Our First Day of Hangtime

I didn’t realize how much I missed their sweet little faces until I saw them all again this afternoon when we had our first day of Hangtime.


There were 54 of them to be exact.  And I think they were pretty happy to be back at Hangtime as well.


If you were wondering, Hangtime is a community after school program that we run at Eastport Bible Church.  We have the huge benefit of being located right next to two wonderful schools, so every Wednesday, we pick up from both and run a two hour program for the most wonderful kids.  We give them a snack and help them with their homework.  Then they get 45 minutes of play during our workshop time.  We wrap up our afternoon with a Bible lesson and then they get to share in small groups.


Today was a bit chaotic at times.  Because we had a lot of new friends and as the Hangtime director, I needed to take time to connect with not only the kids, but the teen helpers and adult leaders who help me put this program together each week.


But overall, it was awesome.


In the weeks to come, I’ll share a more comprehensive look at what we do, but today I was only able to get a few shots during our workshop play time.


We all went outdoors, because I’m a big believer in fresh air and fun.


Kids need to run around and get their hands all chalky while creating and having fun.  Because isn’t that the beauty of childhood?


Afterwards, we walked inside for our lesson and small group time.  Our theme for the year is “Let Your Light Shine” and is based off the verse in Matthew 5 that says, “Let your light shine before others that they may see your good works and praise your Father in heaven.”  It will be our goal throughout the year to teach these amazing kids that they have a light inside of them that they can shine to others for Jesus.  I cannot wait for this year and for the great things that we will get to share every Wednesday at Hangtime!


*Hangtime totally has an open registration throughout the year.  Kids are welcome to come whenever it works.  Registration is quick and easy and can be found by clicking on the Hangtime link at: www.eastportbiblechurch.com .  This program is free and for kids in Kindergarten through 6th Grades.  Whereas we do offer pick up from Eastport Elementary and Tuttle Avenue School, we are open to kids from other schools as well (though they will have to find their own transportation).

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