Strength for Michael

Today, we picked up our friend Sami and Michael’s sister Sarah and drove up all together to Kings Park.  When we got to the Rehab it was so good to see Michael.  He really looked great.  He had his arm and leg braces on when we greeted him and was wearing a cozy looking flannel, perfect for this chilly fall day.

It was a good day.  Which was extra special because Michael had had a really rough weekend.  He battled with a stomach virus which left him feeling pretty miserable, as you can imagine.  But thankfully today, it seemed to have mostly run his course and Michael was doing so much better.

We had a nice visit with Michael and Sally.  I delivered well wishes and greetings from many friends and even one from Michael’s high school Physics teacher, Mrs. Ward.  We had met at Christian’s Cross Country meet yesterday and I promised her I would tell give her greetings to Michael when we visited.  He double blinked his acknowledgement response and I’m sure it made him happy to know that Mrs. Ward was thinking of him.

Sally and I made plans to get a print of this beautiful sunset picture for Michael’s room.  It was taken by our friend Steve-O when Michael was at Stony Brook and to this day remains one of Sally’s favorites.


We thought it would look nice next to Michael’s poster.  His cousin Lauren made it for him and it’s always hanging up in his room, a constant reminder of the many family and friends who love Michael and are praying him through recovery.


I commented on the fun new fall decorations on Michael’s windowsill.  Sally shared that Mike (Michael’s Dad) had picked up the “Give Thanks” pumpkin and this was pretty heartwarming to me.  It was a simple reminder, that no matter what, gratitude can be a beautiful and powerful way to work through difficult times.


I also loved today’s visit because I got to see Sarah spend time with Michael and since the beginning, that has been one of my favorite things.  They have such a deep bond and there is something that is just so special about it.  Today, Sarah was working with Michael, helping him to do a “thumbs up.”  She was helping to hold his wrist up and we all were so excited to see the small movements as he worked to move his thumb.


All in all, it was a very nice visit.  As I mentioned before, we brought our friend Sami Argutto to see Michael today.  Sami was one of our Youth Group students and leaders.  She moved to Michigan for college and graduated this past year.  She hadn’t seen Michael since the accident so it was very special for her to get to spend time with him today.


And now for the exciting news.

Last week, I asked for prayers for Michael because of his upcoming Baclofen pump surgery.  He did some pre-surgical testing and many people were praying for good results with this.  God heard and answered our prayers and Michael is set to go in for surgery on Thursday.  He will be at Stony Brook and his scheduled surgery time is 6:30am.  In simple terms (because I’m not a medical professional) this surgery will be to implant a Baclofen pump.  Baclofen is the medicine that Michael takes for spasticity which basically makes all of his muscles tighten up.  The Baclofen helps to relax these muscles.  Having a pump means that the medicine will go right to his spine, making it hopefully much more effective and consistent.

All in all, I truly believe that the Baclofen pump will be something that will help Michael tremendously.  He did very well when they tested it through a Trial and now it’s time for the real deal.  So please join me in praying.  Praying for good health in the next few days.  Praying for peace for Michael and his family as he prepares for his upcoming surgery.  Prayers for the nurses and the doctor who will perform the surgery.  And prayers for a quick recovery and for success for Michael.  We pray that this pump will open doors for Michael in rehab and that God would continue to heal and restore all that he needs.


Thank you for following Michael’s story.  Thank you for praying for him.  I’ve met many wonderful people who have shared their love for Michael and their faithfulness in praying for his healing and it always means so much to know there are many people who are thinking of him.  Please share this request and please continue to keep Michael and his family in your prayers.

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  1. I don’t know you Laura, or Michael, but because TBI is very close to my heart, I grew up in the Eastport/Speonk/moriches area, and I did an internship with SBU Traum I’ve been following Michaels story since the accident. I’m really pulling for him and his friends and family. Thank you for the updates because he is in my heart and thoughts.

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