Holiday Sessions 2016

As a professional photographer, I’ve taken other people’s Family Pictures for the past eight years.  It’s something that I truly love to do, because I love people and their families and I love giving them a portrait that they will love for years to come.  However, I truly understand that getting everyone dressed and together for a family picture is not always the easiest thing to accomplish.  Case in point was yesterday, when I got my own family together for a quick session of our own.

Now first off, I’m like most moms I know…  I love my family and when the Holidays roll around, what I want most is a nice picture of the ones I love.  I want it for our Christmas cards and I want it because it captures a moment in time where this is who we were.  But probably like most moms, I set my expectations super high and was somewhat stressed out before we even got started.  Since you probably couldn’t tell that from the picture, I just thought I’d put it out there, in honor of keeping it real.  The whole family picture went pretty well.  Thankfully, we had met up with Pastor Jerry and Deanna (because I was taking a picture of the two of them) and in turn they were able to take the one picture that I couldn’t, which was the one that I was in.  Overall, it went pretty well.


After that, it was time for one of the kids.  They did fine at the beginning.


I took one of the boys, and they had fun and in this shot helped to emphasize the photography rule of “no floating hands.”


Then I passed off the camera to Jeremy who captured this one of me and my favorite girl.


And I probably should have stopped there.  But as Mom, I just wanted one more of my precious kids.  Unfortunately, those precious kids were cold and ready to be done, and then it got tricky.  It became a pleading match of me asking them not to smile so weird and to try to look truly happy while they tried to convince me that it was too cold to do anything but be done.


It wasn’t picture perfect.  But by God’s grace, after a few tears and cross words from both sides, we called a truce and ended up finally getting the shot.

And I write all of this to let families (and especially moms know) that the struggle is real and I feel your pain.  It isn’t always easy to get good shots of our families no matter how much we try.  But this is where I come in.


Let me come and take your Holiday portraits.


I shoot on location, so we can meet practically anywhere.


I’m friendly and very much a people person, so chances are your family won’t mind me telling them to smile.  I also work quickly (because trust me, I get it) but get lots of great shots in the process.


I’ve worked with so many wonderful families over the yeas and this year, I would love to work with yours.  I have a lot of great locations that I shoot, or I can even come to the comfort of your own home.


And the result are portraits and pictures that you will love for years and years to come.  This year, I’m offering two different Holiday packages to fit the various needs of my clients:

The Digital Package Price: $250

The Digital Package includes a one hour, on-location session, and on-line gallery. You will be able to choose 10 digital images from that session on a disc, with copyrights so that you can choose where you would like to create all of your holiday cards, prints and gifts.

The Digital and Print Package Price: $350

The Digital and Print Package includes a one hour, on-location session and an on-line gallery. You will receive a package of Gift Prints including one 11×14, 2 8x10s, 4 5x7s and 4 3.5x5s in addition to a disc of all of the images from your session with copyrights, so that you can choose where you would like to create all of your holiday cards, prints and gifts.

To book your session, you can email me at: or contact me through  Facebook.  If you prefer, you can also call or text me at: 631-448-1100.

Holiday Sessions make the perfect gift for anyone!  Let me take the challenges out of getting great pictures of your family by booking your session today.


Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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