Afternoon at the Aquarium

It’s Columbus Day or Thanksgiving if you’re Canadian so our kids enjoyed the day off from school.   In spite of a dreary and rainy day, we ended up enjoying a fun afternoon at the Long Island Aquarium.  Now, if I’m being honest, the Aquarium is a little pricey (tickets for a family of four are just over $100).  But thanks to Jeremy not loving the aquarium (so he didn’t go) and our dear friend who was able to get us discounted tickets and me randomly finding a free kids ticket in my desk, we decided that paying $20 for the three of us to go was definitely worth it.

When we arrived we first checked out the butterflies and the birds.



I personally think that nature is incredibly awesome.  God designed some pretty amazing creatures and it was fun to get to check them out up close.


Afterwards, we walked around to check out the other fun fish of the aquarium.


Whereas I might complain about the price of admission, if it weren’t for Aquariums, we’d never get to see all of the amazing fish that swim around in our beautiful oceans.


And because our Aquarium is extra fun, they also have quite the variety of non water animals to enjoy as well.


We spent a good hour or so hanging out at the Unearthing Atlantis exhibit.  Partly because it was cool and Ellee loved sifting through a bag of dirt for gems, but mostly because it was where our friend Jules was working for part of her afternoon.


It brought back good memories of when our kids were little and we brought them to the Aquarium.  They loved playing in the dirt and looking for shark’s teeth and fossils.  It must have been fun because somehow I was able to convince Christian to check it out again.  Granted, he was in there for all of ten seconds, but since it was long enough for me to get a picture and some nostalgia, it was totally worth it.


All in all, we had a great afternoon with our great friends.


We were super thankful for Jules and loved getting to see her hard at work at her job.


And in the end, it was fun to make memories with our kids.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll be back to our normal schedule but for today, it was nice to take a break and enjoy some of God’s incredible underwater creations.  Happy Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving to you all!


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