Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas Friends and Family!  Today is most certainly one of my favorite days of the year because most always it’s a cozy day at home with the ones I love the most.  We even upped our cozy game this year when Jeremy kicked off our morning by turning on the fire (channel).


We’ve trained our kids over the years to appreciate the value of sleeping in for Christmas morning.  We got things rolling around 9:45ish with stocking presents, which were always my favorite as a child and have become our kids’ favorites as well.


I wrap all the stocking presents because there is something so fun about unwrapping tiny little things that you never realized you needed till that very moment.  Our kids enjoyed unwrapping their stockings full of yummy and practical things.


On a side note, our thirteen year old is nearly the height of his 6 foot tall father.  It’s a crazy wonder, that’s for sure.


After stocking presents, Jeremy read the Christmas Story from Luke 2.  It’s the center of why we celebrate and reading it together has always been our family tradition.


We enjoyed some Cinnamon Rolls for (late) breakfast and then got going on our family presents.  Our thirteen year old got this for me, and it made my heart quite happy.  I’ve always been a fan of Nutcrackers and it will be fun to create this one together.

I must have been somewhat good this year, because my family spoiled me with all sorts of fun gifts including many fun treasures from Costco.  My suggestion for presents this year was for them to get me all the things that I’d never get for myself from that wonderful store and they definitely delivered.  I got a beautiful case of San Pellegrino (which always reminds me of our European trips), Belgium chocolates, a cozy blanket and slippers.  Jeremy got me an Echo and an organizer for my desk as well (which was quite needed).


Our kids got lots of fun gifts from our extended family.  Granted, we’d love to be with them all on Christmas if we could teleport ourselves to Michigan, Seattle or Arizona.  But since we can’t, we appreciate their love and getting to talk/Skype with them as well.


(God bless her and her continued love for playing with cardboard boxes on Christmas).


This guy must have been pretty good as well.  His favorite gift was a voucher from his wife with her pledged support (as well as a little extra $$$) for him to acquire another bike this coming year.  It’s funny, what you appreciate most as you get older.  In addition, he got a sweet vest (pictured, lol), Seahawks blanket, and other fun gifts.  And because he was extra awesome, he also got a Tuft and Needle mattress.  It’s one of those box mattresses so we’re hoping it will be a good fit since we’ve been needing a new one.


Christian reached the age of Christmas where he mostly got a ton of new clothes.  He did get most excited about this soldering kit (thanks tech class) as well as a new game for his PS4.  We also added travel volleyball and his new mountain bike under the Christmas umbrella this year so overall he did pretty well.


Thankfully this girl still had a few fun toys under the tree.  Granted some were silly but a part of me was just happy that she still got excited about them so it all evened out.  She loved her Justice chandelier (which already has parts missing… Justice and I do not seem to mesh lately), new clothes, and Orbeez super Chef set.  She was most excited to get a Chromebook and we were mostly hoping it would help her with her school work and to stay in touch with family (she’s mastering the art of sending out emails so if you got one, consider yourself loved).


And that about sums up our Christmas.  We spent the rest of the day eating fun food and enjoying each other and our new gifts.  We are so thankful for the many ways that God provided for and richly blessed our family this year.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


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