The Perks of Being

There are many perks of being a Youth Pastor’s wife, one being that sometimes you get to spend your weekends celebrating your amazing Youth Group students.


This past weekend’s festivities include watching our friend Joseph wrestle in his County Championships.


If I’m being honest, wrestling is absolutely crazy to me.  I cannot believe how precarious the positions are that a wrestler could find himself in.


And amazingly somehow they mostly come out of the matches unharmed.


Not only did our friend Joseph come out of his matches unharmed, he was victorious in the first one that we got to watch.


He ended up winning a second which placed him in position to get to wrestle in the championship.


In the end, he placed second in the County and we were so glad that we got to celebrate the culmination of his wrestling career.  While terrifying at times, it was pretty exciting to watch and we were so very proud of Joseph and getting to see his hard work pay off.


Then tonight, we got to go and celebrate this amazing girl at her Sweet Sixteen.  We’ve known Sara since she was in elementary school and it’s been a blessing to watch her grow into a wonderful young woman.


It was Ellee’s first party and she was a little nervous at first.  Thankfully, she had Ms. Esther to encourage her through the night and eventually she warmed up to it all.


One of our sweet youth group students dragged her out to the dance floor.  She’s not much of a dancer, but she did stay amused by watching everyone else, and especially her brother’s friends.


She also had fun with her very dear friend


Who also happened to be the sister of the girl we were there to celebrate.


And coming full circle, our wresting friend Joseph was also at the party celebrating Sara and her birthday as well.


Yes, there are many perks to being a Youth Pastor’s wife and this weekend highlighted a few of my favorites.  Getting to share not only life, but big life celebrations with our students is something that makes our jobs in ministry that much more special.  Congrats to Joseph on counties and to Sara on your Sweet Sixteen.  We love you both and are so proud of all that you’ve accomplished!


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