Dear 6th Graders, You are Invited

Dear 6th Graders,

In an amazing turn of events, your 6th Grade year is nearly over.  It’s probably hard to imagine it’s almost over, but truthfully, we are so excited for you!  At Eastport Bible Church the end of 6th grade is significant.  Because it means the beginning of EBCYG (which stands for Eastport Bible Church Youth Group) and the start of six years of Youth Group fun.  And we would LOVE to have you come and be a part of our Youth ministry.

All that being said, we’re throwing you a party.  This coming Thursday, June 8th from 7pm-9pm we are inviting you to join us for our 6th Grade Party at EBCYG.


*Parents… this part is for you.  Because you also are in the transition of helping your child say goodbye to their elementary years.  For the record, I know how you’re feeling.  I did this very same thing last year.  I traded in my awesome elementary school kid for an awesome (but newly challenging) Jr. Higher.  And I have to say that from experience, this is a super weird time.  It can be great and it can be difficult, and chances are, most days it will be a little bit of both.

But I will say that having our son in Youth Group has been overall great.  I know that it’s a positive place and he has a great group of friends that come each week.  Seeing all that our kids are up against, I think it’s so important to have them in a place that cares about them and that strives to help them through these challenging years.

And as a Youth Leader (my husband Jeremy is the Youth Pastor and I help him with pretty much all of our Youth Group events) I’m telling you for fact that we love your kid.  It’s our goal to love and encourage them to learn and grow in their faith.  We have an incredible team that will be there for them each week as well.


Okay, back to the party.  Next Thursday, our current Youth Group will welcome the new 6th graders to come and join us for a night of fun.


We’ll pray for good weather…


And head outdoors for some water balloon fun.


And then we’ll gather everyone up and have an awesome time hanging out together.


This party is actually also open to everyone who is in Jr. and Sr. High.  EBCYG runs all throughout the year and we have a pretty awesome group of leaders and students.  We’ll kick off our summer with our 6th Grade party, but also have many other fun events all throughout June.  For more information, you can always check out our website:  or our church website:

You can also always feel free to contact me, Laura Herr either through Facebook or email: and I would be happy to help with any questions you may have.


Finally, if you’re a 6th grader going into 7th this fall, we hope to see you Thursday, June 8th so that we can celebrate YOU!

Sincerely,  EBCYG

PS.  Eastport Bible Church is right in the heart of Eastport, 386 Montauk Highway, Eastport New York.  Contact our church at: 631-325-8164

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