End of the Year Party

So awhile back, Ellee asked if she could have her school friends over for an end of the year party.  And I thought, sure, why not?  She had been watching a show on Netflix called Project MC2, which had this super empowering S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) theme with a healthy mix of girl power (there are a group of best friends who work for a secret government agency which works to protect the world).  So we decided that would be the theme of her party and we invited all the girls in her fourth grade class.


I really enjoyed putting together little goody bags for all of the girls.  We decided to go with a pair of science goggles, a light up bracelet from Target, $1 books from Michaels with a special MC2 label and then science test tubes filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans.


I put up some streamers that I had gotten at the Dollar Store.  Because streamers are our go-to when it comes to our at home parties.  Ellee had some Crime Scene tape that she had gotten from one of her Project MC2 kits and that put the finishing touches on our decorations.


Most of the girls from her class were able to come and join us.  We started out the afternoon with the girls watching one of the Project MC2 episodes while we got snacks ready.  It was kind of amazing because they are all super quiet and into the show.  It was the calmest and quietest part of our party.


But of course when you’re hosting a house full of 4th graders, calm and quiet is boring.  So after the show, we had a snack (mini ice cream pie sundaes, kettle corn and brownie brittle).  Two of my amazing friends from our youth group came to help me out with the party.  They were so awesome and I could not have done this afternoon without them.  Jeremy stopped by to make fun Shirley Temple drinks (Sprite, grenadine and cherries) for the girls and they all loved them as well.


After snacks, we started on activities.  In keeping with the science theme, the first activity had to do with building molecules with toothpicks and mini marshmallows.


The girls all did an awesome job.


And it really did keep them occupied for quite a bit.


At the end I had them make up their own molecule and this was when they got really creative.


After the molecules, we put on the safety glasses and started to make Fluffy Slime.


I liked that it was a non-borax project.  Just glue, shaving cream, food coloring, saline solution and baking powder.  The recipe called for baby oil, but I didn’t have any so I used coconut oil which worked really well.


For the record, don’t let these pictures deceive you.  It was super messy.  But it smelled good and the girls had a great time making it.  And it was true to it’s name.  It was fluffy and fun and I’d definitely make it again.  Especially since I now am the proud owner of four cans of shaving cream.  Apparently there is a lot more in those cans than one would imagine.  We made six batches (which called for 24 cups of shaving cream) and I probably could have gotten away with using only one or two cans.


I had to throw this picture in.  Our friend Jules was over last week and she stood next to Christian.  She said she was 5’7 and a half and we noted that she was a half inch taller than Christian so he must be 5’7″.  But today when he stood by her, it seemed like they were the same height.  Is it possible for a twelve year old boy to grow a half inch in a week???  I’m so curious.


Back to the party.  The last thing we did was a friendship activity.  Because somewhere along the next few to many years, relationships with friends can get tricky.  Ellee’s always found the nicest friends and for this we are so thankful.  It’s a trend we pray will continue through the coming years.  I wanted to encourage the girls to encourage each other so we ended by them writing in each other’s books.  I told them to write something kind that they liked about that friend.  They all spent about fifteen minutes writing to each other and then they were all smiling and laughing together as they read what their friends all wrote.


I was just telling my sister about the party and how she’d have to read my blog to see what it was all about.  For the record, that is why I write and share.  It’s not because I think I’m amazing.  But I love documenting life and being able to share it with others, especially our family who lives all over the country.  This was such a sweet way to spend the afternoon and I’m so thankful for everyone who could be a part of it.

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