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In many, many ways, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.  And if you’re looking for great ways to celebrate Christmas, I’ve learned that Eastport Bible Church is a great place to be.  At our church and for our family, December means a wide variety of Christmas activities and parties and we enjoyed two of them this past Sunday.


The first event was a Christmas Cookie Exchange.  Which basically just means that for the price of baking a few dozen of your own cookies, you then get to go to a party and pick from a huge variety of other cookies to take home and enjoy.  There were tons of cookies to chose from and it really was the best kind of party you could imagine.




Our beautiful friend Susan Reiley hosted our party and in addition to the exchange of cookies, she also came up with some fun games for us all to play.


This one involved passing presents to the left or right and everyone ended up with something fun to take home.


A huge thank you to Susan and to all of the amazing friends that came out for our Cookie Exchange!  It was a delightful and delicious way to spend the afternoon.


Afterwards, we hosted a Christmas dinner for Living Room, which is the small group for teens that we have each Sunday night… in our living room of course.  We started off our night with a few games of “Left Center Right” which is an easy but super fun game we discovered recently.


We had asked our teens to bring dinner foods and they did not disappoint!  Jeremy roasted a few chickens on our Traeger grill and combined with the sides and desserts we had a nice feast.


Since our extended families live all over the United States, we never really have to configure big holiday meal set ups.  But we did for our teens and were able to somewhat comfortably seat all twenty of us around a nice long L shaped table.  And it made my heart so happy to be able to break bread with the students that we love so very much.


And that sums this past Sunday’s celebrations.  That being said, there are more to come this week!  Ellee will participate in Christmas Caroling Tuesday night with her Pioneer Girls Group (3rd-6th grades).  We’ll have a mini-Christmas celebration at Hangtime (K-6th) on Wednesday and the Stockade Boys (3rd-6th grades) will be Christmas caroling that night as well.  Thursday night will be our Youth Group (7th-12th) Christmas Party and then next Sunday our Young Adults Group will have their Christmas Party as well.

And if you are local, you should totally check out Eastport Bible Church’s Christmas Eve Candlelight Services which will take place next Monday night at both 7:00pm and 9:00pm.  It is my absolute favorite and one of the most beautiful services of the year!  All of this info and more can be found on our Church website:

If you are looking for wonderful ways to finish the Christmas season, we have lots of opportunities for you and your family and we would love to have you join us!


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