Michael Einfeldt, Desired Haven

Two years ago, we were faced with heartbreaking news and I wrote this POST asking for prayers for our friend Michael Einfeldt who had been in a horrible car accident.  I spent some time tonight rereading the details of those first days when things were so uncertain and the struggles hard to bear.


Michael would spend 3 months up in the ICU at Stony Brook Hospital, enduring many procedures and surgeries which would eventually help stabilize him to prepare him for the next step.


In the year to follow, he would move up to live at a Rehab with a wing that specialized in Traumatic Brain Injury.  He’d go on to experience a few other rehabs before settling in one on Long Island.


The students in our Youth Group were greatly affected by Michael’s accident.  But they were faithful in their love for their friend and would do all they could to continue to love and support him in many ways.


Michael’s family were constantly by his side in those early days, and this was something that would continue throughout the next two years after his accident.



There is something to be said, for a family that lives out such an incredible love.


Michael has been so blessed in the area of family and that is something that has remained so beautiful to this day.


The other day, our son asked about how Michael was doing.  He also asked why something so bad would happen to someone who did so much good.  And to be honest, I didn’t know the answer to that question.  There are lots of questions that I’ve asked in the years since Michael’s accident.  And many questions have remained unanswered.  But I do also know that none of us know how our lives will turn out.  And I do know that for me, that is encouragement to spend my days doing as much good as I can for as many people as I can.  Because that is a life not wasted.  Michael worked hard and lived out an incredible life and I believe that is why we’ve all been so touched by his story.


It’s hard to imagine that it’s been two years.  Just under two years ago, Michael was in our living room, for Living Room (which is our Sunday night teen small group).  Tonight, we met up again, for the same group (though different faces were there).


And at the end of the month, we’ll take another amazing group of teens to Breakaway, which is another place that we had great memories with Michael when he was in our youth group.  And I suppose that these things remind me that through the worst of tragedies, life eventually continues on.


And I write all this to say that life has continued on for Michael.  And good changes are on the horizon.  Michael’s family is currently working on bringing him home for good.  He’ll eventually live at home in his beautifully renovated room where he’ll be able to be with his family while continuing to receive the support and care that he needs.  He’s thankfully been stable and it’s our prayer that he will stay that way so that he can come home to Eastport very soon.

I shared this verse in one of the posts I wrote a few years ago as Michael was going through some tough times.  The beginning shares how “They cried out to the LORD in their trouble and he brought them out of their distress.”  It seems like there was a lot of crying out to the LORD in those earlier days.  But tonight, different words stuck out to me.  I love how it says, that “They were glad when it grew calm, and He guided them to their desired haven.”  Two years later and I know that Michael’s desired haven, is home and we pray that that is where God will bring him to be with his amazing family.


If you are reading this and you have followed Michael’s Journey since his 2016 accident, thank you.  Thank you for your thoughts and for your prayers.  Thank you for the love and support that you have poured out for this amazing young man and his family.  And if you are willing, in honor of Michael’s two year anniversary, I’d love to ask you for a favor.  Either in the comments here or through Facebook, Would you share two things?  First, who you are and how you know Michael and second, either one way that Michael’s journey has touched your life or just some words of encouragement for him.  I would love to make a compilation to put together to share with the Einfeldts and your help in this would be greatly appreciated.

Please, if you are willing, take time to share.  I know it would be a great encouragement and one way that you could help to bring goodness and beauty into the lives of Michael’s family.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

13 thoughts on “Michael Einfeldt, Desired Haven”

  1. I know Laura because her mom was a wonderful babysitter for my grandbabies many, many years ago and my three grandkids grew up loving the Perry sisters. Michael’s accident happened on my husband’s birthday so I will always remember that day. I have prayed for Michael and his family every day since. This families Faith is such an inspiration as well as Michael’s devoted friends. In this world where there is so much hate and fear, their love of Michael is refreshing. My prayers continue.

  2. I never had the good fortune to meet Michael but Sally was a very good friend of mine when we were in our 20’s . She was always so kind and gentile and loved to laugh. Although many years had passed we reconnected thru Facebook and as luck would have it, her parents retired to the same Florida town that I live in. We were able to visit and reconnect with each other and her wonderful husband Mike. It turns out that they were visiting my town for many years but I didn’t know it.
    When I saw the first post about Michaels accident and asking for prayers , I couldn’t believe how this happened ! Shock and sadness for someone so young ( I have 3 sons) and just couldn’t imagine how this could happen .
    I hadn’t visited God for many years. To be honest, more years then I care to admit but when prayers were asked for I got down to it! I have prayed everyday for Michael and Sally and her family and I have had a closer relationship with God everyday since the accident… Michaelsvaccidentvhasvallowed me to appreciate life and build a strong relationship with God that will take me thru the rest of my life.

  3. Even though I never met Michael I followed his story I lost many years ago a beloved brother due to a brain injury and am the survior of a brain tumor. The strength, love and support given to Michael and his dear family who lived through this time are glorious and well deserved. I hope he continues on his tough journey. I keep in touch with the area as I once lived and went to high school there. What wonder I have seen as a observer keep up the hard work.
    Karyn A Giblin

  4. I know of Michael through Lisa Anderson who was our speech therapist where I work. I have shared Michael’s story with my family and friends and started a prayerline right after I’d heard of his accident here on Long Island. The prayerline started out in Ohio and moved from there onward. My prayers continue for Michael and his family.

  5. I too never met Michael, knew of him through my granddaughter who was in the Youth Group with Michael and thought of him as a friend even though he was a few years older. She has since moved to NC and I have moved from PA to NC. Something about Michael and his family has really touched me, maybe it’s the faith and love they show in so many ways in spite of the difficult journey they are experiencing. They are an inspiration to all. The only thing I can do for the Einfeldts is pray for them and pray that God keeps them in his loving care. I keep trusting in the Lord .

  6. I don’t know Michael or his family.Since I learned of his accident, I have been keeping up with his journey through a dear friend of mine. at this time my 19 month old nephews Daddy is in Stony Brook with a TBI from January 13, 2017, Michaels journey has given me hope, I pray for Michael and Walter every day.
    I feel happy to know that Michael will be returning home, after all he has been through these past two years. Also, I pray for his parents and family.

  7. My High School friend from years gone by has been sharing Micheal’s journey since the beginning, and asking often for prayer , I kept noticing the updates on his situation, and was compelled to pray for Micheal and appreciated all the continuing updates on his condition . I am very impressed and inspired by the perseverance and hope and determination that he and his family and friends have demonstrated . Modern medicine accompanied by prayer and support and personal determination can have miraculous effects and this seems to be an example of just that. Great to hear he will be returning home soon.

  8. Met Michael while helping with Vacation Bible School. Knew from the minute I met him that he was a special kid. Being a EMT, I heard the urgent call and quick response of medical persons and police to the scene of Michaels accident scene. From that moment on I NEVER-STOPPED PRAYING FOR MICHAEL. 🙏🏻 Michael touched so many lives from those two Policemen that were first on the scene to a Community that has always stood with the Einfeldt family. The day Michael comes home to Eastport will be a joyous day for the whole Community for sure.❤️

  9. We are blessed to be related to the Einfeldts. Sally is my husbands cousin. They are the most genuine, loving, selfless family.. Michael is one of the most gentle souls I have ever met.. His smile is contagious and his love of life is something we all should have.. we pray everyday for Michaels healing and strength for the family as they are by his side loving him.. love you all ❤️

  10. I have not personally met Michael but have followed his journey because I am a friend of Christine from VA. The love that has encircled him and his family has truly been a testament of God’s unfailing love for us all. I feel as if I know Michael by the amazing testimony that has unfolded through Laura’s blogs. I thank God that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. Great is Thy Faithfulness!

  11. My name is Hope Novak. I attended First Baptist of Patchogue until the Lord moved my husband and I and our children to Florida a little over a year ago.
    I have never had the pleasure of meeting Michael or his family but I was brought to my knees to pray when we at the church heard what had happened. FBCP spent much time in prayer for him and the family as well as the youth affected by this.
    As a mother of teens and a youth leader, Michael’s accident is a reminder of what we fear. That fear of getting that call and life will never be as it was.
    In our youth group and in my home, this tragedy opened communication to discuss what-ifs, whys, what next, etc.
    As adults it caused us to face that fear and relinquish control to the Lord. As followers, we trust Him and know that even in the most crushing circumstances, He is there. He has allowed it and He has reason. There are still beautiful moments and blessings. And Hope! Continuing to pray! God bless Michael and those who love him!

  12. Michael’s story was shared on a FB through a friend. I do not know Michael or his family, however do know the power of prayer. My son was in a catastrophic car accident five years ago and our family went through something similar. My son was now paralyzed and our family went through some of the same emotions of the ups and downs and having to do construction at our house to be able to bring him home. Our blog helped us and know so many people were praying for my sons recovery. I have shared Michael’s story on my FB page and pray every night for Michael’s healing and for strength for his family. Although, none of us know why these things happen I do believe that our Mighty Father’s vision is always in the forefront taking care of all of us. The outpouring of love and faith for the Einfeldt family has been so inspiring. I continue to pray for strength and healing for Michael and his family.

  13. I was one of the people that stopped to help Michael that morning… I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Michael or his family but since that day I’ve followed up with this blog and have read about his miraculous strides to recovery. Michael has taught me so many things that are so hard to sum up into words. Strive, fight, compassion, and more…

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