Thrill of Hope

It was the most unlikely of nights for a visit.  I spent the afternoon at Hangtime with 90 amazing leaders, helpers and students.  We’re in our last week before our big Children’s Christmas Celebration, so that in itself was a very busy few hours.  Right after, we had a houseful of teens who had come to hang out for an hour or so.  And then I drove Christian and a friend to volleyball for their 8-10pm practice.  I figured I’d go and grab something to eat since dinner consisted of a few taquitos that I quickly ate before running out the door.

But sitting in the parking lot I suddenly had the thought to Google map how far Michael’s rehab was.  And when I realized it was only 25 minutes away and I had time to wait, I figured it might be good to fit a visit in.  Since we were away on vacation and then I came home with a cold, it hadn’t really worked out to go up until that moment.  So I checked in with Sally to make sure it would be okay and then drove over to visit Michael at his rehab.


The last time I saw Michael, he was in the hospital and that was quite awhile ago.  Life’s been busy, to say the least making it hard to get out to see him.  So walking into his room, I was a little nervous.  But right away the nicest nurse greeted me and Michael was there, and wide awake.  When I greeted him, he gave me two good blinks and I spent the next few minutes catching Michael up on all sorts of life things.  He seemed most into hearing about his friends, as usual.  And he made some good sounds when we talked about him getting to come home soon (Sally is hoping by the end of this month even).

He rested a bit during our visit.  And that was okay.  And when it was over, I was thankful to have gotten to spend this time with our dear friend.  And then something beautiful happened that reminded me that God is always working in the lives of Michael’s family.  Before I left, I called Sally and was able to talk to her for a bit.  And before we ended our conversation she shared how thankful she was that I was able to be there that night.  She and Sarah had been there earlier, and usually Mike would have gone up that evening, but he hadn’t been able to be there.  So was worried about Michael being alone this night and she shared about how glad she was that it had worked out for me to visit him.


And I don’t share that to say I’m so great for going.  But I do believe that even after a long evening, God worked it out that Michael would have someone to be there with him.  Because He truly does work good things into the lives of those who love Him.


As I’ve shared before, this entire journey has been one of joys and sorrows.  Anytime someone you love is going through difficulties this is going to be how it is.  But tonight, and as Michael approaches his two year anniversary since his accident, I’m reminded that even in the weariness of the journey, there is goodness and there is hope and we have these things because of God and his great love for us.

I’m praying that if it’s the right thing, Michael will be able to be home for or just after Christmas this year.  Sally shared that the house is getting very close.  When I was visiting Michael, I got to see the new wheelchair that will eventually accompany him home.  And so I just ask for continued prayers and even specific prayers for Michael that he would stay healthy enough to be able to come home to Eastport to be with his family and friends this year.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers for our amazing friend Michael Einfeldt and for his family this Christmas.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

One thought on “Thrill of Hope”

  1. I’m so thankful to hear good news about Michaels condition and understanding. God bless him and his family. It has been such a long haul and I think of him so often hoping and praying he continues to improve. My heart goes out to him and his family.

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