Harrisburg.  As I’ve shared before, I write these things so that I can remember, because if I’m being honest, life sure is moving by quickly these days.  But taking time to share a few words and pictures helps me to acknowledge.  To acknowledge the time and the many, many blessings of the weekend.  Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing this with me.


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