Hangtime in Full Swing

So I’m pleased to announce that Hangtime, our community after school program for K-6th, is in full swing.  With our first two weeks completed, we could not be happier!  We have an absolutely amazing staff of adult Leaders and teen Helpers who have committed to meeting with our incredible Hangtime kids every Wednesday from 3:30-5:30pm.  And so far this year, our program is averaging 50 amazing kids, many from Eastport Elementary and Tuttle Avenue School.


We follow a schedule each week at Hangtime.  The beginning is dedicated to giving the kids a snack and then helping them with their homework.  As a parent, this is the best part, right?  I tell the kids each week that it’s much more fun to do their homework at Hangtime because they get to do it with our leaders and their friends.


The second part of Hangtime is solely dedicated to technology and screen free play.  As a parent in this day and age, I realize what a challenge it is to show our kids that they can be entertained by things other than tablets or phones.  So at Hangtime, we give the kids a full 45 minutes of workshops that are designed to give them the freedom to work with their hands and to use their imaginations as well.


Each week we offer a Lego workshop which is a huge hit with the kids.  They really do enjoy building and creating with friends.


We also have a Craft Workshop.


Again, the goal is to let the kids be creative and have fun while doing making projects and creating memories.


Downstairs in our kitchen, we have our Cooking Workshop.  Last week the kids made “Walking Tacos” and they smelled absolutely amazing!  Watching them all enjoy what they cooked, I think it’s safe to say that they tasted amazing as well.


Probably our most popular workshop would be our Sports and Games Workshop.  I absolutely love that the kids get to run around and play all sorts of fun games for this one.


When the weather is nice we’re outdoors, but when we aren’t, you’ll find us here and the kids all love it.


We always wrap up our day with a Bible lesson and small groups.  Our theme for the year is “Let Your Light Shine,” and the goal is to teach each child that they are fully equipped to do great things for Jesus and to shine like the stars that they are.


So that about sums it up.  Oh, and we are a free program, which is kind of rare these days.  We will happily hang out with your kids every Wednesday for two hours after school (again from 330-5:30pm) and we hope that your awesome kids can join us!

Registration is online and it’s quick and easy.  You can find it by clicking this LINK.  Our program is open to all kids in Kindergarten through 6th Grade.  We pick up from both Eastport Elementary and Tuttle Avenue School (you just have to let the schools know that your child is a part of Hangtime by writing in a letter), but children from other schools are always welcome as well.  If you have any questions, my name is Laura Herr and I’m the Hangtime Director.  I can be reached for questions by emailing, lauraherr8@gmail.com.

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