Dear Tracey McAdams

Dear Tracey McAdams,

A month or so ago, I started hearing about a Basket Fundraiser that the English classes at ESM were doing for our friend Michael Einfeldt.  And in the coming weeks, I’d learn more details about this incredible project from your posts on the community page and from talking to many of our ESM Youth Group students.

I believe it started out as a service project with the College English classes.  And from what we heard, our friend Cameron was a driving force behind this project as well.


Cameron and Michael have been great friends for what seems like forever.  We had so many great times with them.  They both always had such kind hearts and everyone loved hanging around with them.


Cameron has stayed close with Michael all throughout his recovery.  He joined us many times when we would take trips up to the ICU to visit and came to see Michael at Rehab as well.  I was so excited when Cameron shared about this project because I knew it would mean so much to him to have others help Michael and his family during their time of need.


 Also, I know it started with the College English classes, but somehow it must have been shared with other English classes as well.  Our son who is in Jr. High came home one day and shared how his English class was going to put together a “Disney Themed” basket.  He went up to his room and got his own money to bring in to school the next day.  Christian grew up hanging out with Michael and spent a lot of time visiting him in the hospital and at rehab over this past year with our family.  In his very best Jr. High boy way, he shared with us how much it meant to him to have his school care so much about Michael.


Tracey McAdams, it’s an incredible thing to inspire others to do good.  And this is exactly what you did.  You inspired an entire Jr. and Sr. High student body to get involved.  Which is not always an easy task when working with teenagers.


You inspired an entire community to give.  So many businesses and other individuals came together to donate goods and services and even 50 pounds of candy!  Amongst the beautiful and amazing baskets, there was a drum set, a lot of nice electronics and even an entire theatre camp tuition and when we came to the rotunda at the high school on Thursday evening, I was blown away by the generous donations.

And for the record, whoever was the force behind the Superheroes “basket” that was overflowing with Marvel themed goodies and a stand up cardboard Batman…  This is the basket that Michael would have loved best had he gotten to pick one.  When I saw it, it made my heart so happy because it just reminded me of him.


Finally, Tracey McAdams, I know for fact that the hard work that you put into this fundraiser was not only a blessing to the students and to our community.  I know it will be a huge blessing to Michael Einfeldt and to his family.  I visited him this past Friday at the hospital and was there with his cousin Matt when he showed Michael the hearts and notes that the students had made.  I saw Sally tear up when Matt shared what a great success the fundraiser had been.  And I know that the money donated will be a huge blessing to this family as they work to care for and love their son.


There is this verse in the Bible, in John 15:13 and it says “Greater love has no one than this:  To lay down one’s life for his friends.”  Tracey, you inspired so many people to “lay down” or set aside time or money and their own desires for an ESM graduate and friend.  You inspired them to love and to serve and for this, I just wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for your passion, thank you for all of the work that you and other put in and thank you for being something beautiful and good in our world.

Sincerely, Laura Herr (and probably many, many others who feel the same way as well)

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