A Walk to Remember

So song titles for my blog posts have become movie titles, but that’s because it was just too fitting.  After another mega ride for Jeremy we decided that Lucca would be our city of choice today.  We had read about it’s walls and it’s many churches and it seemed like it was somewhere we wanted to be.


We entered through the wall to find the most beautiful fall foliage.  Seriously, Italy gets an A+ when it comes to fall and somehow we arrived to see it in its prime.


Lucca turned out to be a little different than what we expected.  Sure, there were lovely streets to wander and many beautiful churches.  There was also what Jeremy called the equivalent of Savers in the main square where we entered.  I liked to think of it as an antique hunters paradise.  Thankfully I knew we were limited for luggage space or I totally would have come home with an antique desk and many other super old things that I didn’t need.


After wandering the streets for awhile, we finally decided to climb the city’s wall and were pretty delighted with the scene that greeted us.  It was like having Central Park all around your city, as opposed to being in the middle of it.


We walked around a good portion of the city, taking in nature and trying not to be distracted by the fact that for all of Lucca’s abundance of churches and parks and museums, they were pretty sparse on their public restrooms.  We found exactly zero and ended up buying a gelato to gain access to what we needed.


After our city wall walk, we came back down to enjoy the city a bit more.  Having realized we had plenty of time, we decided to go back to the train and pick another destination to enjoy for the day.


Before leaving Lucca, we filled up on some brick oven pizza and these delicious treats that tasted like Milano cookies.


After a thirty some minute train ride, we ended up in our next destination, Pisa.


This was our first time visiting this glorious city, and I have to say that it was quite beautifully.


It boasted many beautiful buildings and this glorious statue of a man who for some reason was partially standing on a dolphin head.  Google later would tell me that it was actually the statue of Cosimo I and that the whole dolphin thing represented his dominion over the seas.  So there you go.


Moving on, we walked quite a bit through Pisa until we found our desired location of the day.  These fun people can give you a hint to where we wandered.


Our destination of course, was the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Which doesn’t look super leaning in this picture.  We didn’t take the traditional picture of ourselves holding up the tower, but did enjoy watching plenty of others doing just that.


For the record, I never knew that there was a glorious church right by the tower.  We enjoyed walking in and it was quite stunning to say the least.


At some point I’ll do a little research to learn more about this fascinating tipping tower, but for now, will just say that besides it’s main flaw, it was quite beautiful.


As was our walk back enjoying the waters around Pisa.


I will say that I’m doing my best to have incredible gratitude for this vacation that we are on.  I’m a huge fan of traveling and there really are just so many wonderful things to see in this great world that we live in.  Thus far, we’ve enjoyed our journeys thoroughly and have been making memories that will last for years to come.


Life is not always as easy as it’s been strolling the beautiful streets of Italy.  But I’ve learned that there is always beauty and thanks to God’s role in our lives, there is always goodness as well.  And it’s our choice every day to decide what we will choose to keep our eyes and hearts focused on.  Since it’s 11:20pm here, I’d better be heading off to bed.  Arrivederci for now!


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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  1. Beautiful pictures (as always),,hope you are having a wonderful time! You are missing a very blustery day here!

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