Dear Jules

Dear Jules,

Today was your Graduation Party.  And while I gave you your gift, I didn’t give you a card.  I knew I’d want to write a hundred things in it, but ran out of time and knew it would be hard to find the space to share everything I wanted to say.  So bear with me friend, because I’m going to share it here.

When we first met you, over two years ago, I remember thinking you were a sweet girl, but wondering if we’d really see you all that much.  I didn’t know at the time, the struggles that you had gone through or that God had truly led you to our Youth Group that night so that He could begin to do a beautiful work in your life.


You kept coming around, which was awesome.  And then you joined us that year for Breakaway, where you truly met up with Jesus and let Him begin to transform your life.


You changed in the most wonderful ways over the years.  One thing that stood out to me, was your love and kindness for others.


People always loved being around you because you learned to let your light shine in the most wonderful ways.


In addition to being very active in our Youth Group and later our church, you became a very dear family friend to us.  You willingly helped me with our kids’ birthday parties.


And entertained us all when you joined Christian on stage the next year at Breakaway, rapping away in your Christmas pajamas.  Oh, the memories.


What I’ve loved and connected with most over these years, is your heart for children and for teaching them all about how much God loves them.


Jules, you are so incredibly gifted in this area.  You have a boldness that comes out when you speak for God and people from the youngest to the oldest are attentive and they listen.  I loved seeing your heart when you shared at Hangtime last year and loved hearing your heart when you preached in our church a few months ago.  Both times, people were so affected by the words you shared and I realized that you truly had a gift for teaching and leading.


Jules, we are so very thankful for you and so proud of all that you’ve accomplished.


It was so sweet to get to come and celebrate you today, with your family and your friends.


You have this beautiful way of making others feel so amazing and we all loved being there to celebrate you today.


We are thrilled that since you are pursuing your Associates at Suffolk that you will be around next year to join our Youth Group leadership team, working with these fine individuals.


Jeremy and I are so very thankful for you and for all that you’ve meant to our family.  Thank you for loving our kids and being such a great friend to them.  I’m excited for the year to come and for the ways that God will continue to work in your amazing life.


Many people think that Graduation is an ending, but I’ve learned that it’s actually just the beginning.  May you always love and trust God as He leads you into this next phase of life.  I pray that you would always know how gifted you are in serving Jesus and that you would always pursue His plans for your life.  As you’ve learned so beautifully in these past years, you truly can do all things through Christ who gives you strength and I believe that with His help, nothing will stop you.


I know this “card” isn’t conventional, but hope that you read it and know how important and how loved you are!

Happy Graduation Jules!

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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