Gran Fondo Getaway

So a few months ago, Jeremy signed up to do a 107 mile race/ride in New Jersey.  He’s been really into biking these days, and besides the fact that it triggers my anxiety (because he rides fast on the road with cars) I’ve learned that it’s super healthy for him and something that he loves.  So I pray a lot while he rides and that usually takes care of it.  Anyhow, in a fun turn of events, he decided to get a few nights at an Embassy Suites so that we could come and enjoy a weekend getaway as well.

We are huge fans of Embassy Suites.  Because they have super spacious rooms, great breakfasts, free snacks at night and they usually just tend to be awesome.  This one did not disappoint.  While Jeremy was riding this morning, the kids and I worked out together in the gym and then this sweet girl and I got to have the pool all to ourselves.  Probably because all the normal people with kids went home because of school tomorrow.


We spent a good amount of time hanging out at our hotel.  There were some great restaurants within walking distance so we did go out and enjoyed some amazing Korean food at Seoul Food and some great burgers from The Habit.  Ellee and I did a little bit of shopping as well, but mostly we just took advantage of an amazing place to rest and relax.  In the next few weeks, everything we do starts up, so the timing to get away was pretty perfect.

Also, our hotel was big and mostly empty which made it the perfect place to place some mega rounds of hide and seek.  We just finished up a night version and I have to say it was positively delightful.


Side note:  I know someday I’ll want to remember her just like this.  Because she is ten and still so sweet and she is always looking out for the needs of others, even her little stuffed animals.  Oh, my sweet, sweet Ellee.

FullSizeRender 2

All in all it was an incredible weekend.  Jeremy woke up for a 7am start to race and was back by 4:30pm.  I should clarify, it was not necessarily a race, but a ride with four times climbs.  He climed just over 8,000 feet, which is huge if you understand biking things.  He came back happy, but tired and we were all so, so proud of him for doing so well at the Gran Fondo NJ.


If you’ve read my blog, you know it’s a collaboration of the three things that I love in life:  photography, church things and family.  Life moves so fast that there’s no way I would remember all these things if I didn’t take time to write them down.  That being said, tonight, I’m so thankful for our little family trips and memories.  They are the heart of what makes our lives so special and precious.

*Also, just an update for those who are following our friend Michael Einfeldt.  There was a big and beautiful fundraiser for him and his family this afternoon.  Sadly, we missed it since we were away.  But thanks to awesome friends, we heard that the turnout was absolutely wonderful.  A lot of money and support was raised and so I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone who was able to be a part of it.

Sally and Mike were unfortunately called away during the event.  Michael had some pressing medical needs that needed to be addressed immediately.  I did hear from a friend tonight that issues were addressed and the doctors were pleased with the outcome.  Please continue to pray for Michael and that he would finally find some relief from the many struggles that he has been having this year.

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