Summer in Seattle

We are finally home, after two and a half weeks of summer adventures.  And it all started the week after school when we flew out to Seattle to visit Jeremy’s family.  We were joined by the Arizona Herr’s and I have to say that overall, it was a pretty amazing time.  Bear with me, while I try to wrap up our ten day adventure, in one little blog post.


The fun pretty much started as soon as we arrived.  Jeremy’s amazing sister and brother in law hooked up a morning of wake boarding and wake surfing for the more adventurous ones.


Of course this included my amazing and uber talented husband.  He got right up on the board his first try and made the wake surfing look like it was easy.


Uncle Justin did the same thing, which makes me think that this sporty talent runs pretty deeply in the Herr blood.


We enjoyed a few days at Nana and Papa’s home and got to meet up with extended family on one of the nights when Nana threw a big barbecue for everyone.


Thanks to Facebook, we’re able to keep in touch a bit, but it was much nicer being able to see and talk to everyone in person.


Then, on that Saturday, we headed up (or over) to Whidbey Island for a nice long Fourth of July Weekend.  This is a tradition that Jeremy’s family has done pretty much forever and we were so excited to get to be a part of it this year.


And overall, it’s not to hard to explain.  Whidbey Island is a magical place of amazing family and friends, delicious food and fun nonstop activities for all.



If you weren’t sure, yes, that is an incredibly large bucket filled to overflowing with fresh caught crab.  Whidbey Island was a bit like being in crab heaven and we enjoyed many varieties of it all throughout the weekend.



Brave Auntie Ky and Carl’s amazing boat made the weekend especially memorable for our kids and especially this one.  She became fearless on that tube and apparently immune to the freezing cold water of the Puget Sound.



It was so, so good to be with family.  Jeremy’s is spread out from Arizona to Michigan to New York, so being able to be together is always a treat.


Christian quickly picked up on Pickle ball and probably played enough games to make up for all of the summers he’s missed on the island.  He continues to amaze me with his hand eye coordination.


Ellee also was in her glory, and found her niche in hanging out with lots of little friends throughout the weekend.



We all loved being able to meet our sweet little newest nephew Hendrix.  He had a smile that lit up his whole adorable face and we absolutely loved hanging out with him.


One of Christian’s big highlights was getting to dig for Pacific Northwest clams.  “Big C” (aka Carl Larsen) woke him up early one morning and they had about 20 clams dug by the time we all got up.  They were pretty delicious and it was another fun memory to add.


While I love our beaches, you have to appreciate a view with both water and mountains.


Fourth of July was super special.



Our friend Jennifer is a huge fireworks fan and she pretty much made the night loud and amazing and beautiful and memorable for all.


It was the closest I’ve ever been to huge fireworks (that people lit off right over our heads), but it was pretty awesome and thankfully no one lost any limbs.


After getting home from Whidbey we enjoyed one last day with Nana and Papa.  They both did an incredible job to make our vacation fun and delicious and wonderful.


We wrapped up our time with a trip to downtown Seattle (which was amazing minus the crazy traffic) and ended the day by touring the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room.  It was a coffee lovers dream come true.


Our time in Seattle flew by incredibly quickly.  However, I can say that not a moment was wasted and we are so thankful that we got to spend this precious time with family and friends.  We got back early on Saturday morning (our planes had a few delays), did laundry and packed up and then left that Sunday for a week of NTS Camp which we just returned from today.  We are so thankful for the amazing adventures we had and thankful to be home again as well.

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