Book Your Beach Session

So I have a little secret for you.  And the secret is, that NOW is the very best time to book a Beach Session with me.


Need a Top Ten list on why you should book a Beach Session?

Well actually, I have that as well.  And here it goes…

10.  Family is forever.  At least that’s what my Dad always said.  And what better way to preserve your forever family memories than by gathering everyone together for a fun Beach Session?


9.  Long Island Beaches are the best.  Since we’re on an island surrounded by beaches, we should acknowledge that we truly do live in a spectacular area.  Sure, I prefer the South Shore beaches, but I do have to admit that I’ve been up to the North Shore as well and their beaches are pretty amazing as well.


8.  All kinds of sessions can be shot at the beach.  I’ve shot at the beach for everything from weddings to families to head shots.  And every session is incredible and unique because of the beauty that the beach tends to bring.


7.  Beach memories with moms are extra special.  If you’re like me, you’re often the one behind the lens when it comes to your family.  So let me make it easier for you.  Gather up your little ones and let me photograph you together.  We can take formal shots, but then we’ll get lots and lots of candids.  Because these often are the ones that show the true beauty behind the many things that we do.


6.  Beach sessions are versatile.  Yes, we’ll shoot with the sun and sand.  But often times, there are other locations that produce beautiful images as well.  We’ll look for the shade of the dunes or even a beach pavilion, which in turn will give you a variety of wonderful images to choose from.


5.  Time flies so quickly.  Your little ones are growing up quickly, so this is your reason to book a session with me this summer.  Don’t let the moments pass by because capturing your kids right where they are.


4.  Speaking of kids, yours probably won’t argue with me about having their pictures taken.  For a few reasons.  First, because I’m not their mom (my kids even give me a hard time if I try to take too many pictures).  Second, because I love kids and teens and have worked with them for years and years, so I know the importance of working quickly and with lots of energy and fun.  And usually this results in genuine smiles and less stress for everyone.


3.  Beach Sessions are just beautiful.  Really, truly, there is something just magical about being by the ocean.


2.  Booking a Beach Session will give you a fun reason to show off that gorgeous summer tan you’ve been working on.  Many of my families prefer to shoot wearing white, because it’s so classic and beautiful.  But really, any clothing coordination will work just fine and again will capture the special summer memories that we all cherish.


1. And finally, the number one reason to book a Beach Session with me?  Because it’s fantastic and fun.  My goal is to capture beautiful images on our beautiful beaches and your Beach Session will create memories for years and years to come.  I prefer to shoot in the evenings, because you can’t beat the lighting right before sunset and with every session, you will get gorgeous portraits that you will absolutely love.


So don’t delay!  Please feel free to contact me through Facebook or email:  My Beach Session pricing is $150 (for the session fee) and can be paired with digital or print packages (that start at $150).  Also, if you book your Beach Session before July 31st, I will include a beautiful 8×10 gift print with your order.


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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