Mother’s Day 2018

I planned on becoming a mom in my mid 30s.  It was a good plan.  I would get my teaching degree and teach for awhile and then have kids after having my career.  I knew that I wanted to teach at a public school so I could be a light for Jesus to all of the kids I’d work with.  And while I’d always loved kids, the thought of having my own was daunting and I figured it would be best to give myself some time to prepare.

I learned early, that my plans, while nice, weren’t necessarily God’s plans and weren’t what would have been best for my life.  After we’d been married for about 7 months, I found out that you couldn’t necessarily believe everything that you read online, but that you could get pregnant even when you weren’t planning on it.  And so it took me just about a full 9 months to get used to the fact that life would turn out much differently than I had thought.

For the record, it all worked out beautifully.  I fell in love with Christian the second I heard his cry and the rest all just fell into place.


Quick shout out to the moms in this picture.  My mom has always been a solid rock for me.  She drove out the second she heard I was in labor and was there for me then and has been there for me since and I love her so much and am so glad that God planned for her to be my mom.  Also, my sisters both now have five and nine kids respectably, and I love them as well and they are the most amazing moms I know.


For me, being a mom has been the most incredibly blessing.  Granted, there have been lots of challenges and obstacles along the way, but I learned early and continue to learn that God’s plan and His timing is always best.


When our Ellee girl came along a nice planned two years later, I knew in my heart that our family was complete.


I consider it a great challenge and blessing to be the mom to these two incredible kids.


As a mom, my heart for my kids is simply this:  That they would most of all love Jesus and that secondly, they would love each other.  I’ve done my best to work towards these two goals ever since they were little.


Granted, I also want them to be kind and confident.


And to be willing to work hard for the things in life that they want.


And with God’s grace, we will continue to work towards all of those goals as we continue to raise the amazing kids that God has given us.  Coming full circle, I can truly say each year, more and more, that I’m so thankful for God’s plan when it came to his timing of me becoming a mother.  I adore our kids and the great things they do and consider being a wife and mom mostly the best things I do.  And just so you know, God doesn’t forget the desires He gives us, even when the plan looks differently.  I know this because every week, I get to pick up lots and lots of kids from the school next door for our church’s after school program and I get to be a light for Jesus in the most wonderful ways.


And that would be my best attempt to put together a few thoughts on this Mother’s Day.  Ours was a good one.  I was spoiled by my husband who cooked us up some beautiful steaks and seafood and showered with love and gifts from our 13 and 11 year old.  My favorite was the envelope of tickets from our daughter, to be cashed in for hugs, kisses and a few for “whatever you want.”  Those will come in handy, I’m sure.  And getting a card from our son telling me I’m the best woman he knows and thanking me for “looking out for his friends even they they can be annoying” warmed my heart just perfectly.


Happy Mother’s Day dear friends!  I know and love so many of you and have nothing but the best wishes for a wonderful day for you all!  Moms, thank you for all of the hard work you do and for the many ways that you love your families!

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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    > lauraherr8 posted: “I planned on becoming a mom in my mid 30s. It was a > good plan. I would get my teaching degree and teach for awhile and then > have kids after having my career. I knew that I wanted to teach at a > public school so I could be a light for Jesus to all of the” >

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