Be With Us

Yesterday, we drove up to Kings Park and spent time with our friend Michael.

I’m always happy to walk through the doors of St. Johnland’s Head Injury Rehab Unit.  That probably sounds strange, but I am.  I’m happy because it means that we get to see Michael and often times Sally, which was the case yesterday.  We brought the kids (because they had school off) and they brought sketch books and did some drawing over in the lounge area of the Rehab while we visited Michael in his room.


General updates for Michael would be that the Baclofen trial went very well and that his doctor is in the process of working through the necessary paperwork with the goal of scheduling a date for Michael to receive a Baclofen pump.  Recently, Michael also had an appointment to check his shunt, and everything is good with that as well.  Sally did share that Michael wasn’t having the best week overall, but that is somewhat common with the ebb and flow of his injury.  There are good days and there are rough ones.  Overall, Jeremy and I had a good time with Sally and Michael and were so thankful that we got to visit them both.

I actually didn’t get the chance to share yet, but two weeks ago, I drove up and spent the morning just with Michael.  Sally was working and just needed someone to come up to be with him for a few hours before his therapies started.  I was so happy that it worked out, since I hadn’t seen Michael since our trip.

We had such a nice morning together.  When I walked in the room, Michael made a lot of humming noises.  I told him that is was so good to hear his voice.  We talked for a bit and it was just good to see him and to catch up.  When Sally called to see how things were going, she asked if I could help put Michael’s arm brace on.  I was a little nervous, but also determined that this would be a way that I could help.  So little by little, Michael and I worked to slowly stretch his arm down until it fit perfectly in his brace.  In the end, I was proud and he was probably relieved that we were able to get it on just right.

One of his doctors stopped by and spent time talking with Michael about how he was doing.  Michael did a great job with his “yes” and “no” eye blinks.  The time went by quickly and soon enough the Assistants came in to get him in his chair and out to his therapies.

Looking back, it was a great visit.  It’s always good to see Michael.  As good as it is though, at times, it’s still so hard to see our friend that we love and care about struggle.  At times it’s so hard to understand the hardships that this past year has brought for all of the members of the Einfeldt family.  And at times, my heart just aches for Michael and for the long road that he continues to journey on.


But I still write all of this with such gratitude for the hope and faith that I know that we can always have.  Hope for healing and hope for the help that Michael needs.  Faith to believe that God will continue to work good in and for this family.  And ultimately faith that God is in control, no matter what difficult situations life brings.

Please join me then, in continuing to pray for Michael.  Right now, the biggest prayer needs would be for Michael to have success with getting the Baclofen pump.  I am so hopeful that this would be something that could help Michael take a huge step forward in his progress towards recovery.  Please also continue to pray for Michael’s family.  They have not wavered in their faithfulness in being by his side throughout this entire journey.  Please pray for strength and for wisdom and for peace for them.  We don’t always know how life will go, but we can always know that God is faithful and that He loves Michael and his family and that He will continue to work in their lives and in ours as well.

“May your unfailing love be with us Lord, even as we put our hope in You.”

Psalm 33:22

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  1. Continuing to pray for Michael & family–and thank you so much for keeping it at the forefront of our thoughts and remembrance.

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