Dear Lauren

Dear Lauren,

I cried about 5 times today.  Granted, they were happy tears and thankfully, when I looked around and realized I wasn’t the only one with them, it didn’t seem so bad.  Lauren, we have so much love for you and were so happy to get to celebrate your beautiful wedding day.  And when I realized that I had a few things to share, I sat at my computer for a good hour or so, to find these hidden gems that I hope you enjoy.

Lauren, we met you 15 years ago when we moved out to Long Island to work at Eastport Bible Church.  We got to know you most when you joined our Youth Group when you were in Jr. High.


You were always surrounded by friends and you were always up for an adventure or two.


You always had such a beautiful smile and an even more kind and beautiful heart.


We loved you and your family so much.  You all had this quiet strength about you and a love that always reached out to look for ways to help others.


We had 6 awesome years of enjoying your presence at Youth Group.  And those days really do feel like they were just yesterday.  On a side note, Christian who was six in this picture, is now six feet tall.  Crazy, right?


Moving on…  Lauren, you’ve always just jumped feet first into whatever life has brought your way.


Your fun-loving spirit has always drawn others to your side.


But the thing that I’ve always admired most about you, has been your great love for God and His plan for your life.  Do you remember that day on this trip, when we sat by a wall drinking frappes and talked about dating and trusting God with your future?  Well today, I had the chance to witness the incredible plan that God had laid in place for you, which He knew even all those years ago.


Lauren, as I watched you exchange your vows with your amazing husband Ethan, I prayed that the two of you would always put God first.


And when I watched you all throughout your beautiful wedding day, I knew that knowing you and being a part of your life was a true blessing that God gave to me.


Dear Lauren, I pray that throughout your marriage, you will keep loving and serving Jesus.  You have a rich foundation that has been built up for years and we know that God has great things in store for you and Ethan.  The tears that I cried today might have come knowing the challenges and hardships that you’ve endured over the past years but they also came with so much love and hope for you and Ethan and the future God has planned.  Thank you so much for the incredible way that you’ve lived your life and we have only beautiful wishes and prayers for you as you enter this wonderful and beautiful new phase of life.  We love you so very much.


*Just one little iPhone shot of one of the moments that made me cry today.  I know that our dear friend John would have been so proud to see the ways that his beautiful family came together so strong and so brave today.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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