The Confidence We Have

It’s been a tough week.  Some weeks are.  We went from vacation mode to jumping back in to a busy and full schedule.  Which was totally fine because for the most part, we really love our lives and what we do.  But it was certainly a pretty significant change of pace.  Then it really only took a few moments of reading the news or watching it on tv to be overwhelmed by the hurt and brokenness of our world.  And finally, I’ve just felt so sad these past few days, learning that a friend from high school passed away in a terrible and tragic car accident.  He was a teacher and a coach and a huge part of his community and while we are thankful that he is no longer hurting or suffering, our hearts break knowing that he now leaves behind his wife and three little ones.


But I write all that tonight, to say that even in the pain and heartache, I know that God is there.  I know that He grieves with us when we hurt but more so, He restores and heals our pains.  I know that I can ask anything of God and that while he may not always answer how I want, He does indeed hear my prayers and He will work what is best.

And I write this all to share that yesterday, I shared a post on behalf of Michael and his family asking for prayers for the baclofen trial that he had today.  This was potentially something that could help Michael greatly as he works hard to recover.  But it was a trial and something that they would need to test in order to see if Michael would be a good candidate for a baclofen pump.

Well tonight, just as we were finishing up our first day of Hangtime, I got a call from Sally. I rushed upstairs to listen to what she would say in the quiet of our church’s sanctuary.  It was good news.  Michael did really well during the trial and he responded very positively.  Sally shared that everyone at the hospital was pleased and that she was able to see some good results very soon after the trial started.  She asked me to thank everyone who was praying for Michael because everything went as they hoped it would.

So thank you everyone.  It was a great and encouraging day for Michael.  Getting a baclofen pump could help him in many ways and thanks to today it appears that that will be the direction that is taken.

God has heard our prayers and we are so thankful.  We can continue to have confidence that God is working for Michael and on his behalf.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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