On the Rock

There’s this story in the Bible about two builders.  One was wise and one foolish.  The foolish builder was short sighted and build his house on sand.  When the rains came and the winds blew and the streams rose, his house fell with a great crash.

But the wise man?  He took time to consider the bigger picture.  He made the decision to build his house on the rock.  He picked a stable and a steady foundation.  And guess what?  He went through the same troubles as the foolish man.  The rain came down, the wind blew and the streams rose where he was as well.  But the difference was, his house stood strong, because, as it says in Matthew 7:25, it had its foundation on the rock.

Foundation is key.  And a strong foundation is needed if you want to stay strong when troubles come.  And this exact beautiful concept was part of the conversation that I had with Sally Einfeldt this afternoon.  She shared with excitement how Eastport South Manor Jr. Sr. High had raised $6500 from the College English Basket Raffle.  Many wonderful and generous people in our community donated goods and services and time to help make this event such a great success.

IMG_7433 (1).jpg

Sally shared how they’ve been talking with people who are going to help them build out an addition to their house so that Michael can eventually come home.  She said they had a wonderful man who was going to donate his services to help lay the foundation.  So they worked the numbers to come up with the cost for materials.  “Laura,” she shared, “We found out that we will need $6,000 for this project.  The school will literally be responsible for laying the foundation for Michael to come home.”

Her words were so powerful and such a beautiful example of how God provides everything we need.  Michael’s heart and foundation was firm in his faith, and to me, this was a powerful reminder that when our foundation is firm, we can also stand firm and trust that God will provide all that we need.  A huge thank you to our community for providing the funds that were needed for a strong foundation for the Einfeldts.  Please continue to pray for them and for Michael.  He’s recently had a few health issues that have brought their own set of challenges and frustrations.  But we continue to pray for and believe that God will help Michael with all that he needs.

*In addition, some have asked so I thought I’d share again.  Eastport Bible Church is Michael’s church and has been there for his family since the beginning.  We currently have a fund set up for the Einfeldts that will go towards future building projects for their home. If you would like to donate, you can always send it to the church.  Checks can be made out to: Eastport Bible Church and the full amount will go to Michael and the Einfeldt family.

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