Grateful for This

Sally and Mike Einfeldt and their family have been through so much this year.  When Michael was in his accident on January 8th, they rushed to be by his side.  This past year, in an incredible show of love and support they, along with Sarah and members of their extended family have supported Michael and have been with him around the clock for the past (almost) year.


It’s been so beautiful to see the way that Sally and Mike’s family, friends, church and community have been there to support them during these past twelve months.  And today, Sally’s co-workers from Brookhaven Memorial Hospital took it a step further when they joined together for an Applebees Breakfast Fundraiser in honor of Michael that would continue to help support the needs of the Einfeldt family.


The fundraiser was from 8:00am-10:00am this rainy, Christmas Eve Morning.


Many of Sally’s co-workers from 4 North were there to support her and her family.


The love that they had for Sally was very evident.


“I have such gratitude for this,” Sally shared with me over the phone this afternoon, “It was everyone from 4 North that worked together to make this happen.  I’m so blessed to have them.”


Others came together to support Mike and Sally as well.


“I got to see family that I haven’t seen in  awhile,” she shared.



“It was just so good to see our friends, Michael’s friends, our family and neighbors.”


“We really have a great community,” she happily concluded.


All in all, it was a beautiful morning and the perfect way to start our Christmas celebration.


When Sally called me later this afternoon, she told me, “I have no words.  There was a great turnout and it’s just a reminder that even in tough times, so much good comes out.  I think it’s because it’s how Michael was before.  He was always doing good.”

I had to agree with her.  Watching this family and all they have been through has been so hard at times this year.  But throughout it all, through every day in the hospital and through all the months of rehab, it continues to be a theme.  No matter how tough things get, there are always good things to look for.  I’ve seen firsthand, the many ways that God weaves His goodness in love and support of Michael and His family and this is what brings joy and gratitude in the midst of life’s most challenging times.

One last bit of Christmas goodness.  Sally’s working tonight at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital for a Christmas Eve shift.  “I thought I was going to miss Michael and not be able to see Sarah because she would be up at Kings Park with him while I was working.  But a few days ago, Michael was admitted to her very hospital (for seizure activity).  And while that was another set back, it was one that still came with good, since tonight, Sally will be able to be with Michael and Sarah both for Christmas.

Thank you, on behalf of Sally and the Einfeldts for your continued show of love and support for Michael and for their family.  A huge thank you to the staff and administration of 4 North for the incredible show of love you shared this morning at the Pancake Breakfast.  It all means so much to this family and they have so much gratitude for this.


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