Home for Good

So our friend Michael Einfeldt, is home for good.  And last week, after our fourth Nor’easter cleared, we drove for about all of three minutes to go and visit him.

A few things about that.  When Michael was in the ICU in Stony Brook Hospital just over two years ago, we drove about 35 minutes one way to visit him.  We drove that a lot in those first three months.  After that, it was about a 45 minute drive up to his first rehab and then this past year, it was a 40 minute drive to his last one.  So you can imagine how delightful it is for his family and friends to finally have him home for good.

And secondly, I remember so many times in the past few years talking to Michael about how good it would be for him to be home.  Nearly every time he would respond to the words “home” in one way or another.  And getting to see him at home and know he’s home for good, has been such a beautiful thing.  Jeremy and I both have seen how much more comfortable and relaxed he is and for that we are so thankful.


Michael’s parents built him out a big beautiful room addition to their home.  It’s easily accessible for the nurses and aids and therapists who will be coming to his home to work with him.  We got to meet his new fish who lives in the tank by his bed and it was fun to see how much his new room reflects his life and passions in so many ways.


While we visited, we got to spend some quality time with Michael, his parents and sister Sarah and his dog Cody.  As I’m typing this, I’ve realized, I’m not sure if they spell it with a C or K, so I’ll just have to leave it for now until I find out.


Cody, or Kody is always a bonus when you visit Michael at home because he’s the best at just making you feel like he truly loves having you there.  Granted, you have to be willing to give him lots of head pats but really, it’s a small price to pay for the love he gives right back to you.


While admiring Michael’s new set up, Sally pointed out this angel that was given to them by a teacher at the High School.  She had found it and it had reminded her of Michael since he was a percussion player in high school.  It’s amazing, the amount of people who know and love Michael.  Often times, I think it’s so beautiful how God brings people together in these ways.  And of course, in addition to the cool Iceland boat that Sarah brought from her last trip, I also loved the Easter Egg with Jesus’ resurrection from the tomb.  Easter week for me, is always one full of joys and sorrows completed with hope and promises fulfilled.  In situations like Michael’s where often times, life seems hard and full of struggles, it’s always good to be reminded of hope.


To add an update to how Michael’s been doing since he’s been home, overall Sally’s shared he’s been great.  He wakes up happy and has been smiling more and moving more as well.  He showed off a bit while we were there, moving his head and his arms well.  As soon as they can get everything in place, the goal is for him to receive therapy at home and possibly at a TBI facility as well.  Sally shared that they were going to work on getting him a stander for home (a piece of equipment that will allow him to stand and build strength) and that she was excited for him to get into a new routine with therapies that would help him to gain more.

Overall it was a great visit.  Overall, I’m so reminded that God has been so faithful in Michael’s journey.  He is home and surrounded by a loving and caring family.  He will continue to have people come along side and support and help him to build strength in recovery.  As always, there are so many things to be thankful for as is true with any difficult journey.  Thank you for your continued prayers and thank you especially for praying Michael home to be with his family.

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One thought on “Home for Good”

  1. This is awesome news, Laura!! Please let me know if i can help with the stander, it is my area of expertise!!! Like, i always tell my teachers if they don’t know how to use a stander before i joined their team, they will now. I have more knowledge than most people should have about standing, standers and getting them funded/ordered

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