The Prettiest Day in Paris

Today was pretty incredible and I don’t think we could have asked for a prettier day spent in Paris.  The weather was perfect, the kind you can’t even feel because it’s neither hot nor cold.  And we really did enjoy the most fun and full day of walking around and taking in more of the amazing sights that this wonderful city has to offer.

We visited quite a few beautiful churches today, including this one.  I have to say, this church’s stained glass window game was on point.  The entire sanctuary was filled with beautiful glass depictions of scenes from the Bible and it was just incredibly stunning to see.

Afterwards, we walked a block or so to see the grand Notre-Dame de Paris.  The church was stunning, both inside and out.  It actually reminded us of New York City’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral with some of its design elements.  We enjoyed our walk throughout the church and took various moments to sit, reflect and pray.  It was a peaceful way to start out our day.

And on our way out, we even spotted Quasimodo, or at least the church’s stone depiction of him.  We randomly overheard a tour guide pointing him out, otherwise we would have walked right by.  Can you find him?

We ate lunch in a garden behind the church.  It was so pretty and beautiful and the perfect setting for our broccoli quiche and fancy cheese on baguette sandwich lunch.

Afterwards, we walked through some shops in the coolest little area.  We stopped by a gelato place that we had seen on a food show we watched.  It wasn’t the best gelato I’ve eaten, but it was refreshing and fun to try something out that we had seen.  So we balanced it out with a few chocolate macaroons and then a banana and Nutella crepe.  I can’t say it was my healthiest food afternoon, but I will say it was my most fun.

For dinner, we picked up some fancy French cheese and a baguette.  We walked over a bridge that we assumed was the famous lock bridge because, well it was fully covered in locks.

We walked over to the park by the Louvre and enjoyed this:

While looking at this.  We ate and talked while taking in the sheer beauty that is Paris.  It seriously is the most beautiful city.  Everywhere you look, there are fun and interesting and historical things to see.  This city has certainly made its way into our hearts and we are loving every minute we get to be here.

On our way to our next museum, we noticed a group doing burpees down by the water.  It made me kind of excited because I plan to rejoin my old gym this fall and will probably be getting my burpee game back on soon.  Granted, no one actually likes burpees, but they are an amazing full body  workout to do.

Our final destination of the day was the Museum d’Orsay.  It came highly recommended from my friend Lillian as well as Trip Advisor, so we know it would be worth the visit.  And it totally was.

Also, the entire time while we were there, there was an orchestra and full on opera going on.  The entire museum was filled with beautiful music and it was just incredible.

We had a good hour and a half to wander the halls enjoying sculptures and paintings.  The museum had the most incredible collection of Monet.  This was my favorite from their collection.

The highlight by far for me though, was the beautiful collection of Van Gogh they had.  His work, Bedroom in Arles has always been a favorite of mine, so you can imagine my delight when I turned the corner and there it was.  I learned that this was one of his three renditions of the same painting, the other two being featured in Amsterdam and Chicago.

The detail on this masterpiece was amazing!  I was so thankful to get to see this painting in person and it’s a memory I’ll always cherish and appreciate.

So there you have it.  A full and incredibly pretty day in Paris that was filled with beautiful and pretty things.  Tomorrow is our last day and then we head home.  It’s been a wonderful vacation and while I’m somewhat sad to see it go, I’m definitely ready to get back home, to our kids and to normal life.  Thanks for checking in on our day and goodnight!

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

One thought on “The Prettiest Day in Paris”

  1. D’orsay! Can we even conceive actual people created those paintings? As though the Louvre wasn’t enough. I mean really! Living in NY we have access to so much incredible art but Paris just engulfs you in it. I was awed to actually be in the presence of paintings that were previously a page in a book. I don’t think you can prepare yourself.
    I am so happy you are loving every aspect together…safe travels

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