The Sound of Music, WHB

So it’s possible, that one day many months ago, the schools within a ten mile radius from our home got together and decided that they would have their Spring Musicals on the exact same weekend.  I’m not exactly sure if that’s how it happened, but the result was that this evening, we drove over to Westhampton Beach High School to see the Sound of Music and tomorrow evening we will drive in the opposite direction to Eastport South Manor to see Mary Poppins.  Plays for days, I tell you.  And I could not be happier.

The last time I mentioned my incredible love for The Sound of Music was when we went to watch it at ESM.  I remember then, being so excited since it was my absolute all time favorite. I teared up when Maria belted out “The Hills are Alive” and again when the Captain sang “Edelweiss .”  And funny enough, the same thing happened tonight, as the lights dimmed and we (Ellee came with me) sat down to enjoy Westhampton’s version of The Sound of Music.



I have to give a huge shout out to Maria.  She was played by Westhampton’s Maddie Seitles and she was absolutely incredible.  Her voice was angelic and she was outstanding as she sang us through Act I and Act II.


The actors and actresses who played the roles of the von Trapp children all did a wonderful job too.


It really was an enjoyable production and everyone represented their roles well.



I always like to give a shout out to the orchestra and the stage crew behind the scenes as well.


They are the unsung heroes of the night, and without their talents, the musical could not have gone on.





This scene was definitely the highlight of the musical for me.  I loved the puppet scene in the movie and was amazed that Westhampton was able to include it along with a beautifully painted stage and some pretty good puppetry as well.





So, if you look behind Maria, that sweet nun standing there was the reason that we came to see the show this evening.  We’ve known Natalie for many years now and she is one of our amazing youth group students.  She nonchalantly mentioned the other week that she was in the Musical and I was so excited and told her that we would totally come to see her.


We really enjoyed her and her fellow nuns and they all sang very beautifully!






If you can’t tell, overall, I loved this musical!


Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make this production a great success!  If you are local, the musical is at Westhampton Beach High School and they have two more showings: Saturday, March 25th at 7:30pm and then Sunday, March 26th at 2:00pm.  Amazingly, there was no cost which really was a nice surprise.  It’s fun for the whole family and it’s very clear that a lot of hard work and a lot of energy went into putting on this production. Thanks to everyone involved, and congratulations to our friend Natalie, we absolutely loved it!


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