Fundraiser to bring Michael Home

Four years ago, our kids hosted their own lemonade stand.  I probably wouldn’t have remembered, but I got a notification from Facebook which prompted me to look back through the pictures I shared that day.


It was darling to watch the kids serve that day.  They worked so hard and were so excited to be doing something that would help others.


Michael Einfeldt stopped by that afternoon.  Because that is the kind of person that he was.  He was always there to help out and was always an amazing friend to so many, including our little Ellee.


Thanks to the generosity of friends and strangers, the kids made $64 that day, which is basically a fortune when you’re little.  They happily took $14 of it and sent it to help animals through the Sato Project and children at the Paradise Orphanage in Burkina Faso.  It’s a beautiful thing, seeing people helping people.  Sometimes the world feels heavy and broken and sometimes it’s easy to feel heavy and broken right along with it.  But I’ve learned throughout the years, that there are always ways to help and always ways to bring good into any situation.  And when you do this, things seem just a little bit better and a little bit brighter.


The journey that our friend Michael Einfeldt has been on for over a year and a half after his January 2016 car accident has felt heavy and broken in many ways.  Michael spent a good portion of the summer struggling in the hospital and it’s been heartbreaking for him and his family.  But if you are reading this, I’m so happy to share that there are people in the Einfeldt’s life that have decided to bring good into this very difficult time.  A beautiful group of the staff from Brookhaven Memorial hospital will be hosting a fundraiser for the Einfeldts on Sunday, September 10th at Harbor Crab Restaurant (in Patchogue, NY) from 3pm-7pm.  The cost is $20 at the door which includes a buffet dinner and there will be a Chinese Auction as well as a 50/50 raffle.

Proceeds will benefit Mike and Sally Einfeldt, who right now are working diligently on an addition to their house which will allow them to bring Michael home.  It’s been over a year and a half since Michael has been home in Eastport and having him here would be a great blessing to both him and his family.  Sally shared that she was so happy to think of the community coming together to show love and support and that is exactly what today’s world needs.  If you are local and available, please consider joining this fundraiser to share love and support for our dear friends the Einfeldts.


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

2 thoughts on “Fundraiser to bring Michael Home”

  1. Thank you Laura, every post you do makes my heart warm. I shared this to my friends as some of them know the Copeland clan from West Islip. I can remember Sally when she was just a teenager, but my friendship with her Mom was and is the most special gift I have ever have. Our son hung out with David, and our girls with Mark and Penni. This family is just LOVE. Again, thank you for your posts!! Joyce Horyczun

  2. Please tell me where to send$$$ we will be out of town that weekend it’s our anniversary…. you and I spoke through email about a music fundraiser…. I spoke to the Osborns they are in as well as several others….. we need a venue I was thinking of the VFW in Center maybe we can do this in the fall…. meanwhile send me that address…….. Michael as you know IS an awesome drummer never will I say was unless God calls him home….. Tell Sally and Mike …. Chief says we can do this….. our faith says so. ……. thank you , sincerely ( Chief Rock) Tony Hall

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