Her 11th Birthday Party

We’ve been preparing for weeks because she loves a good themed birthday party.  And if I’m being honest, I do as well.


She picked Paris for her theme.  Because she’s turning 11 and who wouldn’t love a Paris party?  We found fun decorations at Justice (and streamers at the Dollar Store…  By the way, everyone should buy streamers there since they are only a dollar and they always have a great selection of colors) and everything else just pretty much fell into place.  She invited quite a few girls this year.  Partly because she has grown a great group of friends over the years and partly because of my mom guilt since we will be away for her actual birthday which is this Sunday.  So we managed to figure out seating for 16 girls and even though it was a little crowded it was mostly just close knit fun.

The girls ate veggies (we got a great tray from Costco and I thought I’d at least try to offer a healthy option) and croissants.  They also enjoyed fresh made Crepes and mini macaroons.


Afterwards, they made beautiful bracelets with mini Eiffel Tower charms and a gorgeous assortment of beads from Island Bead & Jewelry.


Then we did a raffle and a fun mixer game (to get the girls interacting) and after that we enjoyed vanilla cupcakes with Nana’s French Silk Frosting (Jeremy’s parents are here for a few weeks and Nana is wonderfully clever in the kitchen).


Also, this guy was a pretty awesome party helper.  He made Shirley Temples for all of the girls and was there to serenade his daughter with “Happy Birthday” in his best and most proud voice.  I love him.


And this girl?  She was in all of her birthday glory.  I’m pretty sure it lived up to all that she had hoped and dreamed it would be.


We wrapped up the party with French Manicures for those who wanted them.  Thanks to our friends Jules and Danielle everyone’s manicures turned out great.


And while from this picture it may look like this guy was just hanging out the whole time doing nothing, it should be noted that he spent over an hour working hard and creating made to order Crepes for every one of Ellee’s friends.  His Nutella, Banana, and Strawberry with Fresh Whipped Creme was the hit of the party.


All in all, I would say that our Ellee’s 11th Birthday party was a great success.  As I mentioned before, he actual birthday is this coming Sunday, but we were all very happy to get to celebrate her today with many of her wonderful friends.  She’s growing into such an incredible young lady and we cannot wait to see the great things that God has for her in her soon to be 11th year of life.


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