Her First Orchestra Concert

Tonight, was our Ellee’s very first Orchestra concert.  She’s been talking about it nonstop for the past few weeks.  At first she was nervous, but then she told me she got over it and that she and her friends thought they would be famous since they were going to be on stage in front of everyone.  She practiced extra hard this week, in preparation.  She even arranged a few FaceTime calls with a friend so that they could practice together.  It was pretty sweet.

She decided to wear a flowy white top and a long black skirt.  Her dream came true when she asked if she could wear her fanciest shiny red shoes and we relented.  After all, it was her very first concert.


I truly could have burst with pride seeing her up there on that stage.  She’s never been much into sports (which is fine).  So we were pretty excited for her when she decided she wanted to try orchestra and was picked to play the violin.


Her teacher, Ms. Sico has been an absolute gem this year.  In addition to sharing Ellee’s love for fancy shoes, she’s been incredibly helpful to our daughter.  When Ellee had scheduling conflicts with lessons and we considered having to pull her from orchestra, Ms. Sico was so accommodating and helped to make arrangements so that Ellee could come in early to get her weekly lesson.  We are so thankful for her kindness and for the care she’s given our daughter while teaching her to play the violin.


The Fourth Grade Orchestra performed two songs.  The first was called, “The Pizza Cat” and consisted of the children plucking out a fun little tune.


The second was called “Mr. G’s One-Finger March” and I’ll be honest, I teared up as I listened to the orchestra play.  I actually didn’t think it was possible to cry about such a thing.  But all I could think was how wonderful it was that Ellee went into this year with a beautiful violin that was given to her by our neighbors.  She got a few lessons from our dear friend Steven but really didn’t know much.


And somehow, over the course of a year with twice a week classes and lessons with her teacher, our daughter learned how to play the most wonderful song from start to finish.


A huge, huge congratulations to Ms. Sico and the Fourth Grade Orchestra.  Your hard work and dedication truly paid off.


I loved seeing Ellee’s shy/proud smile at the end of her concert.  She walked off the stage with a bounce in her high heeled step and the confidence that comes from having completed her very first concert.


She was met by her proud family and given roses from the two most important men in her life as well as another beautiful one from our dear friend Esther.


Congratulations dear Ellee, on your very first concert.  We love you and are proud of you and look forward to many more in the years to come.


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One thought on “Her First Orchestra Concert”

  1. Congratulations Ellee. You look great and I love the sparkly red shoes. You deserved your roses.

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