Eastport’s Little Secret: Fall Fun

It’s Fall in Eastport.  The air is crisp and the leaves are brilliant shades of reds, oranges and yellows.   It’s arguably one of our best times of year.


Fall is happening in beautiful ways all around us, and it’s certainly made a presence in our little town as well.  This past week, I found it at my favorite local boutique, Eastport’s Little Secret.


If you love shopping for sweet and unique treasures, then Eastport’s Little Secret is the store for you.  I’ve always been a fan of supporting locally owned shops, and this one is by far my favorite.  Owner Faye Michaelides, always keeps her shop stocked with fun and brilliant finds at fabulous prices.  She is friendly and personable and I always love chatting with her as she carefully wraps up my purchases in her signature gift bags and ribbons.


I could talk about Eastport’s Little Secret all day.  But what would probably be best is to just give you a glimpse of the fun products that Faye is currently carrying in her fantastic shop down on Eastport’s Main Street.


Even though we had a few unseasonable warm days this week, today was a great reminder that colder weather is well on its way.  Which would make these incredibly cute and cozy slippers a great gift for anyone.


Walk a few feet further and you’ll find an adorable display of boot socks.  Boot socks like these usually serve multiple purposes.  You’ll get warmth and comfort along with a fun style that peeks over the tops of your boots.


With Halloween just around the corner, I had to smile at these little stuffed creatures.  As a  parent, I loved that they would make the perfect non-sugar treat on a holiday that is, well, mostly surrounded by sugary treats.  I’m sure any dentist would approve as well.


Yes, Fall is most certainly in the air at Eastport’s Little Secret.


I absolutely loved the Thanksgiving products that Faye had on display.  These pillows have the perfect Fall feel and are even made in the U.S.A. which I always think is nice.


And right next to them I found the cutest Mud Pie Platters.  I love celebrating a holiday that thrives solely off of gratitude, because being thankful is an incredibly beautiful and fulfilling way to live life.


Against the back wall were some fashionable bags with a very local East Coast feel.


If you’re looking for a stylish bag with complementing accessories, you’ll definitely want to stop in and check out this selection.


And yes.  I know I’ve shared about these before.  But I can’t say enough about how much I love the MantraBands.  I have a silver one that says “Let Your Light Shine” and when I wear it, it’s such a great reminder of the way that I want to live my life.


Faye just got a new shipment in, and I was eyeing these two because I absolutely love the messages that they portray.


Speaking of jewelry, if you’re an Alex and Ani fan, Eastport’s Little Secret still carry a great selection of their bracelets.


As well as other reasonably priced earrings…


And fall scarves in the most fun patterns and styles.


If you give yourself time to look around, you can pretty much find a huge variety of gift items that any family member or friend would love.  Like these cozy and cute Monogrammed gloves.


Speaking of family…


Nothing speaks more family truth than this adorable spatula, right?


Looking around, Eastport’s Little Secret had some fun new items for the little ones as well.


And for the older kids in your life, more cozy stuffed animals


As well as some adorable and fashionable winter gear.


At Eastport’s Little Secret, you’ll find tons of gifts for those you love.  But what I think I love most, is the feeling I get when I’m shopping around for that perfect gift.  There are subtle messages everywhere in the store about living life in the most wonderful and beautiful ways.


And if you get the chance on a non-busy day, chances are, you’ll get to stop and have a little conversation with Faye.  In talking to her, you’ll quickly see the beautiful heart that she has, not only for customers and for her family, but also just for the world in general.  I know that whenever I can, I always pick up gifts for my friends at Eastport’s Little Secret.  I absolutely love supporting Faye and her shop because I know I’m supporting someone who looks for little opportunities each day to share love and to make a difference in the lives of others.


Wrapping this post up, I’ll share that even though summer is over, you can still find your beloved beach themed items in store.


There is also a great selection for pet lovers as well.


And finally, you can find already put together gift bags for those who are health and nature conscious.  I personally love the Naked Bee products and have bought them for myself as well as my friends.  I actually picked up this gift bag for a friend who shared today that she was very delighted by it.


And that wraps up my Fall post for Eastport’s Little Secret.  If you haven’t done so lately, stop it for yourself and see the fun Fall things that Faye has stocked up on.  You’ll easily find a gift for a friend or loved one, or even just something special for yourself.


*I have an ongoing photography partnership with Eastport’s Little Secret.  All of the opinions in this post are mine.

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