Team Einfeldt: First Meeting

On Sunday, February 12th we had our first Team Einfeldt meeting.  Granted, the weather that day consisted of icy slush, so some weren’t able to make it.  As I was setting everything up, I remember feeling nervous if people would be able to show up.  But then I remember the wise words of my friend Lisa Anderson who shared that God would bring those who needed to be there.  And indeed He did.

Thirty-five friends were able to make it for our first meeting.  I shared a welcome and some updates about Michael and then we watched a short video that I had put together with clips and pictures of Michael through the years.  I didn’t realize how much seeing those pictures would stir up memories and emotions until I tried to share right after.  Tears started flowing and wouldn’t stop, but thankfully Jeremy came in and started our time of prayer for Michael and his family.

And oh.  Those prayers were so powerful and so beautiful.  Many of Michael’s friends poured out their hearts, asking God for strength and peace for the Einfeldts.  My heart was pounding as I felt the overwhelming power of the words that were lifted up.  It was a very moving to see so many praying on behalf of our dear friend.

And just on a side note, I have to share that I know that throughout this entire journey, God has indeed heard our prayers.  Most recently we spent time praying for healing in Michael’s colon and as of Sunday, those prayers were answered.  Sally shared that the medications were working and that it was most likely that Michael would not need any further interventions or surgery.


After our prayer time, we got down to business.  Basically, our goal is to join together a team of family, friends and community for the Einfeldts.  Our goal is to support them through four different “crews” that I’ll detail below.  Each crew will work to meet different needs and together we’ll do our best to come alongside of Michael and his family.  Here is a list and descriptions of our crews:

Coordinating Crew- These team members will work to help coordinate Team Einfeldt.  Their jobs will be to work with the other crews as they organize ideas and efforts.  It’s a bit administrative and definitely for those who like to organize and delegate.

Creativity Crew– These team members are in charge of coming up with creative ideas and ways to help the Einfeldts.  I had a woman share an idea for a possible future garden that Michael could enjoy and it prompted me to create a group that could help by thinking outside of the box for ways to help.

Care Crew- This would be a team of people who were willing to help with way to care for the Einfeldts.  Cleaning, cooking and similar practical ways to help would be the job of this team.

Home Crew– As I’ve shared before, Sally’s dream is to someday bring Michael home.  This means that renovations would need to be made to their current home so this is the team that would help with those efforts.

Right now, our goal is to organize crews for Team Michael.  At our meeting, we took down names and contact info for those willing to help with these various areas.  Another idea we have is for a Facebook Group for Team Einfeldt.  We figured this would be a central location to share ideas and events with those who want to be either a specific part (by joining a crew) or a general part of our team.


So that sums up our first meeting and ways that you can help.  If you’re interested in joining the Facebook group, you can by clicking the link above or by clicking here.  As I’ve mentioned before, this is a group and community effort.  More than that, it’s an opportunity to do good.  To make a difference.  To help.  Please consider how you can get involved with Team Einfeldt and thanks so much for checking in.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through Facebook or email:

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3 thoughts on “Team Einfeldt: First Meeting”

  1. We are currently away for a few months but would like to help with a donation. Is there a fund we can send it too? We continue to pray for Michael and his Family.

    1. Hi Susan and David! For now, any donations can be sent to Eastport Bible Church, 386 Montauk Highway, Eastport, New York 11941. It’s our church and we will make sure the Einfeldts get the money. Thank you so much!

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