VBS Camp Day 2

Day Two of our VBS Kids Camp was about as amazing as Day One.


A few things to mention.  Every year we host a Change for Children drive and ask our VBS Kids Camp kids to bring in their change to help children in an orphanage in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  You could not believe how awesome the kids were today, with their ziplock bags of change.  It truly is a beautiful thing, to see kids helping kids.


Speaking of kids, we have an incredible team of teens that are helping this week with our VBS Kids.  We truly could not run our program without their help and they all are doing an outstanding job.



My personal favorite time of VBS is our song time.  The kids learn sign language that coordinates with the words of our songs and it is absolutely beautiful to see them worship this way.




The Skit continues to be a favorite as well.




And that’s a little peek at Day Two.  Stay tuned.  Tomorrow when I hang back at the church (I’m usually with the 5th and 6th Graders who go off campus to swim at the pools) I’ll get to share a little bit more of what goes on for our Pre-K through 4th Graders during our weeklong program.  Besides that, we could not be more happy at Eastport Bible Church than to be able to serve our community through our VBS Kids Camp program.  If you’re local, and have a child who finished Pre-K through 6th Grade of last year, it’s not too late!  We’d love to have them join us anytime throughout the rest of this week.  Registration is quick and easy and can be done at our church website under the VBS Kids Camp link:



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