East End Fitness is for You

Recently, I reached out to East End Fitness and struck up a photography partnership.  So over the next year, I’ll be periodically sharing about this gym and the amazing classes that they offer.  All of the opinions in these posts are my own.

If you take a drive about halfway down Frowein Road in Center Moriches, you’ll find a new gym that is just for you.  East End Fitness is family-owned and operated and opened up at the end of September (at the location of the former Powerhouse Gym).  Being a bit of a gym fan, I was pretty excited to go and check everything out.


It was nice to be greeted by a kind face as I walked in the doors.  One of the goals of East End Fitness is to foster a friendly environment that is welcoming and supportive to their members.


My first stop was the room that hosts all of the group fitness classes.  East End Fitness currently offers a variety of free group classes as a part of their monthly membership.


Current class options include Spin, Yoga, HIIT Boot Camp, Zumba, Kickboxing and even Dance Aerobics.  I also learned that they would be adding more classes in the future.

Now, I just have to say a few things about group classes.  I personally love them.  They were the main reason that I spent three and a half years going to this actual gym.  I can’t tell you the hours and hours that I spent in this very room, sweating my heart out while building muscle as well as relationships with some amazing friends as we all worked out together.


Group classes are a great way to meet new friends and to have accountability as you challenge yourself to reach your fitness goals.  East End Fitness even offers a kickboxing class where you get to use this fun equipment.  I have a friend that has tried that class and had a pretty solid review for it.  It might have to be one that I check out soon.


For those who enjoy the gym for all of the options outside of the group fitness classes, then this would be the room for you.


I liked the organization and neatness of the areas around the gym and was happy to see that there was a great variety of equipment available to use.




I also personally appreciated this simple reminder.  East End Fitness has lots of equipment that lots of people use, so being reminded to be courteous to others is always a good thing.


Everything in the gym has gotten a bit of a facelift and I have to say it all looks great.


All of the weight machines have been re-upholstered as well.


On the day I visited the gym, I actually ran into a few friends.  They were kind enough to let me take a few pictures as they worked out.  This particular friend happens to be a high school student.


I think exercise is an amazing thing for everyone, and especially for teens.  At East End Fitness, you can get a membership if you are 15 or older with parental consent.


I was also so happy when I saw that my friend Renee was at East End Fitness.  This girl has the most beautiful heart and the most amazing passion for working out.  She’s also obviously crazy strong.


A few more things to share.  I stopped in to get a picture of a Yoga class that was in session while I was there.  Looking at the class list, I was so happy to see quite a few familiar names.  I’m also really excited to get to know the new instructors that are at the gym.


And if you’re a parent like I am, there are times that you might need to bring your kids to the gym with you.  Well, the best part for us, is that East End Fitness offers free childcare to their “Future Members.”


On the day I stopped by, there were quite a few kids hanging out and playing while their parents worked out.


The room was bright and inviting and is easily visible from the main gym.


I have to say that overall, I was very impressed with everything that I saw at East End Fitness.  They are growing as a gym, and also growing in their presence online.  Following them through social media is an easy way to get a delicious smoothie at the end of a hard workout.


After touring the gym, I had a few minutes to sit down with Tracy Belmonte.  She, her husband David and their daughter Adoreè are the new owners of East End Fitness.  They have a huge desire that East End Fitness would be a community and family-oriented gym.  Tracy shared that she believes that “Good health is not just physical, it’s everything.  It’s your mind and spirit and even what you eat.”  She shared her passion for cultivating a beautiful gym environment where people could learn and grow together while achieving their fitness goals.  She highlighted their passion for supporting families and family fitness as well.  In the near future, they hope to add more classes for parents and for kids so that they could learn to be strong and healthy together.  In talking to her, I also learned that she is just an incredibly kind and caring person.  I’m a huge fan of kind people, so this  was also another great perk of being part of East End Fitness.


My first impression of East End Fitness was solid.  If you are looking for a place where you will be cared for as you set and reach your own personal fitness goals, East End Fitness is for you.  Membership options are $40 per month with EFT or $50 on a month to month  basis.  Discounts come with paying in full for multiple months and special prices are also available for military, police, firefighters, teachers, students and seniors.

You can follow East End Fitness on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  But my best recommendation would be to just go in and check it out for yourself.  The new owners are incredibly friendly and caring and the environment is clean and inviting.  Good health and fitness is so important for us all, and East End Fitness is the perfect place to achieve these vital things.


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