On my way back from photographing a friend’s wedding in Michigan a few weeks ago, I found myself in front of a Metro Card machine trying to figure out which subway train would get me back to Jamaica to catch the train home.  As I reached inside of my purse to pull out my credit card, I felt my wedding ring catch.  Thankfully, I looked down and instantly saw a beautiful reflection of light on top of my bag.  It took me a few seconds to realize that it was the diamond from my ring.  Two prongs had broken off at that precise moment, but God graciously allowed me to notice right away and simultaneously grab and secure my diamond.


Truth be told, I would have been slightly devastated had I lost my diamond.  Because 14 years ago, my 22 year old college sweetheart fiancé saved up the money he had worked incredibly hard for to buy me that ring.  I couldn’t have been happier the day that we married and exchanged our vows to love and cherish each other for all our days.


Who would have known at that time the adventures that we’d face together?


In the early years of our marriage, we’d be given the blessing of a strong willed son and then a few years later a beautiful baby daughter.


People would look at us and think we were young, but for us it would simply be all that we knew.


I’d gradually learn over the years, the true gift that Jeremy would have in being an incredibly loving father.


With pride at every occasion, he’d cheer on and encourage our kids to be their very best. To this day, it would be one of the things that I’d love most about him.


But it would be one of many, many things.  I’d love his ability to serve as a Youth Pastor for 14 years.  I’d love watching the ways that he would invest his life into the lives of so many students.


I’d love his uncanny ability to love and include everyone.  To this day, he’s the best person to have on any given team for this very reason.


I’d love the ways that he would learn to love me.  Because while his max time limit shopping at Target is about 5 minutes, over the years he’d learn that mine was much, much more.  So he’d grab himself some Starbucks and we’d compromise somewhere in the middle.


I’d love my husband’s ability to speak in front of many, sharing his heart for the Lord with an unceasing passion.


I’d admire and love his ability to play sports.  As I’m writing this, he’s out at Tuesday night basketball probably being amazing and hopefully not getting hurt.


Over these past few years, I’d learn to love and appreciate his old but newfound love for biking.  He’d similarly learn to love and appreciate my love for Hot Yoga.  In our 14 years of marriage, we’ve come to appreciate the importance and benefits of encouraging each other to do that physical activities that we love.


Over the years, I’d love his love to make every post “nice” picture fun by yelling out “goofy!” and then making his best silly face.


Assuming summer will eventually get here (it’s been so crazy cold here), some of my favorite summer memories would be seeing my husband love being out on the water in our little boat.  It would be here that I’d learn the importance of taking time to get away and relax thus balancing out the busy and craziness of our lives.  Jeremy’s “boat smile” to this day is one of his best and most genuinely happy smiles.


Yes, in our fourteen years of marriage, there would be so many things that I’d come to love about this incredible husband that God blessed me with.  Along with that love would come the deepest of admiration in seeing the love and loyalty that Jeremy would have for others.  A few distinct days with friends would mark unforgettable moments in time for us.  And on these days, I’d see my husband drop everything and bravely go to be with those who needed him most.


And don’t get me wrong friends.  In between these incredible and beautiful and memorable moments we’d have our share of challenges in the past fourteen years.  But through it all, we’d have each other and most importantly Jesus and His love and that would get us through it all.


Jeremy Herr…  In honor of our 14th year anniversary (technically tomorrow, the seventh, since I’m writing this tonight), I just want you to know a few things.  First off, I am so thankful that God gave us each other.  There is no one else in the entire world that I would rather do life with, than you.


I’m so thankful for these past fourteen years, and pray that we will have many, many more to spend with each other.  I want to love you and serve with you, all the days of my life.  I want to laugh and when we have to, cry and I want you to know that I am so thankful that you are mine.


I will be by your side, wherever God leads and it will continue to be my desire to be the best possible wife and mother that I can be.  For the record, I’ll fail at times.  But I’ll always work to pick myself back up and keep working at it.  I’ll thank you now and I’ll thank you for the future for sticking by my side through it all.


And so in conclusion, Jeremy Herr, I love you and adore doing this crazy and awesome and hard and beautiful life with you by my side.

Happy Fourteenth Anniversary, you amazing man.


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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