Prayers, Petition and Peace

We saw all three Einfeldts exactly four days before Michael’s accident.  They had come to hang out at our Hundred Year Four Square youth group event.  I made them all gather together for a picture, because it’s what I love to do.  It always warms my heart to see siblings that love and support each other through the good times and the bad.


I grew up being taught that family is forever.  That family will be there for you no matter what.  And over the past ten months, I have seen this truth lived out amongst this incredible family.

There have maybe only been a handful of days that Michael’s family has not been by his side.  In the early months after his accident, Sally stayed at the hospital non-stop.  And in the months that would follow, Michael would always have one of his family members with him.  Because in the times that he has needed them most, they dropped everything and stepped up to be right there.


I wish I had better news to share with this post because if you’ve followed Michael’s story for the past ten months, you know that it’s been a long, uphill journey.  And this weekend through today took us right back to where Michael was in the very beginning:  Stony Brook Hospital.  Yesterday morning, I got a text from Sally who shared that Michael had been admitted to the hospital for possible seizure activity.  At the hospital, that activity was confirmed and ever since it’s been a fine battle of trying to find the source of what’s causing Michael to struggle balanced with finding what medication will get everything under control.

Jeremy and I drove up to see Michael today.  It was so hard to see him back at the hospital and hooked up to all sorts of machines again.  We told him how much we loved him and how so many were thinking of him and praying for him.  I loved hearing him softly “hum” a few times as Jeremy leaned over to talk to him.  We enjoyed talking with Sally, but could feel the heaviness of the situation and our hearts hurt once again for this dear family.


It’s been an exhausting time for Michael’s family.  This journey has just been so hard and so long.  But through it all, I continue to believe that God is still working.  I don’t know why this is happening to Michael.  I don’t know why he has had to go through so many difficulties.  But in the times that I don’t know, I lean on in faith, the things that I do know.  And I do know God loves Michael so very much and that He is the only one that can weave good into our most terrible situations.  I do know that God is working in the lives of Michael’s family.  And I do know that as family and friends and community we can continue to love and pray for our dear friend Michael Einfeldt.

In Psalm 143:1, David pleads with God.  He was a man who experienced many joys and many struggles.  He trusted God and loved God, but at times in his life, he also cried out to God amidst his pain.  And I think this is what we do, in times where we are hurting.  We cry out to a God who does hear and who listens to our troubles.  We are reminded that God is faithful and righteous and that He will indeed bring relief.


Please join me in prayer for Michael and his family tonight.  Please pray that the seizures will stop and that Michael will be able to get back to Rehab and start to heal again.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses and for strength and peace for his family.  And before I close this post, I want to share just one more thing.  I know many people who know and love the Einfeldts.  And I know there are many of us who want to help and might not know how we can do this.

Well my amazing friend Lisa Anderson was feeling that burden for awhile.  So she decided to come up with another GoFundMe for Michael and especially for his family as they continue to journey along side of him.  Sally has continued to work throughout this time, but there have also been many times when she’s been unable because Michael’s needed her to be there for him.  Lisa shared that maybe we could come alongside and ease some of the financial burdens for the Einfeldts.  If you are interested or able in helping in this way, I know it would mean so much to the Einfeldt family and would be a way that we could continue to show our love and support.  You can check out the GoFundMe by clicking here. Please share this and we pray that it will be a wonderful way that we can bless the Einfeldt family and help to bring them peace throughout this difficult journey.

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