Sort of Paradise

Looking back through my simple iPhone pictures from this past weekend, I’m convinced that we might life in some sort of paradise.  And I might be convinced, simply because it’s true.  If you’ve read my blog during past summers, you know that we have a glorious little aluminum boat that gets our family too and from the beach.


And when the weather is beautiful, and we have a free day, we always take it out.  Sometimes, we’ll hang out on the Bay side where the waters are calmer and the dunes make for fun runs.


This is where we happened to end up on Saturday.  Christian had a beach volleyball tournament out west, so it was just the three of us.  Ellee dug for clams with Jeremy and then convinced me that it would be fun to climb up and slide down the dunes and she was right, it was.


Then, on Sunday, to celebrate Jeremy, we ventured out in our little boat again, but this time ended up at the ocean.


Jeremy preached a great sermon for Father’s Day.  Before heading out, we picked him up his favorite slices from Michaelangelo’s and then got supplies for some beautiful Boars Head honey ham sandwiches along with some other fun treats.  For our family, there is nothing tastier than Boars Head cold cuts and no where better to eat them than the beach.


Probably out of tiredness, he napped a good portion of the afternoon.  In all reality, he’s been pulling double duty since November, serving both as Youth Pastor and Senior Pastor at our church.  He’s preached most every Sunday of these past eight months and while terribly proud of him, I also know it’s been a lot.  He pours his heart into his sermons as well as into his work with the teens and I am incredibly thankful for his hard labor and proud of all that he does.  So a nice nap here or there and especially one at the ocean is always well deserved in my mind.


Christian enjoyed a nice nap as well.  It’s hard to believe, but he’s finally finished with Jr. High.  He took his last exam today and is looking forward to the summer.  His schedule is filling with beach volleyball as well as various summer jobs and we are so proud of the balance he’s learning these days.

And while we all rested, this girl played.  She went and sat by the edge of the water and entertained herself with the sand and the waves and it was a pretty sweet sight to see.


And that about sums up our Father’s Day weekend.  I realize my blogging has taken a back seat to life lately but I know that it’s okay, because I’ve learned to just roll with the ebbs and flows.  This past month for me has been full of photography jobs (yay), get togethers with my mom friends, church events, Youth Group events, end of the year school events and everything in between.  I’m also so thankful to share that as of last week, we are finally welcoming a new pastor to Eastport Bible Church.  We had a weekend of final interviews with Kaleb Kember and I’m so happy that in a month or so, he, his wife Amber and their four beautiful children will be joining us on our glorious island to serve at Eastport Bible Church and in this amazing community.  This is a huge answer to our prayers and we could not be more thankful that God is bringing them here.


Because really, truly, we live in a beautiful sort of paradise.  It’s one that our family has come to know and love deeply.  I’m looking forward to many more boat and beach days as the summer is finally approaching.  One more week of school for Ellee and then we will be free to embrace our summer schedule and all of the wonderful things that it has in store.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you’re enjoying these glorious summer days as well!


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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