EBCYG in the Summer

EBCYG in the Summer is amazing.  Because Summers mean we meet up at the church at 6:00pm and drive all together down to the beach to enjoy things like this.


We have some amazing leaders that join us.


And the goal of this group, which is geared for those going into 7th-12th grades this fall is mostly so we can do all that we can to love and support our amazing students.  Let’s be honest.  We all remember those tumultuous teen years.  They weren’t easy for us then, and they certainly aren’t easy for our teens now.  But I believe that being a part of a group that truly cares about them, makes a difference.



For the record, the one on the right technically isn’t quite old enough for Youth Group yet.  But she blends in pretty well with some of our incoming 7th graders and that is just plain crazy to me.


While we do quite a big of hanging out at the beach when we meet with our teens, we also do a little bit of teaching as well.


Our theme for the summer is a series called “Choices” and this would be where we are doing all that we can to encourage our students to consider all of the choices that they are making and to make their choices with as much wisdom possible.



And most nights, right before we leave the beach for our 8:30pm pickup, the sky looks something like this.  Which is always, always a bonus.


And some Wednesday nights, you check the forecast and it’s thunder-storming and gross out.  And on those nights, you gather in the somewhat cooler church basement for your lesson time.


And then you drive to Snowflake to get the very best ice cream on this end of the island.



Pardon the blurry picture…  It might seem like it’s an easy thing to bring 30 or so teens to get ice cream and also capture the evening in pictures while trying to eat your own delicious ice cream.  But in reality, sometimes it can be challenging, so you settle for slightly blurry pics to commemorate the evening.

Yes, Wednesday in the summer are pretty awesome, in good weather and in bad.  And for the record, we have four more of them scheduled throughout the end of the summer. All (going into)7th-12th grade students are welcome!  And our schedule is as below:

August 8th, 15th and 22nd- EBCYG at the Beach

and August 29th is our Summer Outing to Dave and Busters.


And for those of you with students that are 6th Grade going into 7th this fall, I have a special note for you.  First off, as someone who has been where you are in the past few years… you have my thoughts and prayers.  This is NOT an easy time of life for any student… but it still can be a good time of life.  Loving and supporting your Jr. Higher is of utmost importance… and secondly, it really helps to get them connected to a group (and especially one that loves and supports them as well).

On that note, during the week of August 6th-10th, we are holding our annual VBS Kids Camp at Eastport Bible Church.  We would love to extend a special invitation to those going into 7th this fall.  Jeremy (who has been the Youth Pastor at Eastpor Bible Church for 15 years) and I lead this group and it’s the best way for kids to get connected before the coming school year.


The camp runs from 9:00am-12:00noon each day and is for Pre-K through 6th Grade (again, those going into 7th).  While we do meet all together for our opening and closing, the middle time is special for the 6th graders because we take them off site to hang out and have some fun pool and game time.  Registration is quick and easy and can be found at www.eastportbiblechurch.com under the VBS Kids Camp link.  If you have a child entering Jr. High this fall we would absolutely love to have them join us!


In conclusion, EBCYG in the summer is pretty awesome and we would love for your teen to join us!  The teen years are not easy, but they are better when you have love and support from a Youth Group geared just for you.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to connect with me on Facebook or email me: lauraherr8@gmail.com.


Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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